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Do French Bulldogs Bite?

French Bulldogs are canines that behave in a friendly and affectionate manner with all people. These canines are not characterized by having an aggressive personality, so it is rare for them to bite. However, that is something that can happen according to certain circumstances.

Keep in mind that puppies, regardless of their breed of dog, tend to bite quite a bit. The French Bulldog is no exception. The bites of these canines are not strong; on the contrary, they will be like small pinches.

Do French Bulldogs Bite

However, if your French Bulldog has developed a very aggressive personality, then its bites will be stronger. Keep in mind that this type of behaviour is rare in this dog breed.

Reasons Why a French Bulldog Bites

As we have said, unless they are puppies, French Bulldogs do not usually bite since they do not show aggressive behaviour.

The teething phase is one of the main reasons a French Bulldog puppy tends to bite. That’s because, during this stage, these canines use their mouths to explore.

That is more common in a French Bulldog puppy since this breed is characterized by eating or chewing everything in sight. Its curiosity will make it want to chew everything.

These dogs suffer from separation anxiety when they are left home alone. This situation causes a French Bulldog to develop inappropriate behaviours, including biting, despite not being an aggressive dog.

On top of that, French Bulldogs may bite for fun while playing with their owners or their human family members. Generally, these bites are harmless.

Another reason is fear. These dogs tend to show aggressive behaviour as a response to fear. These bites can be a bit stronger than the previous types.

In some cases, this breed of dog may bite as a sign that it is in charge. It is vital to prevent these situations before it is too late. You must let your French Bulldog know that you are the leader of the pack and that you are in charge.

No matter the reason a French Bulldog bites, it’s essential to take steps to control this behaviour early in life. That way, you won’t have to deal with behavioural problems in your French Bulldog in the future.

Signs of Aggression in French Bulldogs

Although it is rare for these dogs to develop aggressive behaviour, it can happen, and it is vital to know some signs that will allow us to identify this type of behaviour. One of the main signs is biting, but they can also show the following:

  • Barking
  • Excessive grunting
  • Showing their teeth
  • Lunging
  • Responding negatively to commands

How Do I Stop My French Bulldogs from Biting?

If our French Bulldog is showing this type of behaviour, it is important that we try to fix it as soon as possible. Some of the tips that will help you in these situations are:

Provide Socialisation Training For Your French Bulldog

Well-socialised dogs know how to behave and get along with people. Socialising a French Bulldog will reduce the chances that it will act aggressively towards other people or animals.

You can take your French Bulldog for a walk to the park every day to meet other dogs and people. You could even choose to go on vacation with your pet.

Squeal Like a Dog

A puppy will squeal when another has bitten it. When that happens, the pup that has bitten will back away upon hearing the other squealing. That is a form of empathy and acknowledging that it has done something wrong.

You can do the same. Every time your puppy bites you, you should try to imitate the squeal of such an animal. You can also use the word “No” in a firm tone of voice.

When you make a squealing sound, your dog will think that it has hurt you and stop. Remember that French Bulldogs form strong bonds with their owners and will never want to hurt you because they love you.

This method may not seem very useful to you, but it really works very well. In fact, it is used by dog ​​trainers.

Eliminate Everything That Can Cause Aggressive Behaviour in Your French Bulldog

We have to be aware of our puppy’s behaviour at all times. If we notice that it is beginning to show signs of aggression, we must act immediately.

Anything that could cause your dog to show aggressive tendencies should be removed. Whatever the triggering agent, be it a person, animal, or object, you must eliminate it and prevent your French Bulldog from having contact with him, her, or it.

Wear Unpleasant-Tasting Gloves

This method is used by dog trainers. You can wear gloves sprayed with a foul-tasting substance and allow your French Bulldog to bite your hands while wearing them. You can also use an object or toy and spray it with the same substance.

When your dog bites you, the bad taste of these gloves will make it not want to bite you again.