8 Step Guide to Buying a German Shepherd Puppy

8 Step Guide to Buying a German Shepherd Puppy

Buying and caring for a pet is a big responsibility and often a difficult task for many people, especially those with little experience. This task becomes more complicated when we talk about the young version of that animal, in this case, a puppy.

Dogs are animals that need a lot of care, just like people. They must not only be fed and exercised but also receive the necessary grooming.

However, if you don’t have a dog yet and are thinking of buying one, you should consider some important things before taking into account what we have just mentioned.

Buying a puppy does not mean going to any breeder and buying it. We must follow a series of steps that will allow us to bring home an ideal German Shepherd puppy for us:

Guide to Buying a German Shepherd Puppy

Know the Common Aspects of an Irresponsible Breeder

Before you buy a German Shepherd puppy, you need to make sure you choose a responsible breeder as you are more likely to get a healthy dog ​​without behavioural problems.

Therefore, you have to know some aspects that will help you identify less ethical breeders:

  • The people who work there know very little about German Shepherds.
  • The breeder is not involved in activities related to dogs, so it is a clear sign of little interest in these animals.
  • A breeder does not provide health records and documents such as OFA, PennHIP, and SV.
  • They don’t let you see the German Shepherd puppy.
  • These people will want to sell you the puppy without asking you questions, which clearly indicates their interest in the money over the animal’s welfare.

Find a Qualified and Reputable Breeder

Taking into account what we have mentioned in the previous point, we must know the following when looking for a reputable breeder to provide the German Shepherd for us.

Generally, a responsible breeder cares about the welfare of these animals and does everything possible to keep them physically and mentally healthy. Ethical or responsible breeders do not relate to companies or people whose objectives are merely economic without being interested in the well-being of the canine.

Unlike those who only care about selling a German Shepherd for money, the most ethical breeders know all about the breed and go out of their way to sell it to responsible people who can provide it with a good lifestyle.

Therefore, a clear sign that the breeder is responsible is when they ask you certain questions. These questions are to let them know that you really are qualified to care for such a pet.

In addition to all that, an ethical breeder must provide you with all the necessary documents about the German Shepherd puppy you want to buy.

Decide Whether to Bring Home a Male or Female German Shepherd

While male and female German Shepherds look similar, each has some unique characteristics that might help you decide which gender to purchase.

If you are interested in buying a male German Shepherd, you should know that it is usually bigger and stronger than a female.

The males of this breed are more territorial and dominant. In the case of females, they tend to have calmer behaviour, which makes them perfect for first-time owners. Also, female German Shepherds are easier to train.

Choose a German Shepherd from the Group You Need

Remember that German Shepherds are versatile dogs that can do well in a variety of activities. While some make good family dogs, others can be considered good working and show dogs.

In case you want a German Shepherd to be your companion in the house, you will not have to pay much since these canines do not have the traits and abilities necessary to win contests or perform at their best in certain jobs.

Show dogs generally have a good temperament and are completely healthy. You should ask the breeder for a German Shepherd with the necessary characteristics to compete in events. The more likely a dog of this type is to win a competition, the more expensive it will be.

Finally, let’s talk about the German Shepherds that are part of the working group. These canines stand out for their abilities for certain jobs.

Some have excellent physical conditions to run fast and jump high, while others are noted for their sense of smell. Many others are excellent as guard dogs.

Therefore, you should choose a German Shepherd according to your needs and preferences.

Buy the German Shepherd With the Type of Coat That You Like the Most

Keep in mind that German Shepherds can come in short or long coats and also in a wide variety of colours (some official and some not). Before going to see the German Shepherds of a breeder, you should know what type of coat you want on your dog.

Note that the standard coat of this breed is short with a double layer. However, that is not the only type of coat that a German Shepherd can present. Some may have longer hair but keep in mind that this implies more care.

You can find German Shepherds with short, long, or shaggy coats. Once you decide which one you prefer, make sure the breeder has German Shepherds of that type. If that’s not the case, you’ll have to find another breeder.

The same should be done in case you want a German Shepherd with a specific colour. Remember that the rarer the colour, the more expensive the canine will be.

Do Not Forget the Money You Have Available to Buy a German Shepherd Puppy

Buying a German Shepherd can be expensive. Puppies of this breed can cost between $1,000 and $6,000, but it is common to find them for approximately $2,000 in most places.

Remember that the price may vary depending on the lineage of the canine as well as its physical characteristics and abilities.

Do not forget extra expenses such as food, vaccines, accessories, etc.

Check If the German Shepherd Puppy Has Received the Vaccinations

Generally, the first dose of vaccines is usually administered by the breeder during the first weeks of the German Shepherd’s life.

In fact, it is normal that a responsible breeder has already vaccinated a puppy before selling it. The correct thing would be for the breeder to provide you with its vaccination record to verify.

Choose the Healthiest Canine

We have commented that responsible breeders care about the health of their pets. They provide these dogs with everything they need to keep them in good health until they are delivered to their new owners.

Therefore, if you want a German Shepherd that will live a long time, find an excellent breeder. Such a dog that has been in the care of irresponsible breeders is likely to suffer from health problems now and in the future.

Ask the breeder for the health records of the German Shepherd you want to purchase. If he doesn’t give them to you, then find another breeder.