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Are German Shepherds One-Person Dogs?

Not all dogs are extremely affectionate with every member of their family. Some may be very attached to their loved ones, while others are more distant.

Keep in mind that there are some breeds that are considered one-person dogs. In this category, we can highlight the German Shepherd.

Are German Shepherds One-Person Dogs

Unlike other canines, this dog breed is a bit reserved with its affections. Generally, they are more affectionate and friendly with the people they spend more time with, which are usually their owners.

However, suppose the owner of a German Shepherd spends much of the day working and does not provide it with the necessary attention.

In that case, this dog can become attached to another member of the family who may be the one who feeds it and provides it with any type of physical stimulation or mental.

Although a German Shepherd shows its loyalty to its owner or main caretaker, it will also create bonds with the other members of its family, although not as strong as with its favourite person.

How Do I Know If I Am My German Shepherd’s Favourite Person?

This is not an easy thing to answer as a German Shepherd does not choose its favourite person from one day to the next. Just like people, this breed will build relationships gradually.

The more you interact with your dog, the bond between the two will grow stronger every day. Playing with it, feeding it, exercising it, and giving it a lot of affection are actions that will make your German Shepherd love you more.

There are certain ways that these dogs use to show their affection towards their favourite person. When you start noticing that your dog gets excited when you get home, it brings you toys or snuggles with you, then that means that it already sees you as someone very special to it.

Is It Good for My German Shepherd to Be a One-Person Dog?

It is already clear that a German Shepherd becomes attached to a person, especially if he is its owner. While this is a very flattering and beautiful thing for that person, it can be a negative thing for the rest of the family members.

This canine may try to defend its owner or primary caretaker from members of its human family, including children, and if it is not properly trained, it can respond aggressively no matter who it faces. This same situation can occur with other pets in the home.

If you allow a German Shepherd to only mingle and interact with you, it will become very attached to you. That can be somewhat extreme since if you hug your partner, it could attack him/her either out of jealousy or to protect you.

Why Do German Shepherds Bond with One Person Over Others?

Some of the reasons why these dogs tend to choose a favourite person are the following:

That Person Spends a Lot of Time with It

These dogs can be very affectionate and friendly when they bond with their owner. However, earning this dog’s loyalty could take longer than you think.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to spend a lot of time with it and interact a lot by providing it with exercises, games, etc.

That Person Feeds It Every Day

All dogs, including German Shepherds, love to eat. Feeding your dog every day will create a strong bond with it.

That Person Provides It with Training

One of the ways a dog develops a strong connection with its owner is through training. These dogs are intelligent and love to learn new things every day.

By training your German Shepherd, you will not only spend more time with it, but you will be able to establish certain ways in which you can communicate with it and create greater trust.

What Can I Do So That My German Shepherd Also Gets Along with the Rest of the Family?

Unless we live alone with a German Shepherd, it is important to divide the responsibilities between the different members of the family when it comes to caring for a dog of this type.

If each member of the family collaborates to take care of a German shepherd, be it feeding it, exercising it, taking it for daily walks, etc., they will be able to establish a stronger bond with it so that it does not have a favourite person.

You and your family can create a daily routine where each member does a certain task at a set time during the day. For example, you could play with your pet while the other members feed it, walk it, exercise it, train it, etc.

In fact, activities in which the whole family participates are also a good way to strengthen the bond between each member of the family and the German Shepherd. For example, everyone can play hide and seek with the canine.