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Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids?

Not all dog breeds can be considered excellent pets. There are many requirements that canines must meet to adapt to all types of families. One of the most important is getting along with children.

French Bulldogs are characterized by being affectionate, friendly, and loyal dogs as long as they have received socialisation training. That’s because they may have behavioural changes that make them more protective. They may even show signs of aggression, but this does not mean that this breed is aggressive towards children.

Are French Bulldogs Good with Kids

French Bulldogs are child-like, and their personalities are a perfect match. One study indicated that the temperament of this breed is stable and may be compatible with the personality of kids.

Are French Bulldogs Child Friendly?

French Bulldogs are affectionate and friendly with their owners and human family members. They have been bred over the years to be social with people. They love to play with their loved ones, especially children.

In fact, French Bulldogs are known as Velcro dogs. That means that they will always be with you and follow you wherever you go. The same situation occurs with kids.

It should be noted that there may be slight differences in temperament between a male and female French Bulldog. The females of this breed tend to be shyer than the males, who tend to be more confident and playful. Therefore, if you have a child at home, you should take into account his personality before purchasing a French Bulldog.

Why are French Bulldogs Good with Children?

As we have already said, these dogs get along very well with children, especially if they have received socialisation training. There are certain reasons why this happens:

French Bulldogs are Calm Dogs

Many breeds of dogs are often very hyperactive and tend to bark or make other irritating noises. The case of a French Bulldog is different. 

This type of canine is characterized by being relatively calm. It is true that they can sometimes display this behaviour, but they will only bark at certain people.

Therefore, it is very difficult for you to see your French Bulldog barking or misbehaving in front of a kid. On the contrary, they could produce strange but at the same time entertaining sounds for children. Compared to barking, such sounds will not scare your child.

French Bulldogs were Bred to Be Lap Dogs

French Bulldogs are lap dogs who love to spend time with their loved ones and please them in everything. This canine will be a playful, loyal and happy companion for children.

If you have only one child, a French Bulldog will be a great option to keep them company. Both will love each other like brothers and form strong bonds over the years.

French Bulldogs are Small Breed Dogs

Small dogs are generally more suitable for families with kids than larger breeds. That’s because a small dog won’t be able to push and hurt a child while it’s running, which is a good thing.

French Bulldogs measure between 28 cm and 33 cm and weigh less than 12.7 kg. Any number above that weight will be considered overweight.

These dogs do not pose any danger to children unless they are not socialised and tend to show signs of aggression, which is rare. However, a small kid can cause damage and irritate these dogs, so it is important to supervise them at all times and educate children that this is something they should not do.

French Bulldogs Have a Moderate Energy Level

While these dogs are energetic, they are not as energetic as other dog breeds. Their energy level is perfectly adapted to that of a child, so a good practice is to exercise them simultaneously, especially through games. In this way, both the kid and the French Bulldog will strengthen their bonds even more.

Training French Bulldogs and Kids

There’s a strong possibility your French Bulldog and kids will get along swimmingly right away. Regardless of this possibility, socialisation and obedience training are essential for a safe and enjoyable home environment. 

It should be noted French Bulldogs can be slow to learn. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of their learning, but it will take more patience, consistency, and a strong hand. That being said, French Bulldogs are more intelligent than you might believe.

The first thing you should do is educate the children. You have to teach them to respect the French Bulldog and any other pets at home. There are certain tips that will help you prepare your child for the French Bulldog:

  • Set the ground rules for interacting with the dog from the start.
  • Teach your child to ask your permission before playing with the pet.
  • Make him understand that he should never hurt the dog. That is, your child must know that pulling the French Bulldog’s ears, hitting it, pulling its legs or deliberately lifting it is wrong.
  • Tell your child that he should always approach the French Bulldog calmly without running towards it.
  • Teach your child not to go near the dog while it is eating.

Keep in mind that if your children are too young to understand what is right and wrong, keep them from playing with the French Bulldog.

Apart from educating our children, we must also socialise the French Bulldog. Although this breed is affectionate and friendly with their loved ones, they could develop aggressive tendencies in very specific situations and against strangers, children and other dogs. This situation is rare, but it can still happen.

The best thing is to teach our French Bulldog to get along with as many people as possible, especially those we meet. However, in this case, we want our canine to get along with children, so you should allow it to meet as many of them as possible (they can be your children, those of other members of your family or those that you find in the park). That way, it will get used to interacting with them.