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Will My French Bulldog Calm Down?

It is not easy to own a French Bulldog. It is one of the most popular dogs in the world, and that is due to a wide variety of interesting aspects that surround it.

French Bulldogs are very affectionate with everyone they meet, especially their owners, members of their human family, and children. They are companion dogs that love and need to spend a lot of time with their loved ones.

Will My French Bulldog Calm Down

Generally, French Bulldogs are not known for having a high energy level despite being very playful. That especially applies to adults of this breed. However, a puppy is different. When a French Bulldog is young, it will be very energetic and hyperactive. That is normal in all breeds.

Keep in mind that it is normal for your French Bulldog puppy to be very energetic. Still, if it exhibits an exaggerated level of hyperactivity, then this could be due to a problem related to its behaviour or separation anxiety.

Whatever the case, it is important that as a French Bulldog owner, you know when it will calm down. It is not bad that your dog is energetic as it is a sign that it is healthy and happy. However, there are situations where your pet’s excess energy can be a problem.

At What Age Will My French Bulldog Calm Down?

As we have said, French Bulldogs will be very energetic throughout their puppyhood. Some will be more hyperactive than others, so it is important to know if your dog has excess energy due to a problem or if it is something normal.

While adult French Bulldogs can also be energetic, they won’t be as energetic as puppies. The hyperactivity level of a dog of this breed decreases as it ages.

Therefore, a French Bulldog is likely to start calming down around 2-3 years of age. However, some could even take up to 4-5 years of age since you have to remember that not all dogs are the same or have the same lifestyle.

Reasons Why My French Bulldog is Hyperactive

We have discussed that French Bulldogs do not have a high energy level unless they are puppies. The hyperactivity of these canines can sometimes be due to an underlying problem. Some of them are:


French Bulldogs often show their energy through barking when they feel nervous and scared. That may be due to the presence of an intruder. Dogs are able to sense the presence of someone they don’t know without having to see or hear them. Their keen sense of smell will let them know someone is nearby.

In addition to that, they will bark when they feel scared by some other situation such as loud noises, thunder, fireworks, etc.

Lack of Food and Exercise

Typically, you will notice that French Bulldogs will be cranky and restless when they haven’t eaten. This breed of dog loves to eat a lot, so if you are not feeding it well, it could become hyperactive.

A hungry French bulldog will misbehave, and many people describe that behaviour as “hyperactive.” The best way to calm them down is to feed them.

Similarly, lack of exercise is another cause of hyperactivity in these canines. Although French Bulldogs do not have a high energy level or require a lot of exercise, they will still need to do some physical activity for a few minutes daily.

If a French Bulldog does not meet its few exercise needs, energy will build up in its body, and it will do anything to release it. Generally, the canine develops a destructive behaviour in which it will chew everything it finds, dig, bark loudly, etc., in order to release that energy.


This is also related to a lack of exercise. French Bulldogs are playful dogs and can easily get bored without entertainment.

Your canine should get a lot of attention from you. You must be willing to provide not only exercise and training but also games throughout the day. They will let out their frustration through inappropriate behaviour if they are bored.


This breed of dog is characterized by taking time to mature in relation to others. A puppy is just like a child, that is, they have a high level of energy that will make them run and play a lot.

When a French Bulldog is still a puppy, you don’t have to worry about its hyperactive behaviour as it is normal at its age. Just like a child, you need to train your little French Bulldog to learn proper behaviour. You also have to take the necessary steps to alleviate its hyperactivity.

What Should We Do to Calm Our French Bulldog?

The following tips will help you not only calm your French Bulldog but also prevent hyperactive behaviour:

  • Feed your pet properly every day.
  • Provide physical and mental stimulation.
  • Keep it away from situations that make it nervous, like loud noises or strangers.
  • Train your French Bulldog.