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Reasons Why Dogs Lick the Couch

Having a dog is exciting and beautiful, although we must deal with some behaviors that it could present.

Just as each person has different tastes, behaviors, and personalities, the same happens in the case of dogs. These animals can develop some habits that could be annoying for their owners.

Reasons Why Dogs Lick the Couch

One of the most curious behaviors that we can notice in dogs is licking couches. This may seem somewhat strange if you see it for the first time. The first thing we would think is that they are hungry or thirsty.

However, the causes of this behavior are varied, and it is important to know them to correct them.

Why Does My Dog ​​Lick the Couch?

Your dog may find the color or smell of your couch interesting, but generally, the reasons for this can be entirely different. Curiosity, boredom, and stress are some of the causes of this behavior.

Knowing the reasons why our dogs lick the couches will help us not only to control this behavior but also to prevent it. Some of them are:


This is one of the main reasons why dogs lick couches. These animals are known for their strong desires to play and exercise.

Dogs require a lot of physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis. They must be exercised for at least 30 minutes a day; otherwise, they will get bored, leading them to develop destructive behaviors that we will not be able to deal with easily.

When a dog is bored, it will begin to bark loudly, run around, destroy everything in the house, try to run away, etc. However, its desperation to want to do something to satisfy its needs will lead it to lick the couch or other objects in the house.

That is why it is important to always keep your pet entertained with toys, exercises, training, etc.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common disorders in dogs. This type of anxiety originates when these animals are left alone at home for many hours.

Remember that dogs are designed to spend time with people. No person can stand being alone for long, and canines are no exception.

These animals are like children; they might think that they have been abandoned forever when their owners leave home. This situation is more normal than you think since most people work full time.

Separation anxiety generates insecurity in the dog. This feeling of worry will make it constantly lick the couch to relieve stress.

Your dog could miss you a lot, and for that reason, it could lick the couch to smell the aroma you have left impregnated in it. Anything that reminds it of you could relax it and ease its anxiety.

Curiosity about the Colour and Smell of the Couch

Dogs are extremely curious animals that will explore anything within their reach. Whenever they see something for the first time, they want to get close to them, take a close look at it, sniff it and lick it.

If you’ve brought home a new couch, your pet will undoubtedly come over to sniff and lick it. In fact, if your dog is not trained, it could mark its territory by urinating on it.

In case you already have one at home, your canine will still lick it because it might find the couch interesting because of its color or smell.

You might think that the taste of a couch will be unpleasant for these animals, but you’re mistaken. The taste buds of dogs are different than that of humans.

For example, a dog’s taste buds may be less sensitive to bitter, sweet, or salty tastes than humans. Therefore, the taste of a couch is not something that will displease them.

In fact, keep in mind that the couch could be made of natural fibers which have a flavor that is pleasant for these animals. Dogs may also lick couches from the smell of small food items that fell on them after their owners ate lunch or dinner.


Dogs cannot tell us that they are in pain because they do not know how to speak our language. They need to display certain behaviors to let us know how they feel.

Licking objects is one of the most common ways these dogs use to let us know that something hurts. Remember that this behavior helps relieve pets, and that includes stress, anxiety, and any physical pain.

For example, these dogs could feel one of the most excruciating pains coming from their mouths. Dental problems are more common in these animals than you think.

Because they cannot tell us about their pain and cannot visit a veterinary dentist on their own, they will live with their pain in silence and try to calm it by biting or licking the couch or other objects.

Is It Bad for My Dog ​​to Lick the Couch?

We should not allow our dogs to lick our couches for two specific reasons:

  • That could create a bad habit in our pets that will be difficult to eliminate in the future
  • Their health could be at risk

Keep in mind that a couch can have many particles that can be harmful to these animals, such as their own hair, dust, etc. You should try to find a new stimulation for your pet and focus all its attention on that. In this way, you will help to eliminate that bad habit that it has gradually.

Toys can be an excellent option to replace the couch. In fact, it is advisable to buy container toys where you can put treats. Your dog could lick and chew on them for hours.

Little by little, your pet will never want to lick a couch anymore since it will prefer the delicious taste of its toys with built-in treats.