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The Essentials of French Bulldog Puppy Training

Training is one of the fundamental pillars that we must take into account when bringing a new puppy home, regardless of its breed.

It doesn’t matter if your dog breed is smarter than others; training will always be a challenge. Many people claim that French Bulldogs are intelligent dogs that are easy to train as they love to be stimulated mentally and physically. 

The Essentials of French Bulldog Puppy Training

Despite their stubbornness, they can be easy to train, especially as they like to please their owners.

Keep in mind that not all French Bulldogs are the same, so some will be more difficult to train than others. That is why it is crucial to know the most important aspects that will help us to train our puppy properly.

Train Your French Bulldog from an Early Age

French Bulldogs are characterized by being analytical and intelligent animals. They are able to assess their environment and act according to what they observe.

You should make sure that you provide any type of training to your dog from an early age. When a French Bulldog is a puppy, it will learn any skill, habit and command faster.

You can also train your French Bulldog when it is an adult but keep in mind that the process will be more challenging and will take longer.

Use Positive Reinforcement

The positive reinforcement method is essential for any type of training as it helps make the process faster and more efficient. Positive reinforcement simply consists of rewarding the canine with treats or praise when it has done something correctly.

For example, if you are potty training your French Bulldog, you should reward it every time it urinates or defecates in the place you have indicated. You must do the same every time it responds positively to a command.

Keep in mind that French Bulldogs love to please, so they will respond well to rewards and verbal praise.

Never Use Punishment as a Teaching Method

That is the opposite of the previous point. French Bulldogs are sensitive animals that need to be treated with love at all times. You should never use verbal or physical punishment as teaching methods as you will only get negative results.

Many people get desperate when they don’t see results while training their French Bulldog. This leads them to punish the animal with insults or even physical violence. This situation could traumatize your French Bulldog and make it lose its trust in you.

Introduce Your French Bulldog to a Crate

Training a puppy of this breed will be easier if you introduce it to a crate. You want to make sure you buy a crate big enough for your French Bulldog.

Many people make the mistake of buying a crate just the right size for their pup. The problem is that when it grows, these owners will have to buy another larger crate which means more money spent. 

Therefore, it is advisable to buy a crate large enough from the beginning so that it will also be suitable for your French Bulldog when it is an adult.

Remember that not all puppies feel safe entering a crate, so you must be very patient and avoid forcing them to do so, as this will only cause more fear and mistrust.

A crate is great for potty training your French Bulldog as these dogs will avoid urinating or defecating in their sleeping space because they don’t like to sleep in a dirty place.

Always Have Some Essential Items on Hand

There are certain items that can be important in helping you train your pet:

  • Leash: A short leash is necessary if you want to teach your French Bulldog to walk alongside you without running away from you. It is also recommended that you acquire a long leash that will serve you for certain types of training.
  • Harness: Wearing a dog collar can be harmful to this breed due to its brachycephalic nature. For that reason, a harness is the best alternative since your dog will be more comfortable.
  • Treats: Treats are a fundamental part of any training. They can be used as a reward every time your French Bulldog does something right.
  • Clicker: This device generates a sound that informs the French Bulldog that it has performed correctly.

Provides Various Types of Training

You can’t just potty train your French Bulldog or socialise. These dogs need to receive every type of training possible. The most important are:

French Bulldog Obedience Training

All breeds of dogs should receive this type of training. Obedience is something important in these animals so that they know how to behave properly. This training consists of teaching the French Bulldog some commands so that it obeys you.

The most important commands are:

  • Come
  • Down
  • Leave It
  • Look
  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Take It
  • Wait

French Bulldog Socialisation Training

Socialisation training is essential for any breed of dog. While French Bulldogs can get along with all people and pets easily, they should still receive this type of training as you have to remember that not all dogs are the same.

This type of training consists of strengthening the bonds between the French Bulldog and its human family members. It will also help your canine get along with children, strangers and animals more easily.

You should never force your French Bulldog to meet a new person as it may feel scared. It is advisable to take your canine close to said person and see how it behaves. If you notice that it is worried, then it is not time to introduce them.

French Bulldog Potty Training

When you first bring a puppy home, one of the most common problems is where it chooses to urinate or defecate. In fact, the real problem is that anywhere in the house will be its bathroom.

For that reason, you should choose a suitable spot (in the garden or backyard) where your French Bulldog relieves itself all the time.

You must take your French Bulldog every day to the place you have chosen at the same time. For example, you could take it in the morning, after every meal, after every activity, and at night before bed.