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How Strong Is a German Shepherd?

Most large dog breeds are known to be very strong. This is very common in canines that exhibit protective or hunting instincts. German Shepherds are very strong dogs in terms of the strength of their bite.

The bite force of these police dogs is 238 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). In fact, it is one of the strongest canine bites and is ranked 12th among the most powerful dog bites. Although it is not in the top 10, it still has one of the strongest bites compared to many other dog breeds.

How Strong Is a German Shepherd

Many people believe that a German Shepherd’s strength comes from its body. Although it is a large dog breed, it does not have a body as robust as others. However, its true strength can be found in its jaws through its powerful bites.

How Is the Bite Force of a German Shepherd Measured?

We have previously commented that German Shepherds rank 12th among the dog breeds with the strongest bites. These canines are characterized by having a bite force of 238 PSI. PSI indicates the amount of pressure something is under.

A German Shepherd exerts 238 lbs of force on every square inch of the living being or objects it is biting.

The 238 PSI bite of a German Shepherd can easily break bones or kill a human. In fact, certain studies affirm that when a dog of this type is provoked, the force of its bite can be even greater.

It is difficult to measure the bite force of any breed of dog since we cannot control the intensity with which it bites when we want. However, some scientists have tried different methods, which proved not to be as effective.

These methods include using sensors to replace some of the dog’s teeth, leather-covered measuring devices, or anesthetizing the canine to electrically stimulate its jaw.

Due to the ineffectiveness of those methods, the scientists chose to use the following as a reference for measuring a dog’s bite force:

  • Bodyweight
  • Shape and size of the skull
  • Oral health

Why Is It Important to Know the Strength of a German Shepherd?

German Shepherds are loving animals and extremely loyal to their owners and human family members. However, they can also become aggressive depending on the situation and when they do not receive adequate socialisation and education.

A German Shepherd that develops destructive behaviours can be very dangerous to anyone, whether a child or an adult. Lack of training can cause a dog of this breed to respond aggressively and bite its target.

Generally, this type of behaviour usually appears when they are trying to protect their territory or their family from threats or intruders.

Perhaps this will not be a problem for you since you will have a guard dog to chase away any intruder who tries to approach your property.

The problem is that if your German Shepherd is not trained correctly, it could see any strange person as a threat. That is obviously a negative since an innocent person could be seriously injured if your canine bites it.

Does the Bite Force Make a German Shepherd Dangerous?

No way! All German Shepherds have the same bite force, but that doesn’t mean they are dangerous. In fact, most of them are affectionate and loyal.

Having a bite force of 238 PSI, a German Shepherd can be dangerous when they become aggressive, and that only happens when their owners don’t provide them with proper training.

If you give a German Shepherd lot of love and attention, you never have to worry about the strength of its bite.

You should provide this dog with a lot of training as well as socialise it with other people, children, and animals.

What Should We Do to Prevent Our German Shepherd from Biting?

As we have already said, it is important not only to provide a lot of love and attention to these dogs but also the proper socialisation training.

If a German Shepherd is a puppy and has not shown this type of inappropriate behaviour, then training it will be easier. In case your German Shepherd is an adult and has already bitten, then the training process will be more challenging but not impossible.

It is always essential to consider socialising a dog of this type when it is a puppy. Exposing it to various people (including children and the elderly), animals, and new places will gradually make it adapt to them and less likely to react aggressively in the future.

In this way, you will prevent your German Shepherd from biting an innocent person who was just passing by in front of your house or the pet of a friend who visited you. You will have a loving and respectful dog.

Many people train their German Shepherds to be aggressive as they use them as guard dogs. But it is vital that the training is focused on teaching the canine to identify the real threats and avoid attacking innocent people.