Will Beagles Run Away?

Pets are a fundamental part of the lives of many families. Regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, snake, bird, rodent, etc., these animals help many people to feel accompanied at all times, benefiting them, especially from the psychological aspect. 

As we all know, the most common and popular pets around the world are dogs. Having and caring for a dog is not as simple as it seems. Each breed presents different characteristics and care needs that will be covered depending on the family to which it belongs. 

Beagles are cheerful dogs that like to spend time with their owners and members of their human family, including children. They adore receiving affection and attention from their loved ones. In addition, it is essential to note that they are very active and energetic canines that need to exercise every day. 

They love to chase prey due to their origin as hunting canines. That makes them impulsive animals, so we must provide them with good training and education. They need to have some freedom to run and play as otherwise, they could develop destructive behaviors. 

Depending on the Beagles’ personality and lifestyle, they may feel the need to run away. Therefore, it is essential to know the reasons thoroughly. 

Will Beagles Run Away? 

Beagles are dogs that are not completely dependent on their owners. They tend to run away from them when they get the chance. One of the most common reasons for this is its hunting instinct. 

These animals were bred as hunting dogs from their origins, which allowed them to develop their sense of smell to extraordinary levels. For this reason, they are often easily distracted by an unfamiliar scent and try to run away to find the source of that odor. 

Many dogs simply chase scents that they have picked up from the ground. However, a Beagle has a nose designed to pick up odors in the air and follow its trail. 

In fact, these dogs are capable of sniffing the scent from a mile away. The males of this breed could pick up the smell emitted by a female in heat 2-3 miles away, being another reason why this breed would run away. 

In addition, these dogs get bored easily and quickly, so they would feel the need to run to seek entertainment, either playing or simply running. 

It should be noted that although this canine’s hunting instinct and sense of smell can make it escape, we also have to keep in mind that they have been bred to be loyal companions and excellent family pets. Therefore, with proper training, we can control and avoid its impulses when it tries to run away from us. 

What Should You Do if Your Beagle Runs Away? 

There are different ways to make your Beagle not run away and stay at home close to you: 

Beagle Training and Exercise 

Training is an indispensable aspect of the life of any breed of dog. As we already know, Beagles are animals that present a high level of physical activity. Therefore, they require daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. 

Some activities you can do with your Beagle consist of: 

  • Take a walk. 
  • Run. 
  • Play. 
  • Stimulate your canine physically and mentally. 

Playing with your Beagle is one of the most powerful activities. Through games, you will not only be able to entertain your canine, but you will also form strong bonds with it. That is extremely important since it will take a lot of affection for you, and therefore, it will never try to run away again. Somehow, you are allowing it to create beautiful memories by spending a lot of time playing with you. 

One of the reasons why a Beagle can run away is boredom. If a dog of this type is part of a family with a less active lifestyle, then the canine is likely to feel sad and does not want to continue living there.

By following the above, you have to provide your pet with a varied routine. That means planning a series of different physical activities for each day. That way, your Beagle won’t get bored and will stay happy. 

If you are a person who works or studies, you may not be able to spend a lot of time with your pet during the mornings or afternoons. Despite being an independent dog, it also needs attention from time to time.

In these cases, it is important that you play with your pet and take it for a walk for about an hour before going to work or study. In the same way, it is recommended that you leave its favorite toys and foods while you are not at home. 

Beagle Security System 

Depending on the structure of your house, your Beagle may find ways to escape. Dogs of this breed are known as escape masters due to their great ability to evade security systems, especially fences. 

Therefore, you have to a fence high enough so your dog can’t jump over it. The idea of ​​this is to prevent it from running away when feeling hyperactive and anxious. Doing so is extremely important considering the high level of energy and curiosity this breed exhibits. 

As an additional option, you can install a wireless dog collar fence system throughout your home or, failing that, in your Beagle area. That means that we will delimit the place where our pet spends time through an alert system that will emit a sound or electrostatic stimulation when it passes. It should be noted that our dog must wear a sensor dog collar. 

GPS for Beagles 

Many times, the methods or tips used do not work to prevent your Beagle from running away. For that reason, we have to opt for other options that can help us solve this problem. 

A very practical option is a GPS tracker to locate your pet if it gets lost or escapes. This device can be a great option when you leave the house or travel with your canine. In case your dog gets away from you, you will have no problem finding it quickly before something bad happens to it 

What Shouldn’t You Do if Your Beagle Runs Away? 

We have already seen the recommended options to make your Beagle not run away. However, keep in mind that many people, according to their own personality, tend to misbehave, affecting both physically and emotionally their pets. 

Don’t Punish Your Beagle 

Whatever the reason, you should never resort to physical or verbal punishment. Many owners of these dogs despair when their pets do not obey, especially when they try to escape. That can make these people respond negatively to this type of behavior, leading them to use some punishment. 

People have to understand that Beagles respond to their instincts, so they cannot avoid it, especially if they have not received proper training. For that reason, your pet will not understand the reason why you are punishing it. 

There will be no positive effect. Punishing your Beagle can generate the opposite effect. That is, you will be motivating it to run away. 

Avoid Physical Abuse 

Generally, a lot of Beagles tend to escape. However, one of the reasons this happens could be that their owners are beating or punishing them. That is something that no dog owner should do. You must be willing to know the causes that motivate your Beagle to run away. These canines don’t act that way for no reason. 

We must avoid physically attacking our pet at all costs since we could traumatize it for life and create memories that cause fear, sadness, and anxiety in the future. It will move away from you every time you try to get closer to it. 

We don’t want our Beagle to leave home as something bad could happen to it alone. But we cannot force it to stay by locking it up or in chains. That is why you should try some of the methods mentioned in the previous section to keep your canine happy. 

Don’t Lock Up Your Beagle 

We have already mentioned it in the previous point. One of the biggest mistakes that the owners of these dogs make is to lock them up to prevent them from escaping. That is not the most suitable solution as it will make it feel unhappy and boring.

Leaving our Beagle at home for a long time will make it destructive and trigger inappropriate behaviors, especially since they are very active and energetic canines. 

It is most recommended that this canine spend time outside where it can play and run freely. That is why it is vital to have a fence installed. 


Caring for a Beagle, like any other pet, is a huge responsibility. They are beautiful animals that need all our love just as we need theirs. They are indeed independent canines, but they will still need attention and love often. 

We must ensure that we give our pet a happy life as only a situation that makes them feel sad or anxious would make them consider the option of going away from home.