German-Chi: German Shepherd And Chihuahua Mix A Complete Guide

German Shepherd And Chihuahua Mix

While anatomically possible, it is unlikely that a male Chihuahua will mate with a female German Shepherd.

That hasn’t stopped people from using artificial insemination and surrogacy to create new designer dogs the world might not otherwise see.

German-Chis are the resulting cross between a German Shepherd and Chihuahua. Even between members of the same cross, they can vary wildly in appearance and temperament depending on which of the two parents they take after most.

The dog will undoubtedly be intelligent and playful, with a good number of years for them to entertain and love their family.

Read on to learn more about the characteristic traits, histories, and more of the dogs presented above.

German Shepherd, German-Chi, and Chihuahua Comparison Table

German ShepherdGerman-ChiChihuahua
Height22-26 inches7-26 inches5-8 inches
Weight50-90 pounds8-60 poundsLess than 6 pounds
Life Expectancy7-10 years9-14 years14-16 years
ColorsBlack Black and cream Black and red Black and silver Black and tan Blue Gray Liver Sable White Bi-colorBlack Brown Black and cream Black and tanBlack Chocolate Cream Gold Red and white Black sable silver Chocolate brindle fawn And a lot more
Coat TypeDouble coat with medium lengthSmooth with medium lengthSmooth with either short or medium length
Affection LevelsVery affectionatePretty affectionatePretty affectionate
Shedding LevelVery high sheddingHigh sheddingSome shedding
TemperamentPretty playful Very protectivePretty playful Very protectivePretty playful Pretty protective
Health IssuesBloat Elbow dysplasia Hip dysplasiaHip dysplasia Patellar luxation Heart problems ObesityHeart problems  Eye diseases Patellar luxation  Idiopathic epilepsy potential
TrainabilityVery easy to trainEasy to trainAverage trainability
ExerciseVery high exercise needsHigh amounts of exerciseHigh amounts of exercise
Friendliness to PeopleAlright with strangersAlright with strangersAlright with strangers
Friendliness to DogsAlright with other dogsAlright with other dogsAlright with other dogs
Drooling LevelsSome droolingLittle to droolingLittle to no drooling
Mental StimulationVery high mental stimulation requiredHigh mental stimulation requiredAverage mental stimulation required
Barking LevelAverage barkingMore barkingLots of barking
German Shepherd, German-Chi, and Chihuahua Comparison Table

About German Shepherds

About German Shepherds
German Shepherd Dog

There are two main German Shepherds styles. One is the more American design, which uses the AKC standards and focuses more on sleekness and elegance over anything else. 

In England, however, they look for the characteristics that the German Shepherd was originally bred for. These include specific temperaments, health, and agility skills. 

No matter where they are bred, there is no doubt that the German Shepherd is incredibly smart. They rank as the 3rd smartest dog in the world. Mixed with their loyalty and drive, these dogs are great for any task. 

They have been used in a variety of K-9 applications, each making use of different aspects of this versatile working class dog.

As police and military dogs, their astute sense of smell is utilized to discover hidden contraband at airports and devices like landmines out on the frontlines of combat.

Their sleek body and intelligence lends itself to the nimble movements of agility training and German Shepherds are often spotted during such competitions.

A German Shepherd should always exhibit high levels of trainability and loyalty to their owner/handler making them ideal candidates for almost any work you could imagine.

Unfortunately, because they are so affectionate and want to please their owner, they often suffer from a great deal of separation anxiety.

This trait garners some sympathy from individuals, but the majority of people can find the anxiety to be irritating or frustrating because it is usually accompanied with chewed up furniture or other property.

About Chihuahuas

About Chihuahuas
Chihuahua Dog

Similar to German Shepherds, there are also two main kinds of Chihuahuas. There are ones with a short coat and ones with a long coat.

However, the head of a Chihuahua can also be different. They may either have rounded heads like an apple, or narrow faces similar to a deer’s. 

Chihuahuas are one of the longest living dog breeds, and average around 10 to 15 years, though one living up to 18 is fairly common. They can also be one of the smallest dog breeds, measuring between 3 and 6 pounds on average. 

However, tucked away in that little body is a lot of sass and spunk. They enjoy spending quality time with their owner’s. When they aren’t doing that, they are probably working to protect the house from any strangers who may come by. 

They aren’t always the easiest dog to own, especially as a puppy. Despite their love for their owners, they are a little stubborn and may be hard to potty train.

It is also important to keep them from taking charge, as they are intelligent and driven and will run the roost if given the chance.

About The German-Chi Dog Mix

Mixing of purebred dogs to get designer dogs is still relatively new on the breeding scene but is showing promising results for certain crosses.

The German Shepherd and Chihuahua mix is so vastly different, though, that accurately predicting the offsprings’ temperament, size, or even coloration is difficult.

Even puppies of the same litter can vary so much that a breeder cannot, in good faith, make recommendations on which one will suit your lifestyle best.

How Big Will My German-Chi Be?

There seems to be some confusion or misinformation being spread on other sites boldly claiming that a German-Chi can grow to be anywhere between seven and 45 inches tall at the shoulder. Whether this false information was meant to be malicious or not, it is simply not true.

A purebred, male German Shepherd can be between 24 and 26 inches tall at the shoulder while Chihuahuas should not be anywhere outside of five to eight inches tall.

While it is certainly possible for a mixed breed to be taller than one or both parents because of genetic mutations and recombination, there is no chance that a German-Chi can end up being almost twice as tall as its largest parent.

If this information were true, a German-Chi standing 45 inches tall would completely dwarf some of the tallest dog breeds in the world like Great Danes or Irish Wolfhounds.

What Personality Will My German-Chi Have?

The ideal situation when breeding German Shepherds with Chihuahuas would be to get a litter full of Chihuahua-sized German Shepherds, combining the best of both worlds: the intelligence and loyalty of one with the adorable, easy to handle the size of the other.

This is, unfortunately, rarely the case. The amiable nature of German Shepherds may not be expressed and you might be left with a medium to large dog with the stubborn streak often found in Chihuahuas.

The only certain thing is that you will have an affectionate dog that can be protective of you. Training your German-Chi to be how you want it to act will take lots of time and patience.


Buying or adopting a German-Chi is a mixed bag of goodies. None of the options are necessarily bad because you should have a trainable dog if you have the time and are willing to be firm and consistent.

These designer dogs will be full of energy and enough love to drown you in kisses. No matter their size, they will likely want to be in their favorite person’s lap after some extended zooming around.