Are German Shepherds Loyal to One Person?

Are German Shepherds Loyal to One Person

Having a loving and extremely loyal dog is one of the best things that can happen to a lover of these animals. Why? Not all dogs display the same level of love and loyalty. In fact, depending on the lifestyle they are given, some might even be aloof with their owners.

Owners of a German Shepherd will not have this problem. These dogs are very popular not only for all the activities they can perform but also for the affection they show towards their human family members.

A German Shepherd is one of the most loyal dogs you can get, and one of the main reasons is because it has a strong desire to protect its loved ones.

Its protective instinct makes it want to protect its family members no matter what, and it will never try to betray them. In fact, the loyalty that these canines can display can be even stronger than that shown by many people.

Why Are German Shepherds Loyal?

As we have said, one of the main reasons for the loyalty of these dogs is the need to protect their owners and members of their human family. However, many consider that the main reason is their intelligence.

German Shepherds rank 3rd among the most intelligent dogs in the world, which makes them have the ability to know who they should really show loyalty to and who they shouldn’t.

The loyalty of these dogs has strengthened over the years thanks to the activities they carried out together with their owners.

A German Shepherd is usually loyal to those who provide it with physical and mental stimulation. Why? The exercises or games that their owners offer them allow them to form stronger bonds.

Many times, the loyalty that a German Shepherd has towards its owner is due to its gratitude towards him. If that person takes care of it, feeds it, exercises it, etc., then it will treat him with respect and always be grateful and loyal to him.

Understanding the Loyalty of a German Shepherd

It is well known that German Shepherds are one-person dogs. What does that mean? Generally, a German Shepherd will choose a member of the family as its favourite person. That person is usually its owner and is the one who feeds it, exercises it, and with whom it plays and spends more time.

We can say that German Shepherds form two different bonds with their families:

  • The first and strongest is usually created with its owner, who is chosen as its favourite person.
  • The second bond is formed with the rest of the family members. Although this bond is not as strong as the first, it will still feel a lot of love for all of them and will protect them as well as its main person.

This situation generates a lot of confusion among the owners of German Shepherds. Many people think that by having a favourite person, this canine will only be loyal to him, but that is not the case. 

German Shepherds are usually loyal to every member of their human family. Obviously, these dogs are not stupid. Their high level of intelligence will make them decide who to be faithful to.

Remember that in a family, not all members usually give attention to pets. It is possible that someone mistreats it or simply does not give it love or attention. A German Shepherd will not regard such a family member as someone worthy of its loyalty.

So, unless any of the family members don’t treat your German Shepherd well, it will get along with everyone and be loyal to them.

Please Note the Following…

Just because a German Shepherd is loyal to all of its family members does not mean that it shows the same level of loyalty to them as it does to its favourite person. The loyalty that this dog shows to its owner will be stronger than the one it shows to the rest of the family members.

Can Loyalty Vary According to the Sex of a German Shepherd?

Understanding that a German Shepherd is loyal to all members of the family, we must also know if the sex of this dog has anything to do with loyalty. Many people say yes!

Male German Shepherds are thought to be more loyal than females. However, why do people think German Shepherds of both sexes display the same level of loyalty?

The reason is that the females of this breed are more affectionate than the males, so people confuse this feeling with loyalty.

Regardless of the sex of a German Shepherd, it will always be loyal, to a greater or lesser degree, to each of its family members.