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When is the French Bulldog Fully Grown?

When buying or adopting a dog, one of the first things we ask ourselves is how big it could grow. Obviously, the size of a canine will depend on its breed. There are very large dogs and others so small that they fall into the “Toy” category.

If you want or have a French Bulldog, you should know that it is a small breed of dog. This canine has a compact, muscular and well-proportioned body. The maximum size that a dog of this type can reach is 13 inches, and its weight should not exceed 28 lbs.

When is the French Bulldog Fully Grown

As the owner of a French Bulldog, it is important that we know its stages of growth until it reaches its maximum size.

When Will My French Bulldog Reach Its Maximum Size?

Typically, French Bulldogs double in height from 3 months of age to 12 months of age. This dog reaches its maximum height between 9 and 12 months of age. However, their full weight will be reached before then (approximately 8 months of age). From there, you must control your French Bulldog’s diet since if it exceeds 28 pounds, then it will be considered obese.

Keep in mind that an adult male French Bulldog should weigh between 20 lbs and 28 lbs while the female should weigh between 17 lbs and 24 lbs. Both genders must be between 11 and 13 inches.

The following charts will give you a guide to how much your French Bulldog will weigh at a given age:

Weight of a Male French Bulldog According to Its Age

Month of AgeWeight
14 lbs – 7 lbs
29 lbs – 12 lbs
10 lbs – 14 lbs
12 lbs – 16 lbs
15 lbs – 20 lbs
17 lbs – 22 lbs
18 lbs – 25 lbs
19 lbs – 27 lbs
9 – 1220 lbs – 28 lbs

Weight of a Female French Bulldog According to Its Age

Month of AgeWeight
13 lbs – 6 lbs
27 lbs – 10 lbs
38 lbs – 12 lbs
410 lbs – 15 lbs
511 lbs – 17 lbs
613 lbs – 20 lbs
714 lbs – 21 lbs
815 lbs – 22 lbs
916 lbs – 22 lbs
10 – 1217 lbs – 24 lbs

It is also important that we know how tall our French Bulldog will be at a certain age:

The Average Height of French Bulldogs (Male and Female) Based on Their Age

Month of AgeHeight
1-34 inch – 6 inch
3-47 inch – 9 inch
6-910 inch – 11 inch
9-1211 inch – 13 inch

Although a French Bulldog can reach its maximum growth between 9 and 12 months of age, keep in mind that there could be delays depending on the diet and exercise that its owners provide it. Also, keep in mind that this breed will continue to gain muscle mass once that time has passed. 

Therefore, we can conclude that a French Bulldog will be fully developed between 12 and 14 months of age but will continue to gain muscle until two years old.

What Factors Can Influence the Size of a French Bulldog?

French Bulldog Genetics

If you have not yet acquired a French Bulldog, it is important that you ask the breeder many questions to learn a little more about the parents of the dog you want to acquire. For example, it is important that you know the size of their parents, the difference in size with their littermates, etc.

This will give you an idea of ​​the maximum weight and height that your French Bulldog could reach, taking the growth charts we have put above as a reference.

French Bulldog Exercise

Both exercise and weight are related to each other. Generally, French Bulldogs do not require a lot of exercise during the day, but they still need to move a few minutes a day to stay fit and healthy.

These dogs love long walks but are not designed to endure them due to respiratory problems caused by their brachycephalic nature. Therefore, you could provide games as an alternative to exercise. That will not only make your bond with your dog stronger, but that will also help it maintain its proper weight.

French Bulldog Diet

Food is also an important factor in the growth of not only plants and babies but also dogs, in this case, French Bulldogs. An unbalanced diet could affect your pet’s natural growth.

If you feed it too much unhealthy food, it could be overweight (outside the range of the growth charts shared above). The opposite will happen if you give it food in small amounts.

The most advisable thing is to take it to the veterinarian so that he can check your French Bulldog, and based on the results, he will determine the best diet for your pet.