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Can French Bulldogs Eat Oranges?

French Bulldogs are known for overeating. They will see appetizing everything that their owners put in front of them and also everything they find in their path. For that reason, control in the diet of these canines is vital since otherwise they will not only gain weight significantly but will also suffer from health problems.

Dogs don’t really need fruits in their diet, but that doesn’t mean you can give them some treats as they love them. Not all fruits are suitable for this breed of dog, so it is important that you know which ones you should avoid giving your French Bulldog and which ones can really be beneficial.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Oranges

There are many fruits that provide many benefits for these dogs, but we will talk about oranges in this article.

Can My French Bulldog Really Eat Oranges?

Many people might think that oranges are toxic to dogs, but that is not the case. They are very delicious fruits that your French Bulldog will love.

However, you should make sure not to give this dog too many oranges as that could be detrimental to its health in the future. Similarly, you should only feed your dog the orange slices because the peels and seeds are dangerous as it could choke on them.

Oranges contain vitamin C, which is usually safe for your French Bulldog as it will be diluted within its body and then eliminated through its urine. In fact, if your pet has trouble producing vitamin C, this fruit is a great option to meet that need.

Can Oranges Be Negative for Our French Bulldog?

It depends! Although oranges are not toxic, they could be harmful to certain canines depending on their organism and also on the number of oranges you give them.

For example, diabetic or overweight French Bulldogs cannot consume the oranges’ high calorie and sugar content. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot include this fruit in your diet. However, we can still feed them oranges as long as we control the amount.

Veterinarians always recommend the 90/10 rule, which means that we should only give our pets this type of food without exceeding 10% of their daily calorie intake. Therefore, it is recommended to use these fruits as treats only at specific times of the day, either after exercising, training, etc.

Also, you should be careful with orange seeds and peels. Both can be difficult for your French Bulldog to digest as they are difficult for its stomach to break down. Always feed your pet the orange slices.

Due to many toxic foods for dogs, many people think that oranges could be deadly for their pets. Oranges cannot kill French Bulldogs as they are not toxic or poisonous fruits. However, they could make the animal sick, especially if they consume it with its peel and seeds.

How Should We Prepare the Oranges for Our French Bulldog?

As we’ve said before, make sure you only give your canine orange slices. Do not let it eat the orange peels or seeds, as it will risk choking.

Sometimes your French Bulldog can get bored of eating oranges, so you could use some recipes to create certain treats with this fruit. Make sure that these recipes do not consist of orange cakes, ice creams, jellies or marmalades as they contain high levels of sugar that can affect your French Bulldog’s body.

Many people wonder if their French Bulldogs can drink orange juice. While this type of juice may have a citrus flavour, it is surprisingly delicious for French Bulldogs. However, if you are thinking of giving your dog orange juice, do not do it frequently as it is not usually as healthy for dogs as it is for humans.

How Many Times a Week Can I Give My French Bulldog Oranges?

As we have already said, veterinarians recommend that any fruit used as a treat should not represent more than 10% of your French Bulldog’s caloric intake. For that reason, it’s best to give your pet orange slices once or twice a week. That will not only satisfy its vitamin needs but also satisfy its craving for this delicious fruit.

Too many oranges could cause problems in obese and diabetic French Bulldogs due to their high sugar levels. Also, the extra calories can be harmful to any breed.