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Can You Leave a French Bulldog Alone?

A wide variety of dog breeds around the world suffer from separation anxiety. This disorder consists of a state of stress and anxiety that these animals suffer when they are left alone at home or separated from their loved ones for long periods.

The French Bulldog is one of the most popular breeds in the world. These canines are characterized by their affectionate and loyal personalities.

Can You Leave a French Bulldog Alone

They love to spend a lot of time with their owners and members of their human family. They hate being left alone as they need the constant attention of their loved ones. Therefore, we can say that these dogs suffer from separation anxiety.

How Long Can My French Bulldog Stay Alone?

French Bulldogs suffer from separation anxiety when they have been left home alone for a long time. Seeing that their owners are gone, they enter a state of anxiety and stress as they think they have been abandoned.

That, in turn, will lead them to develop destructive and inappropriate behaviours such as excessive barking, chewing on furniture and valuables, scratching doors and floors, digging in the garden, etc.

That doesn’t mean a French Bulldog can’t be left alone for a few hours. In fact, 4 hours would be the maximum time that we can leave such a dog alone.

In case your French Bulldog is an adult and has been properly trained, it could stay alone for 6-8 hours, but you must take the necessary steps to provide an environment that is comfortable for it while you are not at home.

Consequences of Leaving a French Bulldog Home Alone

When a dog, regardless of its breed, suffers from separation anxiety, it is normal for it to display certain inappropriate behaviours. It is not easy for a French Bulldog to be left home alone as it is like leaving a baby alone.

Some common problems that can arise from leaving a French Bulldog home alone are:

French Bulldog Destructive Behaviour

This is one of the most common symptoms when a French Bulldog suffers from separation anxiety. Generally, these dogs develop destructive behaviour when they feel stressed and anxious due to loneliness.

That leads them to bark excessively, cause damage to objects and furniture in the house, dig (if it has access to the garden), scratch the door intending to leave, etc.

French Bulldog Irritating Sounds

Many dogs, including French Bulldogs, tend to make loud, annoying noises when suffering from separation anxiety. These canines may bark, howl, or even whimper constantly.

Generally, these sounds will be produced after you leave the house because they already suspect that you will leave. These sounds can be irritating to neighbours, so you must take the necessary measures to avoid such a situation.

French Bulldog Heavy Panting

When you are about to leave the house, you will notice that your French Bulldog will begin to show certain signs of stress that will be reflected in its body language. These canines will become frantic, pant excessively, and even shake and shiver.

French Bulldog Attempts to Escape

When your French Bulldog is feeling lonely and distressed at home, it might try to run away to find you. These dogs can suffer a lot from your absence, so you should train them and, if possible, leave someone in charge to take care of them.

If your French Bulldog runs away, it could be in danger on the street. Security in your home is also essential in these cases.

French Bulldog Feces and Urine Everywhere

French Bulldogs could urinate or defecate anywhere in the house even if they are house trained. That is due to two reasons:

  • The state of anxiety makes them have no control over themselves. In fact, a clear symptom of stress is when a French Bulldog eats its own faeces.
  • Another reason why a French Bulldog relieves itself anywhere in the house is that it cannot go out into the garden or backyard. Therefore, they will have no choice but to urinate or defecate inside the house.

Train Your French Bulldog to Reduce Separation Anxiety

If you are someone who works long hours away from home every day, perhaps the French Bulldog is not for you. However, if you still want to buy or adopt a dog of this breed, you must make sure to train it and provide it with the best environment while you are gone.

In this way, it will feel safe and confident that you will return in a short time, and its anxiety will not manifest itself intensely.

While training such a dog is not difficult, the process could take weeks or even months. The goal of training is to make your French Bulldog capable of being left alone for the average length of time that you are away from home.

The first thing you should do is leave your French Bulldog in a room for 15-30 minutes 2 times a day. Make sure to leave food, water and toys for it to be comfortable.

The idea of ​​this is to see how your French Bulldog reacts to being alone during this period of time. If you find that 30 minutes is too much to start with, then just keep it in the room for 15 minutes and progressively increase that time as the days go by.

One way to know how your dog is after leaving it alone in the room for a few minutes is to open the door and observe it carefully without it seeing you. If it runs out of the room, that means it’s not happy. In this case, you should continue to maintain the same number of minutes until it gets used to it.

After several days, increase the number of minutes you leave it alone. In fact, you can also leave the house because even if they are in the room, they could feel your presence. This training will create more independence in your French Bulldog.

Additional Tips When Leaving Your French Bulldog Home Alone

  • Give it toys to play with.
  • Keep its food and water bowl full.
  • Hire a dog sitter and ask a family member to take care of it.
  • Hide treats throughout the house.