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Can German Shepherds Protect You?

German Shepherds are working dogs from their origins. These canines were born in Germany, where they were used mainly to care for and protect livestock, but little by little they began to be used by police officers and soldiers of that time.

One of the most common jobs these dogs performed was to defend people and property. Does this make them always protect you? We will see it next.

Can German Shepherds Protect You?

Will German Shepherds Really Protect You?

The answer is yes! German Shepherds are designed to protect people and property from any threat. Many people think that these dogs should be trained to protect, but that depends. 

Without training, a German Shepherd can protect its loved ones as it has a natural hunting instinct that makes it brave any danger to keep its family members safe.

However, keep in mind that an untrained German Shepherd will never physically protect you. On the contrary, it will help you to know that there is a threat through barking.

Either way, having a German Shepherd means having a dog that loves you and will try to protect you when you are in danger.

Why Do German Shepherds Protect?

Keep in mind that German Shepherds were bred to protect and guide sheep. That caused these canines to gradually develop a strong protective instinct.

In addition to that, these dogs are always alert to everything that happens around them, so they can detect anything strange and see it as a threat to themselves, their loved ones, or their home.

One of the main reasons German Shepherds are protectors is artificial selection. Remember that Max von Stephanitz, the creator of this breed, raised these dogs intending to protect the sheep.

That made the German Shepherds realize how important it is to protect what is valuable to their owners.

Over the years, this need to protect became natural to them, and that is why any German Shepherd will defend their owners even without being trained.

This is not the only reason a German Shepherd protects:

  • Loyalty: The loyalty that a German Shepherd offers its owners is unique. It is very difficult to find dogs as loyal as these. Even an irresponsible and unloving owner will have a faithful German Shepherd. Loyalty undoubtedly leads a dog of this type to want to protect the people it loves most.
  • High energy level: A dog with as much energy as the German Shepherd will not hesitate to act in any situation. The fact of always being alert and physically energetic makes them react quickly to any danger.
  • Emotional intelligence: Generally, a dog with a medium or low level of intelligence is not able to quickly identify an obvious threat. That is not the case with the German Shepherds. These dogs are incredibly intelligent as they can detect a real threat in a matter of seconds, and on top of that, they are able to act quickly.

The combination of all these factors makes German Shepherds feel the need to protect their homes and loved ones even without having been trained.

Do All German Shepherds Protect?

According to what we have said throughout this article, the answer is yes! However, there are many things to keep in mind.

First, remember that not all German Shepherds are the same; that is, not everyone may naturally feel the desire to protect their loved ones to the same degree. That means that while all will protect their owners, the protective instinct of some may be less than that of others.

Be aware that even German Shepherds with little desire to protect will be aloof and wary of strangers.

Obviously, we also have to take training into account. A trained German Shepherd will not only want to protect their family and loved ones by warning them through barking, but they may even confront the intruder and attack.

A shyer German Shepherd may not protect you from strangers, but it will from animals. That’s because these dogs have a strong prey drive.

Does the Gender of German Shepherds Affect How They Protect?

It depends! Both a female and male German Shepherd have a strong protective instinct. Keep in mind that the females of this breed are protective as they have strong maternal instincts that make them want to protect each member of their family.

The males are also very protective, but they are also usually more aggressive than the females, so this is something additional when it comes to protecting their family and facing an intruder.

Do German Shepherds of All Ages Protect?

Yes, but not to the same degree. A puppy will always want to protect you as it loves you, but due to its small size and lack of training, it may only bark at strangers. 

An adult German Shepherd will undoubtedly protect you as it has developed its physical agility and is better able to identify real threats. 

An older German Shepherd will not always try to protect you as it no longer has the energy it used to. Still, some might want to protect you despite their difficulties.