Do German Shepherds Like to Cuddle?

Do German Shepherds Like to Cuddle

Dogs love to give and receive affection all the time. One of the most affectionate and loyal dogs with their loved ones is the German Shepherd.

According to the AKC, this breed is one of the most popular in the world. Apart from the excellent abilities that it presents to carry out certain activities and tasks, it is known for its loving personality.

If a German Shepherd is not trained and socialised from puppyhood, it will undoubtedly become a dog that will get along with all members of the family, even children.

Many people think that German Shepherds don’t like to cuddle because they have been used as police and guard dogs throughout history. Many think that these canines are aggressive, but that is not the case.

In fact, German Shepherds love to cuddle, especially if their owners have gotten used to it from an early age. Remember that these canines form an unbreakable bond with their owners and will not hesitate to ask for caresses and hugs.

It is worth noting the importance of socialisation in a dog of this breed since it could see these signs of love as a threat. Keep in mind that not all German Shepherds are so affectionate. Some may be more reserved and prefer not to snuggle with their loved ones.

Does a German Shepherd like to cuddle mean that it will do it with all people? No! Although German Shepherds can be very friendly dogs with their loved ones, they are animals that distrust people, and this is evidently due to their protective instinct.

They have been raised to protect property and families, and that has made them aloof from strangers as they are likely to be seen as intruders and threats.

What Are the Main Reasons a German Shepherd Cuddles?

There are many ways that a German Shepherd can use to show affection to its owner, and that includes hugging, kissing, laying on his lap, etc. German Shepherds love to snuggle only with members who are part of their family. The reasons are as follows:

They Cuddle to Relieve Stress

A German Shepherd can become stressed by various situations, and one way to stay calm is by receiving love from you. When a dog cuddles, regardless of breed, its stress and anxiety will decrease. That is because the chemical of love called oxytocin is released when performing this action.

It is normal for your German Shepherd to become stressed when you are not home or when it notices the presence of a stranger. That is why it is important to always show love to this canine and make it see that you love it.

They Cuddle to Feel Safe

Even though German Shepherds are trained to be guard dogs, they can still feel insecure at times. The fact that they have excellent abilities and instincts to protect their loved ones does not mean that they cannot feel fear.

Remember that not all German Shepherds are the same as some may have a more sensitive personality than others.

If your German Shepherd feels vulnerable, then it is most likely that it wants to seek refuge in your arms to feel protected. Generally, these situations occur when these canines meet other people or animals.

They Cuddle to Get Warm

Despite the coat of a German Shepherd, it can feel cold depending on how low the temperature is in your house. If such a dog has been playing in the backyard on a cold day, it may want to cuddle up to warm up.

The German Shepherd, like other breeds, has acquired this behaviour throughout history.

They Cuddle Up to Receive Affection

All dogs like to be loved. They love to receive affection through hugs, caresses, kisses, praise, etc.

If you notice your German Shepherd lying on top of you or leaning on your lap, this can be a clear sign that it wants attention and love.

You should feel happy if that happens, as it means that your German Shepherd trusts you 100% and that your relationship with it is unbreakable.

My German Shepherd Doesn’t Like to Cuddle

We have said that most German Shepherds love to cuddle for the reasons we have explained above. However, there are certain German Shepherds that prefer not to snuggle, and that is due to the following:

  • They have not received socialisation training at an early age.
  • They are too hot to get close to their owners. Instead of cuddling with you, they will prefer to sit or lie down in a cool place.
  • They have been mistreated in the past by you or another family, so they don’t trust people.
  • Due to their training as guard dogs, they may not feel the need to show affection.
  • They are suffering from an illness or health problem.