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Why Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat, But Humans Can’t?

Dogs can eat raw meat. Seeing such an animal eating raw meat can arouse our curiosity and make us wonder if we can also eat this food without any preparation.

Is Raw Meat Good for Dogs?

Yes and no. Keep in mind that not all types of raw meat are good for you. For example, raw ground beef can cause health problems in these animals, and salmonella is one of them.

Dogs Eat Raw Meat

Why? This type of meat is prone to bacteria and, if not prepared properly, could contaminate dogs.

Also, remember that domestic dogs do not have the same immunity as wild dogs, and the digestive system of the latter has a greater tolerance for raw meat since they eat the meat of other animals.

Still, a domestic dog can eat raw meat as long as it gets the right portions for its body. It is important to know that chicken contains bacteria such as salmonella and listeria that affect not only the bodies of dogs but also humans.

For that reason, you should make sure to at least cook a little of the chicken you will offer to your pet.

Does Raw Meat Have Any Advantages for Dogs?

Of course! Remember that not all raw meat is bad for these animals. Some of them offer many benefits for dogs, such as:

  • Good dental health
  • More energy
  • Shiny fur
  • Healthy skin
  • Fewer stools

Despite the benefits that raw meat can offer these animals, many veterinarians do not recommend it for the reasons stated above.

Raw meats contain many parasites and bacteria that can cause diseases and severe health problems in dogs. These professionals always recommend cooking these foods since high temperatures kill bacteria.

Can Humans Eat Raw Meat?

The answer is no, although there are exceptions. First, we have to say that dogs can eat raw meat because their stomachs produce special enzymes and acids to kill most of the bacteria in this food.

Also, their immune systems are well adapted to eating raw meat, so it is very unlikely that they will suffer from any deadly disease from consuming it, but remember that the type of meat can influence this.

On the other hand, human organisms do not have this function, although they can still eat raw meat, depending on its preparation. Top-quality meat is an excellent option since it usually comes in good condition and is free of bacteria or toxins that are harmful to our bodies.

There are many famous foods served in restaurants that are based on raw meat, such as:

  • Carpaccio
  • Steak Tartare
  • Kibbeh Nayyeh
  • Yukhoe
  • Sushi

Each of these delicious foods is properly prepared with premium raw meats that won’t harm our bodies.

Reasons Why Dogs Can Eat More Raw Meat than Humans

We have already clarified that dogs and humans can consume raw meat depending on the quality and preparation. However, we have also said that people’s organisms are more susceptible to raw meat than those of these animals, and below we will show you 2 of the main reasons:

A Dog Has a Well-Adapted Immune System

The evolution of human beings has been different than that of dogs. These animals descend from wolves which were characterized by eating the meat of dead animals. In fact, they hunted other creatures for food.

This adaptation to the wild environment allowed their organisms and immune systems to evolve to the point of tolerating parasites and bacteria from the meat of these dead animals.

This did not happen in the case of humans. We have evolved with the intention of keeping our food in good condition to avoid serious diseases.

Science has been in charge of studying the harmful microorganisms found in many foods, which has made us be careful with everything we eat and how we cook it.

The Stomach of This Animal Produces More Acid

Unlike humans, dogs have developed stomachs capable of producing enough acid to kill bacteria and parasites in some foods, such as raw meat. On the other hand, we tend to be more susceptible since our stomachs do not produce the same amount of enzymes and acid as these animals.

Every dog’s stomach is different. Some may produce enough acid to kill bacteria, while others may not and could easily be contaminated.


Raw meat is not a prohibited food for dogs or humans. This food contains many benefits for both organisms, although, as we have clarified throughout the article, the immune systems of these animals are better adapted to consume it.

That doesn’t mean humans can’t eat some foods made from raw meat, but It all depends on the quality and preparation of the meat.