Are German Shepherds Easy to Potty Train?

Are German Shepherds Easy to Potty Train

Training a dog is one of the most important things that we must take into account. If we have a pet of this type, it is important to provide it with different types of training, including the main ones, which are those related to obedience and socialisation.

However, potty training is another of the most important. Any breed of dog should receive this training to learn where and when to relieve themselves.

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs that are characterized by wanting to learn new things all the time.

They are easy to train not only because of their intelligence but also because of their desire to please their owners. They will learn any skill quickly, no matter what it is.

This makes many German Shepherd owners wonder if these dogs are easy to potty train. We will know the answer below.

Can German Shepherds Quickly Learn When and Where to Relieve Themselves?

Of course! As we have said, the German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world that gets excited when they are about to learn something new with their loved ones. Potty training them should not present any challenge compared to other dog breeds.

However, if you want to make training a German Shepherd easy, you need to make sure you do things right from the start.

Train Your German Shepherd at an Early Age

All breeds of dogs must be trained and educated when they are puppies since at that age is when they are experiencing new things about which they will learn quickly. It is the same with children. A child can retain information quickly compared to some adults.

Therefore, if you potty train your German Shepherd at a young age, the training process should not take too long.

Make Sure You Create a Schedule That Suits Your Lifestyle

If you are a person who spends all day with your German Shepherd at home, then it may not be that complicated, but if you are someone who works every day, you must make sure that your pet can relieve itself in the right place while you are not there.

You should create a schedule and try to stick to it every day. Your German Shepherd must adapt to this routine to the point that it becomes part of its life.

Make sure to take your German Shepherd out into the backyard or garden whenever it needs to urinate or defecate. Write down the times you took it out. Based on that, you should establish a feeding schedule for your dog during the day. 

For example, after each meal of your German Shepherd, take it out to the backyard to relieve itself. You can also allow it to go to the bathroom when it wakes up each day and before bed.

We recommend scheduling plenty of breaks between potty breaks to help better develop your German Shepherd’s bladder.

Generally, puppies can hold their urge to relieve themselves for one hour for every month of life. Therefore, you can use this data as a reference according to the age of your pet.

Train Your German Shepherd According to the Established Schedule

Once you have established the different times that your German Shepherd should relieve itself, it is time to train it.

The first thing you should do is take your German Shepherd to your garden or backyard.

Choose a suitable place for it to always urinate or defecate there. Keep in mind that the place you choose is the one your German Shepherd will always use since later, it will be difficult to get it used to urinating or defecating in another spot.

Once you have chosen the place, take it there and wait until it urinates or defecates. It is recommended that there be no source of distraction in that place, be it an object or noise.

Once your German Shepherd has relieved itself, immediately reward it with a treat and praise. That will let it know that it has done something right.

Repeat this process throughout the day following the schedule you have created. Thanks to positive reinforcement, your German Shepherd will associate that place with its bathroom little by little and will know that this is where it should go every day to urinate and defecate.

Observe the Signs of Your German Shepherd

During the training process, you should monitor your German Shepherd between potty breaks. It is possible that some factor, such as excess water, cold, or food, makes your dog want to go to the bathroom outside the schedule you have created.

Therefore, if you notice that your pet is moving more than usual, turning around, or scratching the door, then that can be a clear indicator that it needs to relieve itself.