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Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

French Bulldogs are animals that love to spend time with their owners and members of their human families. Many people consider them the best companion dogs in the world because they are affectionate, friendly, intelligent, funny, stubborn, energetic, adaptable, etc.

This lapdog is ideal for any family and environment. They love their owners unconditionally and cannot be away from them for long.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive

There are certain times when French Bulldogs can display less lovable traits and be less affectionate. For that reason, many owners wonder if this breed of dog can become aggressive.

Is My French Bulldog Aggressive?

Generally, French Bulldogs are not aggressive due to their docile and friendly nature. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes show certain signs of aggression.

The first thing you have to know is to differentiate when a French Bulldog is being aggressive or not. For example, if your French Bulldog is still a puppy and tends to growl and even bite at times, that probably isn’t aggression, as these are common behaviours for a dog this age. However, if they show this behaviour as adults, then you should be concerned.

Keep in mind that not all signs of aggression are due to the nature of the canine. Several specific factors can trigger this type of behaviour, and it is important that you identify them.

Some signs of aggression are biting, growling, snarling, etc.

Factors That Cause a French Bulldog to Show Signs of Aggression

As we have said before, French Bulldogs are not aggressive by nature. Any signs of aggression that they show will be due to a certain triggering agent.

When do French Bulldogs show signs of aggression? This happens in different situations, which we will explain below:

When French Bulldogs are Afraid

This is one of the common reasons why a French Bulldog may act aggressively. Any situation that makes this dog fearful, whether it is exposure to new places or people, loud noises, or mistreatment by its owners, will cause it to respond negatively through aggression.

When French Bulldogs are Eating

Almost all dog breeds have an instinct to protect their food at all costs. French Bulldogs will show signs of aggression if you approach them while they are eating, and it will be much worse if you try to take the food from their bowl.

A dog shows signs of aggression such as barking, biting, growling, etc., to drive others away from its resources. This behaviour is known as “resource protection” and not only occurs with food but also with toys, territory and even its loved ones.

When French Bulldogs are Playing

You might think this is counterintuitive since a French Bulldog is playful and usually enjoys playing. It is true that such a dog would have a good time playing with its owners and other members of its human family. The problem occurs when they play with children.

Although this breed of dog gets along excellently with them, there are some children who are not properly educated to know how to treat a dog. Therefore, they end up hurting the canine either by pulling their paws or even hitting them.

Generally, children do not intentionally hurt the French Bulldog as they do not know this is wrong; they just do it because they want to play with the pet. However, the canine does not know that the children are playing, so they will tend to defend themselves by resorting to barking, growling and, in the worst case, biting.

When French Bulldogs are Hurt

It is normal for French Bulldogs, like other dog breeds, to act aggressively when injured or in pain. Generally, the owners or the veterinarian will try to approach an injured dog to treat and heal it.

Suppose the person touches the canine’s wound. In that case, it will automatically activate its aggressive behaviour as a defensive system since it thinks that said people will try to hurt it even more.

This type of behaviour doesn’t just show up when a French Bulldog is injured. It can also manifest when the canine suffers from a brain disease or tumour.

When French Bulldogs are Frustrated

French Bulldogs are intelligent and want to get what they want when they put their minds to it. If such a dog cannot obtain an object it wants, it will become frustrated and respond with aggressive behaviour. The same will happen when it wants to do something, and its owners prevent it.

This behaviour is common in French Bulldogs that are tied up or locked in a crate or room all the time.

Does Socialisation Training Help with Aggression in a French Bulldog?

An unsocialised dog is more likely to develop aggressive behaviour. Socialisation training will help a French Bulldog cope with future situations, such as meeting new people and animals or being exposed to new conditions and environments.

If your French Bulldog spends a lot of time with people, children and other animals (especially dogs), it will learn to adapt to their presence and get along with them.

Good socialisation will make your French Bulldog more friendly and far from developing aggressive behaviour.