What Is the Least Aggressive Dog?

What Is the Least Aggressive Dog

No family would like to have an aggressive dog. In the past, people used to acquire dogs for the skills they displayed, such as hunting, guarding, or performing any job. While many people today have canines for those reasons, most bring them into their homes as pets.

Before choosing a dog breed, you should first consider your needs. Why? You may need a canine to guard your house or hunt. In that case, you will have to opt for one with aggressive tendencies.

However, suppose you want a family dog ​​that gets along with all members, especially children. In that case, you should choose one that has a loving personality and never shows signs of aggression.

One thing to consider is that a dog’s personality is directly influenced by how you raise it. As much as a dog is aggressive, it could develop good behaviors and get along with people and animals.

In the same way, the most loving and calm dogs will develop aggressive tendencies if they are mistreated by their owners or receive a poor quality of life, for example.

The Least Aggressive Dog Breed

Many breeds of dogs stand out for their affectionate and friendly personalities with people. We consider the Golden Retriever the least aggressive dog breeds out there.

These animals stand out for being calm and getting along with each family member, especially children. They love to play with them, and it would be extremely rare for them to show any signs of aggression.

Although Golden Retrievers are hyperactive as puppies, proper training and socialization will help resolve this behavior as they age. However, the fact that they are very active does not mean that they will develop aggressive behaviors.

They are so affectionate and accommodating that many people use them as service dogs. They are friendly canines that will make anyone around them feel good and happy. The Golden Retriever is one of the best pets to live with children and other animals.

Can a Golden Retriever Become Aggressive?

While it is almost impossible for a Golden Retriever to behave aggressively, there is a remote possibility of it happening.

As we said at the beginning, raising a dog will directly influence its personality and behavior. The way you educate and treat your pet will make it a loving dog or an aggressive one.

A Golden Retriever is a beautiful animal that gets along with everyone and loves giving a lot of love. However, suppose the owners of such a dog mistreat it by constantly physically and verbally punishing it, then little by little.

In that case, it will become emotionally detached from its loved ones and begin showing signs of aggressiveness.

You should always treat your dog well and offer it a good quality of life.

Top 10 Least Aggressive Dog Breeds

Our investigations have allowed us to confirm that the Golden Retriever is the least aggressive dog breed there is. However, the following breeds mentioned in the following table are not far behind in this regard.

1Golden Retriever
2Labrador Retriever
3Basset Hound
4Bernese Mountain Dog
9Border Collie
10 Least Aggressive Dog Breeds Table
  • Labrador Retriever: This is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. The Labrador Retriever is known for its friendly and lively personality. This canine is very similar to the Golden Retriever as it loves to be surrounded by its loved ones and give lots of love. It enjoys the company of children and will even get along with other people and pets. It is very unlikely that this dog will show any signs of aggression.
  • Basset Hound: This is one of the least aggressive dogs out there. The Basset Hound is characterized by droopy eyes and an expressive face. Many people acquire this breed because of their bonds with their loved ones. Despite its appearance, the Basset Hound is an outgoing animal that will love to play with its owners and make them have a good time.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog: Many dog ​​owners consider this breed the least aggressive. While we have said that the Golden Retriever is the least aggressive dog, the Bernese Mountain dog is also extremely gentle and docile. This canine has a gentle heart and loves spending time with its owners and members of its human family. It is extremely rare to see a Bernese Mountain dog displaying signs of aggression.
  • Beagle: The Beagle is a cheerful dog that needs the company of its human family members as it is very prone to separation anxiety. They are not good watchdogs, and one of the reasons is that they do not show any signs of aggression.
  • Bulldog: The Bulldog is a highly recognizable breed not only for its distinctive appearance but also for its calm and cheerful personality. This dog has a docile nature, and most of the day, it will want to play with its owners and children. You will not see a sign of aggression from a Bulldog unless it has been mistreated.
  • Boxer: The Boxer is a very loyal dog to its owners. This intelligent dog loves fun and will like to spend hours playing with the people it loves the most. Many people consider them guard dogs as they will try to protect their owners from any threat. However, that will not make them display aggressive behavior.
  • Border Collie: The Border Collie is a loyal pet that will get along with children, strangers, and other pets as long as it receives proper socialization. It is a non -aggressive dog, so you will not have problems if you have children.
  • Brittany: Although this dog was bred to hunt, it shows no signs of aggression. The Brittany dog has a sweet personality as it always wants to please its loved ones. This dog is very polite and will always show love and respect to its owners.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: This dog breed is extremely gentle and affectionate with everyone around it, including children, the elderly, and other pets. It would be extremely rare if your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel behaved aggressively.