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Froodle: French Bulldog and Poodle Mix A Complete Guide

The French Bulldog is a smaller dog that is very loving, cuddly, and enjoys playing. They spend a lot of their history being luxury dogs for those in high society.

The Poodle is an intelligent dog that is great as a guide dog or a bird dog, as they were bred to do. They are well known for being a breed for those of high society today and are great show dogs

French Bulldog and Poodle Mix

When mixed together, you get a breed of dog that is loving, kind, and a great family pet. The Froodle is intelligent, eager to please, and playful. They do great for first-time owners, though they may need frequent grooming due to their Poodle parent. 

Keep reading to learn more about the French Bulldog, the Poodle, and their short and playful mix, the Froodle.

French Bulldog, Poodle, and Froodle Comparison Table

French BulldogFroodlePoodle
Height11-13 inches12-15 inches24-27 inches
Weight<28 pounds16-25 pounds40-70 pounds
Life Expectancy10-12 years11-13 years10-18 years
ColorsCream Brindle White Fawn Brindle and white Fawn and white White and brindleBlack Brown Cream Gray WhiteApricot Black Blue Brown Gray Red Silver Silver Beige White
Coat TypeShort and smoothCan be short or long Can be smooth or curlyLong and Curly
Affection levelsVery lovingVery lovingVery loving
Shedding LevelAverage sheddingAverage sheddingNo Shedding
TemperamentVery playful Average protectivenessVery playful Average protectivenessPlayful, and protective
Health IssuesHip dysplasia Patellar luxation Eye disorders Breathing problems Skin allergies Cardiac disordersHip dysplasia Patellar luxation Allergies Von Willebrand’s diseaseHip dysplasia Eyes disorders Gastric Dilation
TrainabilityPretty easy to trainPretty easy to trainEasy to train
ExerciseAverage energy levelsAverage energy levelsA fair amount
Friendliness to PeopleVery friendlyVery friendlyVery Friendly
Friendliness to DogsPretty good with other dogsPretty good with other dogsDoes okay with other dogs
Drooling LevelsAverage droolingLittle droolingNo drooling
Mental StimulationAverage mental stimulation requiredLots of mental stimulation requiredLots
Barking LevelBarks to alertBarks to alertPretty Vocal
French Bulldog, Poodle, and Froodle Comparison Table

About French Bulldogs

About French Bulldogs
French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are one of the top 10 most loved dogs in the United States. With their large ears, round eyes, and smaller size, they easily warm people’s hearts despite their flat faces and breathing issues. Due to their face being so squished, they often snort and snore even when awake.

They are dogs that don’t require a lot of exercise as they tend to easily get overheated and are unable to cool down. They prefer short walks and cold air conditioning. 

Despite only weighing up to 28 pounds and only being 13 inches tall, they are stockily built and have a large presence. 

They do well with families that have other dogs and small children as they have a calm personality and tend to not get irritated.

French Bulldogs also love attention and do well with training despite their stubborn personality if they can get a lot of love for following through with their tricks.

They are also often quieter dogs, only barking when they feel someone is intruding upon their territory. 

The ancestors of the French Bulldog were great bull-baiters and used often for that purpose. However, once baiting was no longer permitted, they quickly adapted to being loving family dogs and a sign of those in high society. 

About Poodles

About Poodles
Poodle Dog

Poodles are usually medium to large dogs, weighing between 40 to 70 pounds and 24 to 27 inches tall. They are considered hypoallergenic due to their curly fur.

Actually, Poodles are considered to have hair, and not fur, which is another reason they are considered hypoallergenic. People with allergies to dog fur shouldn’t have any problems with owning a Poodle

They are known for being smart and easily trainable. On top of that, they love having fun and playing with their owners. However, they can also bond closely with their owners, which may lead them to have separation anxiety when left alone for too long.

Besides needing a lot of grooming, Poodles make great pets for any type of dog owner, even if they’ve never owned a dog before.

However, you mustn’t leave your dog alone too long. So if you often take trips or have long work hours, it might not be good to have a dog in the first place. 

Although a lot of people consider Poodles French dogs, they actually originated from Germany and were used as hunting dogs that could go in the water to collect birds.

Nowadays, thanks to their patience and intelligence, they are often used for show dogs, guide dogs, and even police dogs. Whatever you want from this dog, they can do it with grace, and just a little training. 

About Froodles

The Froodle is the common name of the mixed breed of the French Bulldog and Poodle. Instead of being a middle weight between the two parents, they are often on the smaller side and can weigh even less than the French Bulldog. 

Both parent breeds are known for their patience and loving personality. Froodle is no exception. They enjoy playing with their parents and are very lively. They also enjoy cuddling in your lap when you are both just hanging out. 

Froodles tend to overheat, so giving them a small kiddie pool to play around in during the hot summer months will give them a lot of joy. If you put in toys, it also provides excellent mental stimulation and can keep them entertained for hours. 

Froodle Exercise

Froodles need a lot of mental stimulation and physical stimulation, so walks around the park and a lot of socialization with other dogs does them a lot of good. They do enjoy the water, though the Bulldog side of them does not do the greatest swimming. 

They are also smart enough to do well in obedience training and may even do well in competitions if properly motivated. 

Froodle Grooming Maintenance

It is hard to determine what a Froodle’s grooming requirements are going to be before they grow up and you see which parent they took after the most.

If they resemble more of a French Bulldog, they shouldn’t need more than a simple brushing once or twice a week and a bath when they grow too dirty or start to smell. 

If they take more after a poodle, they may actually be hypoallergenic as well. This comes with more grooming. They need regular baths, clipping, and several brushings a week to keep their coat and skin healthy. 


If you want a dog that is loving, small, but full of energy, the Froodle may be for you. There are a lot of discrepancies between individuals of this mixed breed due to the major differences between their parents. They may be hypoallergenic and need a lot of grooming, or have short, easily maintained hair. 

Despite the difference in the parent breeds, there are some definite differences when getting this mix. They are loving and playful, intelligent, and great family pets.

Even first-time dog owners, they are great dogs that are easy to train and keep around the house with proper exercise.