10 Things That German Shepherd Dog Owners Should comprehend

10 Things That German Shepherd Dog Owners Should comprehend

Each dog breed has unique characteristics and aspects that allow it to stand out from the rest. It is our job to investigate in-depth everything related to the breed of dog that we want to bring home. This is even more necessary if we talk about a German Shepherd.

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular and wonderful dogs in the world for everything it offers emotionally and physically.

They are extremely loyal animals who will love to spend time with their loved ones and protect them from danger. They love to work and help their owners with everything they need.

These are just some aspects of this breed of dog, but there is much more to know. Here are the 10 things any German Shepherd owner needs to understand.

1. German Shepherds Are Energetic Dogs

One of the reasons German Shepherds are so popular is their high energy level. These dogs were born to run and jump for much of the day.

German Shepherds love to exercise with their owners but also to work. Remember that these dogs perform well in any activity for which they have been trained.

They are excellent police, fire, and drug detection dogs. However, they can also excel at many other tasks. In fact, many people use them as service dogs.

Practically, the life of a German Shepherd revolves around physical activity.

2. German Shepherds Are Brilliant

The German Shepherd is the 3rd most intelligent dog in the world. Its high level of intelligence is what makes it excellent at practically every activity it does.

German Shepherds are capable of learning any skill or command quickly compared to other dog breeds. We can also see their intelligence when they try to help and please the people they love most in this world.

Many people take advantage of the intelligence of the German Shepherds to win competitions. In fact, the price of a German Shepherd with above-average intelligence is often high.

3. German Shepherds Always Protect Their Owners

Throughout history, German Shepherds have been bred to be protectors of people and property. That’s because they are alert and have a strong protective instinct.

German Shepherds are very loyal to their loved ones and form strong bonds with them. These bonds are enough to make these dogs protect their owners from any danger at all costs. They will bark to warn you of a threat or pounce on intruders depending on their training.

It is important to socialise these dogs so that they learn to differentiate between people who represent a threat and those who are innocent.

4. German Shepherds Shed a Lot

German Shepherds frequently shed their dense, double-layered coat. It is normal for you to find hair all over the house during the year, but without a doubt, the amount of hair scattered in each corner will be greater during spring and autumn, which are usually the seasons of intense shedding.

Please note the following:

  • The outer layer is shed throughout the year.
  • The undercoat is shed more frequently in spring and fall but also at other times of the year.

A German Shepherd’s coat should be brushed every day during intense shedding seasons, but for the rest of the year, it will only need to be brushed 3 or 4 times a week.

5. German Shepherds Are Extremely Loyal

German Shepherds are among the most loyal dogs in the world. They form strong bonds with their loved ones with whom they like to spend a lot of time. Although they are affectionate with all family members, they generally choose their owners as their favourite people.

These dogs will not want to be separated from their owners at any time. A German Shepherd will always want to be by your side and protect you from everything.

6. German Shepherds Will Do Any Activity You Want

These dogs are very versatile, and as we have said above, they love to work. They will do whatever activity they have been trained for.

German Shepherds are good for police work, drug detection, protection, guidance, therapy, etc. They can also perform well in any competition if they have been properly trained.

As long as they have energy in their bodies, they will always want to do something.

7. German Shepherds Love to Explore

German Shepherds love to be on the move, especially to uncharted places.

If you’re taking your dog somewhere for the first time, it’ll want to take a look. It will explore the entire area using its amazing sense of smell. In fact, this is a quality that police officers take advantage of when they are on an investigation.

8. German Shepherds Need a Lot of Socialisation

While German Shepherds are loving and friendly with their owners and members of their human family, this is not the case with strangers and other animals.

These dogs have been bred from the beginning to protect people and property from intruders, so it is normal for them to see a stranger as a threat.

For this reason, it is important to socialise German Shepherds from an early age. Exposing them to new places, people and animals will make them willing to interact and get along.

9. German Shepherds Tend to Chew on Everything They See

It is typical to see a German Shepherd chewing on most things that it finds. It loves to bite and destroy things. Therefore, if you don’t provide a good education and training, your furniture and other valuables could be at risk.

You can provide it with some chew toys to satisfy its urge to bite.

10. German Shepherds Are Good With Children

German Shepherds are very patient with children. Their intelligence makes them understand the vulnerability of the little ones, so they will become their protectors. These dogs will love to play with your children and spend a lot of time with them.

A German Shepherd will never make a child feel afraid. In fact, this dog will make him feel comfortable playing with him and showing love to him.