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Are French Bulldogs Born with Tails?

There are many breeds of dogs with distinctive characteristics in terms of their physical appearance. One of the most interesting is the fact that some canines have very short tails while others have longer ones.

Most owners of French Bulldogs wonder if these dogs have tails. In fact, some individuals who buy an adult French Bulldog and notice that they have a very short tail think that their previous owners have docked it, but that is not the case.

Are French Bulldogs Born with Tails

The practice of docking the tails of dogs is quite horrible and inhumane, but fortunately, this is not the case with French Bulldogs.

Are French Bulldogs Really Born with Tails?

As we have said, many people think that French Bulldogs’ tails are docked, but that is not true. These canines are not just born with long tails but instead were born with short tails that can be straight, curved or screw-shaped. They can also be stumpy tails.

The majority of people are unaware that French Bulldogs had longer tails in the past. It should be noted that these dogs have short and thick tails as a result of selective breeding. 

People intended to create a French Bulldog with a short tail because this breed was once employed for dog battles and bull baiting. As a consequence, there were fewer chances for a canine to sustain a tail injury. Fortunately, dogfighting is no longer permitted, but this beautiful and friendly breed has retained its short tail.

Can a French Bulldog’s Tail Cause Health Problems?

Yes! By having short tails, these dogs can develop a condition called hemivertebrae. This problem affects the spine of the French Bulldog causing weakness in its hind limbs, faecal or urinary incontinence and a lot of pain.

The canine bones do not align correctly in the spine, and this is due to the way the tail has developed in recent times. This situation can lead the French Bulldog to have an unstable and deformed spine, causing a lot of pain and serious damage to the nerves and spine.

Generally, this breed suffers from hemivertebrae at 9 months of age, as that is the time when its spine takes on a definitive shape.

Hemivertebrae is not the only problem caused by a French Bulldog’s tail. This dog’s tail often covers its anus, and that increases the chances of getting an infection. For that reason, it is vital to clean that area regularly. You can do it after bathing, and you should use wet wipes to avoid any irritation. Keep in mind that an infection of this type of infection can cause a bad smell, redness of the area and itching.

What Can We Do to Treat Hemivertebrae in French Bulldogs?

First, we must know if our French Bulldog is suffering from this condition, so it is necessary to perform a physical examination, an X-ray and an MRI.

Treatment depends on the severity of the situation. If your dog isn’t exhibiting many symptoms, then the vet may prescribe some anti-inflammatory medications. If your French Bulldog is in a lot of pain, it means that the situation is more serious and surgery will be necessary.

Why were These Dogs Bred to Have Short Tails?

French Bulldogs originally had long tails. However, many breeders began experimenting with these dogs through selective breeding to obtain short-tailed French Bulldogs.

Breeders developed French Bulldogs with short tails so they would perform better at ratting. These animals were working dogs that were used to catch rats, so the breeders made the decision, through selective breeding, to create a dog with greater speed. Short tails give them that ability as well as help prevent rat bites.

Another reason they decided to develop French Bulldogs with these types of tails was to prevent their tails from taking damage during dog battles and bull baiting.

Little by little, French Bulldogs stopped being working dogs and became companion dogs. Additionally, many people desire this breed for its cosmetic appeal.

Do Owners Dock the Tails of Their French Bulldogs?

Even though French Bulldogs are born with short tails, there are people who make the decision to cut them simply to give their canines a custom look. This situation is quite sad and inhumane as French Bulldogs already have very short tails.

If you want to know if a French Bulldog has had its tail docked, you should feel the tip of the dog’s tail, and if the last bone of the tail is not pointed, then that means it has been docked.

It is always recommended not to cut a dog’s tail because it is not only aesthetic but also has the function of providing greater balance and power to the animal.