What Is the Rarest Colour of a German Shepherd?

What Is the Rarest Colour of a German Shepherd

Physical appearance is one of the characteristics that allow us to identify a certain breed of dog. 

The German Shepherd is one of the best-known canines in the world, and many people quickly identify it thanks to its black and tan coat. You will surely think that this is the only colour combination that this breed presents, but there are really many more.

In this article, we will talk about the rarest colour of German Shepherds, but before that, it is important to know the most common colours that we can find in these dogs:

German Shepherd Most Common Colour

Black & Tan is the most common colour combination that we can see in this breed of dog. In fact, 63% of German Shepherds worldwide have a coat of this colour.

When German Shepherds are born, they are darker, but as they grow, both colours become lighter.

German Shepherd Less Frequent Colours

Black & Silver German Shepherd

The main feature of this colour combination is that not all German Shepherds come in the same shades of grey.

Black & Red German Shepherd

This colour combination is created thanks to pheomelanin. We can say that they are the most popular colours after black & tan but even, so they only represent 14% of all existing German Shepherds.

Black & Cream German Shepherd

It is a combination similar to black & tan but with lighter shades. German Shepherds with these colours have distinguishing characteristics such as the colour of their eyes or nose.

What Is the Rarest Colour in German Shepherds?

German Shepherds can come in a wide variety of colours. We have already seen the most common, which is the combination of black & tan, and we have also seen other combinations that, although they are not so common, are not rare either.

However, those are not the only colours that a dog of this breed can present.

The rarest of all is the Isabella. This colour is produced due to the recessive combination of the colour blue and liver. Sometimes these dogs are called lilac German Shepherds when they have this rare colour.

Typically, Isabella German Shepherds feature a diluted coat colour and blue or brown eyes. They do not have any black pigment in some parts of the body, such as the paw pads, the nose, or the edge of the eyes. The liver colour gene blocks this black pigmentation.

Isabella German Shepherds’ noses can vary depending on dominant traits inherited from their parents.

Remember that this rare colour is formed from the combination of liver and blue. Therefore, an Isabella German Shepherd will have a nose that ranges in colour from pink to liver.

Because the Isabella colour is due to a recessive combination, it is likely that this dog is more susceptible to certain health problems, but there is really no scientific confirmation.

The Temperament of an Isabella German Shepherd

An Isabella German Shepherd exhibits a personality and temperament similar to the normal German Shepherd. Generally, it is characterized by its excellent ability to carry out different jobs.

Isabella German Shepherds are characterized by being very loyal, patient, and trusting and can be very sociable if they are trained at an early age. Their playful and gentle personalities make them great pets for families with children.

Other German Shepherd Rare Colours

The Isabella is the rarest colour that we can see in a German Shepherd, but that does not mean that there are no other unusual colours:

Panda German Shepherd

This rare colour combination can only be obtained through a rare genetic mutation. Panda German Shepherds are really white with black spots all over their bodies. The reason they are white is due to the piebald gene.

Although Panda is not accepted as an official colour by the AKC, German Shepherds featuring this colour combination are still highly desired by people and often command extremely high prices.

Liver German Shepherd

It is another of the rarest colours in this breed of dog. German Shepherds with this colour are unusual. Some characteristics that will help you identify a dog of this colour are reddish fur, black nose, and amber eyes.

Blue German Shepherd

This colour is the result of a recessive dilution gene. Blue German Shepherds generally have golden-brown eyes, but some might have amber eyes.

White German Shepherd

Pure white is not an official colour in German Shepherds accepted by the AKC. Many people think that white German Shepherds are albino, but they are not.

Actually, they suffer from a disease called albinism, which occurs when there is little production of melanin. To get a white German Shepherd, both parents must be white.