How Do You Calm a German Shepherd?

How Do You Calm a German Shepherd

The German Shepherds have been characterized throughout their history as working dogs. The different activities that their owners have trained them for over the years have made their energy level high. That results in dogs that are difficult to calm down.

German Shepherds are hyperactive dogs that love to run, play, and do other activities to please their owners.

That is why these canines are used on farms, fire stations, police agencies, etc. They perform excellently in any activity due to their great intelligence.

While everything we have said is a positive thing, the excess energy of German Shepherds could be a headache for their owners. Not all owners can control extremely active dogs like these, so it is very common for them to look for some methods to calm their pets.

What Can I Do to Calm My German Shepherd?

As we have said, German Shepherds are intelligent dogs that will always be happy when their owners provide them with exercise and other activities.

Their high energy level could make them hyperactive dogs and difficult to control in certain situations. For that reason, we must take the necessary measures to calm our German Shepherd when necessary.

You Must Remain Calm at All Times

Many people lose patience when their pets are hyperactive. Remember that German Shepherds have a high energy level that makes them very active and spend many hours running, playing, or doing any other activity or task.

When German Shepherds are hyper, they are difficult to control unless they lose all their energy. However, an important aspect of these dogs is that they are able to understand the emotions of their owners.

Therefore, when you are calm, it will be too. On the contrary, if you show anxiety and desperation about the situation, your German Shepherd will continue to be hyperactive.

German Shepherds have emotional intelligence, and that helps them show empathy to their loved ones. Therefore, if you want to calm your dog, you must act calmly at all times, and you can do this by avoiding sudden physical movements, speaking in a soft tone of voice, etc.

Exercise Your German Shepherd Through Various Exercises and Games

One of the most effective ways to calm a German Shepherd is tiring it out. Dogs of this breed accumulate a large amount of energy in their bodies throughout the day, which must be released sooner or later. As long as this energy remains in their bodies, their hyperactivity will not diminish.

Why does my German Shepherd have accumulated energy in its body? It is possible that we have forgotten to exercise it at the right time or have simply left it alone at home for many hours. In either case, the canine will look for some way to exercise and release its energy.

This is why it is important to create a daily routine where we exercise our German Shepherds at the same time every day. Be sure to provide your dog with the amount of exercise necessary to completely tire it out. Long walks can be an excellent option.

Give Treats to Your Pet Every Time It Behaves Well

Many times, hyperactivity in a German Shepherd is due to inappropriate behaviour that it has developed. Therefore, we must prevent our dogs from learning bad habits through education and training.

Properly educating a dog consists of letting it perform an incorrect action and making it know that this is not right.

Many times we make the mistake of unconsciously rewarding a German Shepherd when it misbehaves. We tend to laugh when they are doing something we know is wrong, or we pet it every time it jumps on us.

We must avoid at all costs rewarding a German Shepherd in any way when it misbehaves. It is best to use treats and praise.

On the contrary, it is important to give it treats and praise it every time it does something right. Little by little, this will let it know what is right and what is wrong and help it develop a calmer demeanour.

Use Specific Products to Calm Your German Shepherd

If you have tried all of the above and nothing has worked, you can try using some natural products to calm your German Shepherd, but it is advisable to ask a vet for advice before that.

There are calming chews created specifically to help reduce anxiety in these dogs and control their hyperactive behaviour.

Other interesting products that many owners of hyperactive canines use are pheromone diffusers which are recommended by veterinarians due to the natural scent they give off.

Remember that German Shepherds are dogs with an extraordinary sense of smell, and there are certain scents that can help calm them down.