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Guide for Anyone Thinking of Rehoming a French Bulldog

Pets are not only amazing for being someone we can love and spend time with, but they are also lifesavers for those who live lonely lives. Dogs are the most popular pets as they are the most similar to humans.

Owning a dog, regardless of breed, is a huge responsibility and not as easy as many people think. French Bulldogs are in the top two of the most popular dogs globally.

Guide for Anyone Thinking of Rehoming a French Bulldog

These dogs are extraordinary in every aspect surrounding them, including their beautiful personality, behaviour, physical characteristics, habits, etc. However, there are also certain negative things that can make them unsuitable for certain families.

Some families or individuals may be forced to abandon their pets for various reasons. French Bulldogs are very expensive in every way, and this can be a problem for some people’s pockets.

However, this is not the only reason these canines are abandoned. Some first-time owners are not able to control the temperament of these canines, much less if they are not well trained.

In addition, French Bulldogs suffer from separation anxiety and need the company of their owners at all times. If a person who works a lot acquires such a dog, sooner or later, he might think of abandoning it or putting it up for adoption since he is not capable of handling the situation.

Reasons Why We Would Want to Rehome a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs May Show Signs of Aggression When They are Puppies

French Bulldogs are not known for being aggressive. On the contrary, they are characterized by being very affectionate, friendly, and loyal to their owners and their human family members.

However, depending on the lifestyle they have had, they could develop certain inappropriate behaviours, including aggressiveness.

Keep in mind that French Bulldog puppies may show more signs of aggression than adults. This behaviour is usually normal in any dog ​​of that age, regardless of breed.

The Costs of Having French Bulldogs are High

French Bulldogs cost a lot and generate additional expenses throughout the year in vaccinations, accessories, food, visits to the vet, toys, hygiene products, etc.

Many people do not have the necessary financial resources to cover these expenses and are forced to find a new home for their pets.

You Don’t Have Much Time to Spend with Them

This breed of dog is characterized by needing a lot of attention. They love spending time with their loved ones, especially their owners.

If you live alone, this situation could be complicated since you would have to leave your French Bulldog alone at home when you go to work. That is a problem as this dog suffers from separation anxiety.

You Cannot Control the Situation with Two Pets

Owning a French Bulldog is complicated by everything that its care implies. If you have another pet at home in addition to having a French Bulldog, then the situation can worsen. There are people who abandon one of their pets because they do not feel prepared to take care of both of them.

Rehoming Your French Bulldog

Looking for a new home for our French Bulldog doesn’t mean we hate it. If you love your dog, it will not be an easy decision to rehome it. For that reason, here we will show you several tips that will help you find the best home for your current French Bulldog:

Choose the Ideal Person

It may not be difficult to find someone to adopt your French Bulldog. On the other hand, finding the appropriate individual can be challenging. Not everyone is prepared to create a happy life for a canine.

As a result, if you don’t want your French Bulldog to end up in an animal shelter, do everything you can to locate the proper person.

It is essential to notice that you must first educate your pet. That is because people are more likely to be interested in a trained animal than an untrained one.

Find an Animal Shelter, Breeder or Rehoming Centre

If you wish to put your French Bulldog up for adoption, you can use the services of your local animal shelter. 

These locations are intended to provide a temporary shelter for dogs. They will usually give food, veterinary treatment, and other amenities while looking for a new home for the dogs. Some even provide training expressly for dealing with behavioural issues.

You could also look for rehoming centres or good breeders in addition to animal shelters. Many of these establishments will give you a second opportunity if you reconsider your decision. This is only possible if another person has not acquired your French Bulldog.

Ask the Right People for Help

Your family might be able to help you find a new home for your French Bulldog. They might tell their friends that your dog needs a new home.

Asking a vet for help is also highly recommended. He receives many canine patients a month whose owners love animals. Any of them could be interested in your French Bulldog.

Share Information About Your French Bulldog on Social Media

You can post information about your dog on the internet. You have to make sure that you share real and honest information about your French Bulldog. 

You can use social networks since your information will reach hundreds of people. Some data that you can indicate are:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Personality
  • Energy level
  • Behaviour
  • Health
  • Training level

When a person is interested in adopting your pet, invite him for coffee so you can ask him some questions related to his lifestyle and everything he can offer the animal.

If you share false information just to get rid of your French Bulldog, then the situation will be worse. When the person realizes that you have cheated on him, two things will happen:

  • He will want to return your pet to you.
  • He could leave it since it was not what he expected.