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Why Should You Not Get a French Bulldog?

Many people think that getting a dog is the easiest thing in the world. Just take into account the positive aspects of bringing a dog home and leave the disadvantages aside. Not all dog breeds are the same, and therefore, not all will have the same pros and cons.

In this article, we will focus on the reasons why you should not get a French Bulldog. Although these canines are wonderful pets that can adapt to almost any environment, they also have certain negative aspects that will not be suitable for all families.

Why Should You Not Get a French Bulldog

The idea of ​​this article is not that you do not acquire a French Bulldog. As we have said, these dogs are wonderful, and they need the best lifestyle they deserve. What we don’t want is that after a couple of weeks, you think to abandon the canine because it’s not what you thought. 

The big problem with owners who abandon their dogs is that they don’t take the necessary time beforehand to research the breed they want to adopt or buy.

Reasons Why You Should Not Get a French Bulldog

This dog is wonderful and has many positive aspects, but like other dogs, it also has certain habits, behaviours, and other disadvantages that you may not like at all:

French Bulldogs Will Always Want to Be By Your Side

This is not a problem as such if French Bulldog owners love to spend a lot of time with their pets. These canines love to be by your side all the time and will follow you everywhere, whether it be to your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

This situation becomes a problem and annoyance if a French Bulldog owner likes privacy. Although some people like to be loved and attached to their pets, they also need their own space at certain times.

If you have a French Bulldog, you won’t be able to have a moment alone at home without your dog sitting or lying next to you or even on your lap.

French Bulldogs are Prone to Weight Gain

French Bulldogs are known for their desire to eat a lot. They will eat anything they find, even garbage. For this reason, this breed of dog is prone to obesity.

In addition to the large amount of food they like to consume, they are canines with very low energy levels, so they cannot exercise for a long time.

Many owners of French Bulldogs do not provide them with enough exercise, which is a mistake. Despite their low level of physical activity, they need to exercise a few minutes a day to stay fit and healthy.

You must control the feeding of these dogs. You have to provide a balanced diet based on protein and avoid giving excessive portions of food.

French Bulldogs Can’t Stay Alone for a Long Time

This point is related to the first. French Bulldogs are designed to spend most of their time with their owners and members of their human family.

This breed tends to suffer from separation anxiety when left home alone for a long time. A French Bulldog might think that you have abandoned it, and that will lead it to experience a lot of anxiety and stress that will not only cause it to develop destructive behaviours but also health problems in the future.

You must take the necessary measures to make sure that your French Bulldog does not feel alone when you go to work. You can ask someone in your family to take care of it or hire a dog sitter.

French Bulldogs Can Be Stubborn at Times

The French Bulldog is considered a stubborn breed of dog that can make the training process difficult. These canines are very easily distracted, so you must be very patient.

They might want you to do something when they want, so you must let them know that you are the pack’s leader from the beginning because later it will be very difficult to make them change that thought. In fact, they could think that they are the boss.

French Bulldogs Suffer from Various Health Problems

While all breeds of dogs can suffer from health problems, the French Bulldog suffers from more diseases than it should. That’s mainly because it is a brachycephalic dog. That means it has a small nose and a short, flat face that makes it very difficult for it to breathe.

If you have a French Bulldog for the first time or are thinking of acquiring one, you must be aware of these problems and be prepared for any situation. It is advisable to take this canine to the veterinarian regularly to be checked.

French Bulldogs Fart a Lot

French Bulldogs are known for their tendency to fart a lot. The reasons are varied, and one of the main ones is the inadequate diet that we provide.

These dogs should be fed healthy and good quality food. An inadequate diet based on high levels of carbohydrates, fibre, spicy, etc., will undoubtedly cause a lot of flatulence in your French Bulldog.

You should keep any type of junk or garbage food away from your pet, as remember that these dogs eat everything they see.

The brachycephalic nature is also a reason why these canines fart. Difficulty breathing causes French Bulldogs to swallow a lot of air when they eat or drink. Air enters their body directly into their intestines forming gases.

There are situations in which these dogs suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, which not only causes flatulence but also other symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, weight loss, and protein loss.

French Bulldogs are Very Expensive Dogs

French Bulldogs are expensive dogs not only because of their price but also because of all the expenses that we must keep in mind when having a dog of this type. Generally, a French Bulldog can cost between $1,500 and $3,000. In fact, depending on its colour, the price could vary between $4,000 and $8,000.

One of the reasons these dogs are expensive is the high cost of breeding which is $7,000.

Like other dogs, you have to take into account other additional costs that include:

  • Foods
  • Vaccines
  • Vet visits
  • Accessories
  • Toys
  • Dog bed
  • Crate
  • Food and water bowl
  • Hygiene products