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Can French Bulldogs Swim?

It is essential to know all the characteristics of the breed of dog that we are going to bring home or that we already have. Some dogs can do certain things that others cannot. If you are looking for a canine that can learn to swim easily, then you should do more research.

Not all dogs are designed for swimming. Some are afraid of water, while others have difficulty floating and keeping their heads above water. This last case is that of the French Bulldogs.

Can French Bulldogs Swim

French Bulldogs are not great swimmers, especially as they have heavy bodies. However, the main reason why they have difficulty swimming is that they are considered brachycephalic dogs. That means they have a short flat head and a small nose. That causes many health problems, the most common of which is shortness of breath.

Due to the shape of its nose, a French Bulldog has no choice but to tilt its head up. The purpose of this is to keep its head above water so it can breathe. The problem is that this position makes floating in the water much more difficult. In addition to this, we must take into account that these dogs have short legs and heavy torsos, so they are more likely to sink than stay afloat.

Does that mean my French Bulldog can’t swim? No! Without a doubt, French Bulldogs have the instinct to swim. The problem is that its physical characteristics make it impossible to float in water.

Can My French Bulldog Swim Considering the Above?

Of course! You simply need to take a few preventative measures into account before allowing your French Bulldog near water. For example, you should never let your canine swim when it is tired or when the environment is humid, as this will affect its performance in the water. In addition to that, we will share some tips that will help you keep your French Bulldog safe:

Take Them to Shallow Water

Allow your French Bulldog to swim in shallow water, that is, where its paws can reach the ground. They can be swimming pools, shallow ponds or streams, rivers, etc.

You can choose to buy a dog pool that is resistant to French Bulldog claws and is not made with toxic materials. Also, make sure it is the right size so your pet can easily get in and out.

Buy a Life Jacket

The life jacket is one of the most important things to keep in mind if you want your French Bulldog to swim, as, without it, your canine would not be able to swim comfortably.

Make sure the life jacket is high quality and comfortable for your French Bulldog’s body. It should provide good buoyancy to prevent the dog from sinking.

Supervise Your French Bulldog at All Times

Remember that French Bulldogs are not the best swimmers due to their physical characteristics. For that reason, they can easily sink at any time, especially if you leave them in the water for a long time. The most advisable thing is to always be with your canine when it is in the water to watch it at all times and avoid any incident.

Hire a Professional Swimming Coach

While a French Bulldog isn’t cut out to swim for long periods, it could swim for a few minutes without a life jacket. For that reason, it is essential to teach them to swim properly.

A professional trainer will not only teach it swimming skills but also help it get comfortable in the water as many dogs are afraid of water.

How to Teach a French Bulldog to Swim?

Although the life jacket helps the French Bulldog float, we still have to teach our French Bulldog to swim. Teaching your dog to swim is important not only for it to move through the water but also to get out of it.

The best way to teach your French Bulldog is by getting into the water with it. You have to hold it while it tries to swim by moving its legs. You should do this step several times over several days until it gets used to the water and becomes more confident.

After that, you can walk away a bit and allow your French Bulldog to come towards you. Make sure that this distance is short to prevent the canine from sinking.

Little by little, increase the distance between you and the dog. That way, it will get used to swimming longer distances without your help.

Make sure you do this practice in shallow water like a pool or shallow pond. Also, keep in mind that you should not overexert your French Bulldog. Each training session should be short as these dogs tend to tire quickly.