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What French Bulldogs Can’t Eat?

Having a dog is a big responsibility. There are many things we need to keep in mind to provide it with a safe, healthy, and happy lifestyle. Food is one of the most important pillars to achieve that.

Remember that dogs are similar to humans in some ways, but their stomachs can be more sensitive, so they can’t eat just anything. 

What French Bulldogs Can't Eat

However, French Bulldogs are characterized by having even more delicate stomachs than other dog breeds. In fact, they may present symptoms such as nausea and vomiting more frequently than other types of canines.

Therefore, it is essential to provide French Bulldogs with a good protein-based diet. Keep in mind that this breed of dog is characterized by eating everything in its path.

That is why they tend to suffer from obesity. This is negative because there are certain foods that can cause a lot of problems for French Bulldogs and any other breed of dog.

It is essential to know the foods that our French Bulldog should not eat to ensure that it is healthy and avoid more health problems than it should suffer.

Foods That a French Bulldog Cannot Eat

Regardless of the breed of dog, there are several foods that these animals should not consume either because they are toxic, poisonous or simply unhealthy. It is important to know these foods as French Bulldogs always want to eat everything they see.

Some dangerous and unhealthy foods for French Bulldogs are:


The main reason why a French Bulldog should not eat chocolate is that it has a toxic substance called Theobromine which is dangerous for dogs.

This substance can cause several health problems in this breed, especially if it eats large amounts. Seizures, abnormal heartbeats, and tremors are some common symptoms. However, the French Bulldog could even die in the most extreme cases.

All types of chocolate are harmful to French Bulldogs, but dark chocolate is usually the most dangerous.


Avocado is very healthy for humans but not for dogs. This fruit contains a poisonous toxin called Persin, which is found both in the skin and in the pit. Actually, a French Bulldog could eat the fleshy part of the avocado in small amounts, but it is forbidden to eat the pit and the skin.

Garlic and Onion

These foods are part of the Allium family which are poisonous to French Bulldogs. Regardless of whether they are raw, cooked, or dried, you should avoid feeding these foods to your dog at all.

Onion can cause anaemia in dogs if they consume it excessively. If your French Bulldog eats small amounts, it is possible that nothing bad will happen. Eating too many onions is bad for your dog’s health because they contain an inorganic compound called Thiosulfate that can destroy the dog’s blood cells.

On the other hand, garlic may have a stronger toxic effect than onion despite the similarities. This vegetable also has Thiosulfate, and aside from anaemia, it can also cause kidney failure in our French Bulldogs.

Coffee and Tea

Any beverage that has caffeine, such as coffee and tea, will be harmful to your French Bulldog. This is because these drinks contain methylxanthines which can cause problems in our pet’s nervous system, causing diarrhoea, vomiting, hyperactivity, spasms, fast heart rate, etc.

If your French Bulldog drinks just a few drops, nothing bad will happen, but if you allow it to drink an entire glass, then your canine could be in trouble.


It is an artificial sweetener used in chewing gum, candies or baked goods and is often more poisonous than chocolate (it is 100 times more toxic, according to several studies). It is so dangerous that if a French Bulldog eats a little bit of gum, its blood sugar levels will drop rapidly.

A large amount of xylitol in your French Bulldog’s body could irreparably damage its liver, and in the worst case, the canine could die.

Symptoms can appear in a matter of minutes. Some of them are loss of coordination, vomiting, seizures and lethargy.

We can also find xylitol in peanut butter, toothpaste, mouthwash, cereals, fruit drinks, jellies, etc.


While many fruits are healthy and recommended for French Bulldogs, grapes don’t fall into that group. This fruit can be toxic to these dogs and could cause kidney failure. Grapes contain unidentified chemical compounds that are harmful to the health of French Bulldogs.

The symptoms that our French Bulldog can present when eating many grapes are lack of appetite, vomiting, dehydration or diarrhoea. In the worst case, they could cause death.


Many movies and animated series show us dogs licking and eating bones. However, it is a misconception that bones are an excellent food for French Bulldogs.

French Bulldogs have very strong jaws that could easily break cooked bones into small pieces. The bad thing is that these pieces can be splinters, so your dog’s throat will be at risk of being torn and punctured.

Your French Bulldog also cannot eat very large bones as they could get stuck and cause an injury or tear to the throat or its organs.


There are various types of nuts, and none are recommended for French Bulldogs as some can be toxic while others should be avoided as they pose a choking hazard.

For example, Macadamia nuts can cause muscle pain, vomiting, joint swelling, fever, hypothermia, and dizziness. Almonds sometimes have small amounts of Aspergillus, a mould that is dangerous to dogs.

In addition, the amount of fats and oils that peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds contain can cause pancreatitis in our French Bulldogs.

You can add walnuts to your French Bulldog’s diet but make sure they are in small amounts. That way, your pet will not be in any danger.