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Will French Bulldogs Run Away?

Dogs are the most loyal animals that we can find in the world. They form strong bonds with people and show them all their love whenever they can. There are many breeds of dogs, and one of the most popular is the French Bulldog.

The French Bulldog is one of the most affectionate and loyal dogs. These canines love to spend much of the day with their owners and their human family members. However, there are negative things that you should know about this animal, and one of them is its desire to run away.

Will French Bulldogs Run Away

While this behaviour is not typical to all French Bulldogs, it can occur due to certain circumstances.

Why Do French Bulldogs Run Away?

There are many French Bulldog owners who have been concerned that their pets have run away more than once. These dogs may want to escape from you for different reasons, which we will explain below:

French Bulldogs May Be Afraid of Something

Fear is one of the reasons French Bulldogs tend to run away. Generally, these canines can flee scared in order to find refuge.

This reaction is normal in this dog breed to protect itself from fireworks, electrical storms, sounds caused by gunshots, etc. In short, any strange noise could scare them and make them run away.

Also, although French Bulldogs are known to be excellent watchdogs, some may become frightened by the presence of an intruder and will tend to run away.

French Bulldogs Have Been Mistreated

Generally, French Bulldogs don’t run away intentionally or because they want to, but this is not the case. If a person has mistreated his canine through physical and verbal punishment, it may want to escape from him.

Many people use violent methods to train their French Bulldogs and make them understand things. However, that is something they should never do, especially since these dogs are sensitive. Yelling at them, hitting them, and locking them up are things you should never do.

French Bulldogs are Suffering from Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common disorders most dog breeds suffer from. French Bulldogs have been bred to be companion dogs from their origins, which has made their attachment to people strong.

Many people don’t have time to spend with their pets at home either because they have to go to work or do something else. French Bulldogs need to spend a large part of the day with their loved ones; otherwise, they will feel abandoned. When that happens, they will try to run away from home in order to find you.

French Bulldogs Need Physical and Mental Stimulation

Boredom is another reason French Bulldogs run away. These canines do not have a high energy level, but they still love to exercise, especially walking. In addition, they are very playful dogs that will love to play any game with you.

If they don’t get any form of entertainment, they will run away to find something that stimulates them physically and mentally.

French Bulldogs Want to Mate with a Female

Keep in mind that French Bulldogs reach sexual maturity at approximately 6 months of age. From that moment on, you could have problems with your pet while you are out for a walk because if it is not neutered and sees a female in heat, it will want to mate. It is important that you keep your French Bulldog on a leash in these cases.

French Bulldogs are Hungry

The French Bulldog is one of the breeds that most desire to eat presents. These canines will eat anything they see regardless of whether it is garbage. That is one of the reasons why they suffer from obesity and other health problems.

If your French Bulldog is home alone and you haven’t left food for it, it might run away looking for something to eat.

The same thing can happen during a walk. While you are walking with your pet, it could see food in the distance or smell a delicious aroma, so it will quickly run away from you in search of that delicious food.

What Should We Do to Prevent Our French Bulldog from Running Away?

It is normal not to want our French Bulldog to run away since it could be exposed to the dangers of the street. It could be hit by a car or simply get hurt as a result of a fight with other dogs.

We cannot allow these situations. For that reason, these tips will help you prevent your French Bulldog from running away:

  • You must provide your French Bulldog with entertainment through physical activities, games, toys, etc.
  • If you have a male French Bulldog, one of the options could be to castrate it. That way, it won’t try to go after a female in heat.
  • If your French Bulldog’s leash broke while you were walking it, don’t chase it immediately as it could run further. You must remain calm and stay still in one place. Show your pet a treat to get it to come closer.
  • Provide obedience training for your canine. That way, it will come back to you when you call it.