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How to Potty Train a French Bulldog Puppy?

The difficulty level of training is different for each breed of dog. Not all canines are easy (or difficult) to train, and that’s because each one has a certain level of intelligence.

French Bulldogs are highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train in most cases. However, potty training them is somewhat challenging and can take a long time. 

How to Potty Train a French Bulldog Puppy

While their desire to please their owners makes them easy to train in many other ways, their stubbornness can complicate matters.

This type of training is a must, especially when bringing a new French Bulldog puppy home, as you don’t want to see faeces or urine everywhere. Remember that puppies are like children and do not know what is right and wrong. Therefore, you must teach them to relieve themselves in the right place.

A French Bulldog can take up to 8 months to learn to go to the bathroom. This amount of time can be very frustrating for the owner, and the reason for this situation is the stubbornness that this breed exhibits. The owner of this dog must be very patient and persistent during this time to obtain the desired results.

What Should We Do When Potty Training Our French Bulldog?

Choose a Suitable Spot

The first thing we must do before potty training our French Bulldog is selecting the place for it to urinate and defecate. Obviously, we should not choose the first place we see.

It is crucial to analyse the space of your garden or backyard well and find the best spot for your pet. Make sure that this place is away from distractions.

There are people who do not have a garden or a backyard. In those cases, the best option is to find a spot inside the house away from where the family usually spends time. The same applies if you live in an apartment.

Keep in mind that you must take your French Bulldog to the same place that you have selected every day. The idea of ​​this is that your pet gets used to that spot and sees it as a bathroom.

In the event that you do not have a backyard, then place a puppy pad in the spot of the house that you have chosen and take your dog there every day. A puppy pad is a good option since you can easily change it once your French Bulldog has urinated or defecated.

Set the Schedule

Choose a suitable time for your French Bulldog to relieve itself. You must take your French Bulldog to the chosen place every day at the same hours. Your puppy will get used to relieving itself following a daily routine. Generally, the most common times of day for this are:

  • In the morning, after waking up
  • After every meal, exercise, or training session
  • After returning home (in case you have taken your dog for a ride in the car)
  • At night, before sleeping

It is important to know how often a French Bulldog urinates according to its age. Keep in mind that the younger the puppy, the more times it will need to relieve itself.

The following table will show you how many hours a French Bulldog can hold its urge to relieve itself and the number of times it will urinate or defecate each day according to its age:

French Bulldog’ AgeHours That It Can Hold Its Urge to Relieve ItselfTimes a Day That It Will Relieve Itself
8 Weeks12 
12 Weeks3-4 6-8 
16 Weeks4-55-6 
20 Weeks5-6 4- 5 
6 Months6-8 3-4 
7 Months12 
The table above will show you how many hours a French Bulldog can hold its urge to relieve itself and the number of times it will urinate or defecate each day according to its age.

As we can see, as the age of a French Bulldog is older, it will be able to hold its urge to urinate or defecate for longer, and therefore, it will need to relieve itself fewer times a day.

Watch for the Signs

You have to be attentive to your French Bulldog’s signs when it wants to relieve itself. Once you know your puppy’s habits well, you will be able to recognize the most common signs that it needs to urinate or defecate.

For example, if your French Bulldog wants to relieve itself, it may start circling, sniffing, barking, walking to other rooms, whining, etc.

If you notice any of these signs, then take your dog to the garden so that it relieves itself.

How to Potty Train a French Bulldog?

We have already seen certain essential aspects that must be carried out before the training, such as choosing the place and establishing a schedule.

Also, it’s important to teach your French Bulldog puppy a command that lets it know it’s potty time. This breed is a fast learner, so it won’t be a problem to teach it a command.

Since you have the place chosen, take your canine there to relieve itself at the times indicated by the schedule you have created. Every time it pees or poops in the right place, you must reward it with treats and praise. That will let it know that this is the place where it should relieve itself. Obviously, it won’t learn that in one day.

Many people use a crate to train the canine. Why? French Bulldogs are hygienic dogs that don’t like to sleep in a dirty space. For that reason, being inside the crate, they will not urinate or defecate.

Here it is important to know the signs that we talked about earlier to determine if our pet wants to relieve itself. If that’s the case, we need to get it out of the crate and quickly to the right place in the garden or backyard.

Repeat the process each day until your French Bulldog is completely used to urinating and pooping in the right place at the same hours every day. You must be very patient during the process as it can take a long time.