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How Do You Punish a French Bulldog?

Dogs are beautiful creatures that are part of our family. Like human beings, these animals should be treated with respect and love. While not all dog breeds are the same, especially when it comes to their personality, they will all have some degree of friendliness, loyalty, and attachment to their loved ones.

French Bulldogs are some of the dogs that are characterized precisely by being affectionate and friendly with their owners, members of their human family (including children and the elderly) and even strangers and other animals.

How Do You Punish a French Bulldog

These canines respond best when they are treated with love and respect. We should never punish these animals in any way as we can negatively affect their emotions.

Should We Punish Our French Bulldog in Some Cases?

No! We should never punish these canines. French Bulldogs are known for being excellent pets due to all the love and loyalty they offer to each member of their human family.

They are very sensitive dogs that should not be punished as they will be emotionally affected. They will feel sad if their owners yell at them, insult them or physically attack them.

In fact, they could be confused when they notice that their own owners are showing this behaviour towards them, and therefore, they will be scared and lose their confidence.

French Bulldogs are very intelligent dogs that will quickly understand what you want through non-violent, aggressive or traumatic actions.

The idea is to improve the relationship with your pet and motivate it and teach it everything it needs in the best way. You just have to be patient, as these canines can be very stubborn at times.

The good news is that they love to please their loved ones, so if you have a really good relationship with your French Bulldog, you probably won’t have much trouble training it.

What is the Correct Way to Punish Our French Bulldog?

The key is to use corrective discipline. If we are training our French Bulldogs, it is possible that we will have some problems due to the stubbornness that they present. Instead of using physical or verbal punishment, we can act intelligently by using corrective discipline with the goal of positively shaping our pets’ behaviour.

Never use punishment as a teaching method. On the contrary, you should always use the positive reinforcement method, that is, you have to reward your French Bulldog with treats and praise immediately after it does something good. That will let it know that what it is doing is the right thing to do.

In addition, it is essential that you always discipline your canine the moment it makes a mistake. That way, it will know the wrong action it is doing.

Remember that you must use a firm tone of voice but never too strong or aggressive. Your body language must also be appropriate because your French Bulldog could be scared if you make very sudden movements or gestures.

Disciplining certain breeds of dogs can be simple up to a point. However, you will need a lot of patience and perseverance to properly discipline a French Bulldog and get great results.

How Should You Not Discipline a French Bulldog?

Many people might discipline their French Bulldogs in the wrong way without knowing it. Some owners get carried away with frustration and end up hurting their pets.

You should always think that dogs are like children. They have feelings, and if you treat them badly, you could traumatize them and make them lose their trust in you.

You must not:

Hurt the French Bulldog

Many parents punish their children by hitting them with the belt. Owners of French Bulldogs could do the same thing by using a belt or something else to hit them. We should never use physical aggression to discipline a dog, regardless of the breed, as this will only achieve negative results.

Insult the French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are very susceptible to verbal aggression and yelling. You can discipline your pet with a firm tone of voice but never through yelling. Verbal aggression will only traumatize your French Bulldog and cause it to break off its relationship with you.

Grab Your French Bulldog Aggressively

Never chase your dog or grab it roughly when you catch up. This is quite traumatic as it will think you want to hit it. Don’t grab it by the neck, ears, tail, or legs. That is considered animal abuse, and depending on the country, the law could take action on the matter.

Pull Your French Bulldog Hard on the Leash

This is somewhat related to the above. French Bulldogs love to walk in the park with their owners. If your pet is not properly trained, it may not obey you in certain circumstances. Perhaps it will run after an animal it saw or, worse yet, a car.

These situations cause stress in their owners, and if they are not very patient, they could end up aggressively pulling on their canine’s leash. The French Bulldog could get hurt.