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Helping French Bulldog That Get Travel Sick

As shown in the movies, many people think that dogs love to ride in vehicles. It is true that some canines will enjoy car trips if they are properly trained, as if they are not, they will easily get motion sickness.

The internal structure of a dog’s ear is responsible for maintaining the balance of its body. When a French Bulldog is a puppy, it will be more prone to motion sickness as it is not able to withstand the vibrations and movements of moving around in a vehicle.

Helping French Bulldog That Get Travel Sick

In fact, if your French Bulldog has already had a terrible experience travelling in a vehicle, it could feel dizzy and anxious just being in front of one.

Do French Bulldogs Really Get Travel Sickness?

While most French Bulldogs can get travel sickness, they are not all the same. Some will be able to adapt more quickly to the movements and vibrations of a moving car.

You must be very careful when introducing your French Bulldog to the car for the first time. Dizziness is not only caused by the movement and vibration of a vehicle but also by the anxiety that it may feel.

You cannot force a French Bulldog to ride in a car; otherwise, the result will be worse. Dogs see vehicles as big monsters that make a lot of noise and smell strange. That is why it is crucial to train them and let them know that a car is a safe and fun place.

As we have already said, puppies are more prone to car sickness than adults since the internal structure of their hearing is not yet fully developed.

Why Is It Essential for Our French Bulldog to Get Used to Travelling By Car?

There are two main reasons why it is important to get French Bulldogs used to car travel:

Small City Trips

French Bulldogs are very attached to their owners. They love spending time with them and can suffer from anxiety if they have been left alone.

As owners of a dog of this type, it is not unreasonable to think of taking our pet for walks around the city, whether it be to the supermarket, park, pharmacy, etc. It is important to prepare our French Bulldog so that these little trips in the car do not make it dizzy.

The same applies when we take our French Bulldog to the vet. We can say that these trips are mandatory since it is essential to check our pet’s health regularly.

Trips to Other Cities

As we have already said, French Bulldogs suffer from separation anxiety as they cannot bear to be left home alone for a long time. In fact, it is not recommended to leave these dogs alone for more than 4 hours as they could develop destructive behaviour.

Remember that French Bulldogs are designed to be companion dogs and spend most of the day with their loved ones. That becomes a problem when you plan to travel to another city for business or vacation.

Trips to another city have a longer duration, so it will be much more difficult for our dog not to get dizzy. It is vital to properly accustom our canine to the movements and vibrations of a car for a long time.

Symptoms of Travel Sickness

Although the movement and vibration of a car influence, the anxiety and stress that a French Bulldog can feel are the main causes of travel sickness. We already know that the main symptom in these cases is dizziness. However, there are other symptoms that you should know to identify them:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Panting
  • Immobility
  • Whining
  • Yawning
  • Restlessness

Tips to Prevent Travel Sickness in Our French Bulldog

Avoid Feeding Your French Bulldog Before the Trip

Feeding your French Bulldog before the trip can be a mistake as it will make it dizzy and nauseous more quickly. We must not feed it for 8 hours before the trip.

If you travel with your pet when it has not yet fully digested the food, the car’s movement will cause nausea, and therefore, it will vomit.

Make Your French Bulldog Happy and Comfortable Inside the Vehicle

It is important that you get your French Bulldog used to being in a vehicle. You must have patience during this process since it is not something that you will achieve overnight.

The first thing you should do is get in the car with your pet every day for a few minutes. Make it feel comfortable inside either by feeding it or playing with it. After several days, do the same thing but this time with the car on. That will make it familiar with the vibration generated by the motor.

Once your French Bulldog is comfortable, you can start taking it on short car rides. It is recommended that these car rides have duration of 5 minutes in the beginning and as the days go by, increase that time.

Keep Your French Bulldog Away from the Car Window

We can see in the movies that dogs love to stick their heads out the window while the wind touches their face. However, the movies only show the pretty side.

Actually, a French Bulldog can easily get dizzy when sticking its head out the window because it will be seeing everything around it at top speed. If you want to avoid that, put your French Bulldog in a dog seat secured with a harness for maximum protection. This seat must be placed in the centre and the back.

Just because they get carsick sticking their heads out the window doesn’t mean they don’t like doing it, especially since they love the wind in their faces.

That is why it is advisable to roll down the car windows so that fresh air enters and cools your pet. As an important note, the air also helps prevent motion sickness.

Play with Your French Bulldog in the Car

Playing with your French bulldog in the car will make it feel happy, comfortable and safe. You can take toys during the trip with which your pet can be entertained.

Positive experiences inside a vehicle will make your dog want to travel again.

Make Frequent Stops

If you travel to another city, you cannot drive without making stops. Travel can be very long and exhausting for people and even more for dogs.

Perhaps your French Bulldog is trained to withstand the vehicle’s movements and avoid motion sickness. However, it is very difficult for an animal of this type to spend hours feeling the constant vibration of the car.

Frequent stops will help your French Bulldog recover and relieve itself and also help you and your family members rest, eat something and go to the bathroom.