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Are French Bulldog Good Off-Leash?

As owners of a dog, we must ensure that it is always happy but also safe from any danger. Canines, regardless of breed, are like children and act without knowing what is right and what is wrong. That is why it is crucial to train them from an early age.

French Bulldogs do not have a high energy level, but they still love to walk with their owners. If we have not properly trained our pet and take it off-leash, an incident may occur. That can frequently happen in this breed of dog since a French Bulldog is characterized by being very stubborn.

Are French Bulldog Good Off-Leash

Obviously, a French Bulldog that has not been trained for these situations cannot be off-leash during a walk. A French Bulldog will be able to walk with you without a leash as long as you have provided it with obedience training and have taught it to walk off-leash without leaving you at any time.

French Bulldogs can be easily distracted, especially if we are walking next to a street. Our dog could see a vehicle moving or another dog running. The French Bulldog will want to run after everything that moves, so it must come back when we call it. This will prevent it from getting too far away from you.

French Bulldogs are not fast dogs, so you could easily catch them before they get too far. However, you may be distracted while walking, and your dog may use that time to get too far away from you.

We have already said that when properly training a French Bulldog, there should be no problem with it walking off-leash. Even so, many owners of these dogs do not recommend that French Bulldogs walk without a leash in urban environments.

They are not aware of the danger that surrounds them; on the contrary, their curiosity will lead them to explore and chase everything that moves.

On the other hand, there is no problem if you allow your French Bulldog to walk freely in a safe environment where there are no vehicles, such as a park.

Benefits of Letting Your French Bulldog Off-Leash

French Bulldogs love walks with their loved ones, especially their owners. It doesn’t matter if they go with or without a leash; they will be happy to walk with the people they love the most. However, when a French Bulldog walks off-leash, it will feel freer and happier.

It will be able to explore its surroundings, play with other dogs, run at high speeds and adapt to other people. As we’ve said before, all of this is acceptable as long as you let it walk off-leash in a park or area with no vehicles.

Disadvantages of Letting Your French Bulldog Off-Leash

We have already commented that it is not advisable to let our French Bulldog walk off-leash in a place where vehicles usually travel. Your dog could chase a car and have an accident in the attempt.

Also, keep in mind that being free, it can run very far and get lost if you don’t realize the direction it has taken. Similarly, it could meet other dogs on its way and get hurt in a fight with them.

Training Your French Bulldog to Walk Off-Leash

Although these dogs are stubborn, training them is usually not difficult as they love to please their owners. If you want to efficiently train your French Bulldog to walk off-leash, follow these tips:

Choose a Safe Place

The first thing you should do is choose a place for your French Bulldog to walk off-leash safely and without any danger around it. You should avoid an area with distractions since your French Bulldog could focus its attention on something else and not on you.

Teach It the Command “Come”

In the beginning, we said that the most recommended is to provide obedience training to a French Bulldog as that would make things easier.

Whatever the case, you need to make sure that your pet responds positively to the “Come” command. That way, it will come back to you every time you call it and prevent it from escaping when it’s walking off-leash.

When you say the “Come” command, be sure to reward your French Bulldog with treats and praise if it has approached you. That will cause it to associate that word with something positive, in this case, treats.

Teach It to Be Attentive to You at All Times

Your dog should know that you are with it at all times during a walk. If your French Bulldog gets lost on a walk, it should be able to find you quickly. The best way to teach this is by playing hide-and-seek.

When it is not looking at you, quickly hide. The moment it looks around and doesn’t see you, use the “Come” command. That way, your pet will be able to find you quickly, thanks to the sound of your voice.

Increase the Difficulty and Repeat Everything Constantly

As the days go by, you should increase the difficulty of the training. You can start training it in places with more noise and distractions. That way, it will be able to not only stay by your side at all times but will respond positively to the command regardless of the number of distractions around it.