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Will a French Bulldog Protect Its Owner?

Not all breeds are designed to do the same things. Some dogs excel at being police dogs, while others perform better as companion dogs, firefighters, herders, and watchdogs.

French Bulldogs are beautiful animals that are characterized by being excellent companion dogs. They are very affectionate and friendly with their loved ones and love to be with them all the time.

Will a French Bulldog Protect Its Owner

Due to their love for their owners, they may feel the need to protect them from any danger. Does that mean we can consider French Bulldogs as protectors?

French Bulldogs are small dogs that display a protective and territorial nature. They can be considered good watchdogs but not guard dogs.

That means these canines are designed to alert their owners through barking to the threat or absence of an intruder. You cannot expect a French Bulldog to attack an intruder for the following reasons:

  • That behaviour is not in their nature.
  • They are small in size.

Aspects That Make a French Bulldog a Good Protective Dog

While French Bulldogs can be protective, that doesn’t mean they display aggressive behaviour. There are dogs that tend to show signs of aggression that lead them to attack intruders, but this is not the case with French Bulldogs.

It is essential to know some aspects that make these canines protective:

French Bulldogs Have a Protective Nature

Despite being small dogs, they are considered excellent protectors. Generally, these dogs are very friendly and affectionate with their owners and members of their human family, but they can also be with strangers. If we consider this fact, plus their small size, it is normal to think that these dogs are not good protectors.

However, they can be easily trained to be wary of strangers and alert their owners to any threat they sense. Although they are small dogs, they will bark loudly to alert you when they hear a strange noise or feel the presence of someone unknown.

French Bulldogs Get Jealous

This breed of dog is very jealous. French Bulldogs don’t like it when someone else occupies their owners’ attention, whether it’s another pet or a person.

A French Bulldog will always want its owner to pay attention only to it at all times. If you are talking to another person, your French Bulldog will jump on your lap to make the visitor understand that you are its property.

Note that this behaviour is more frequent when talking to a stranger. The same will happen if you try to give attention to another pet, especially another dog.

When a French Bulldog is jealous, it doesn’t just mean that it wants your attention but that it is also trying to protect you from someone it doesn’t trust.

French Bulldogs are Loyal and Clingy with Their Loved Ones

French Bulldogs are known to be extremely loyal to their owners. They love to please them in everything and take care of them at all times. They love their owners and members of their human family so much that they will always want to be by their side.

They are sticky dogs that will love to be close to you and follow you absolutely everywhere, regardless of whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or any other room in the house. This feature is not only because they need your company and attention all the time but also because of their need to protect you.

This dog is not only an excellent companion but also a loyal protector.

French Bulldogs are Always Alert

One of the aspects that makes this dog an excellent protector is its alert personality. The French Bulldog is always attentive to everything that happens around it. If they are properly trained, they will be able to notice any danger or threat around them.

French Bulldogs Love to Take Care of Children and Babies

French Bulldogs are very protective when it comes to their owners. However, they may feel a great need to care for children and babies.

These dogs love to spend time with children as they love to play with them. By spending a lot of time together and playing regularly, they form strong bonds.

The dog will love the child as if it were its brother and will try to protect it at all costs. Obviously, they will not show aggressive behaviour; they will simply alert their owners through barking or even growling.

Why Can’t My French Bulldog Be a Good Protector?

We have already talked about the aspects that make this breed protective. However, there are also certain reasons why our French Bulldog might not be a good watchdog.

French Bulldogs are Very Friendly

If your dog hasn’t been trained to be suspicious of strangers, its affectionate and friendly nature will make it welcome an intruder rather than chase it away.

French Bulldogs are Playful

French Bulldogs love to play. They tend to be mentally puppies until they are two years old as they are slow to mature. An intruder could easily distract your French Bulldog with a toy.