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What Is the Most Jealous Dog Breed?

Dogs become very attached to their loved ones. These animals form strong bonds with their owners and are very loyal.

Many breeds of dogs are characterized by being very jealous. You may think this is cute, but this could become a problem for you since you will not be able to welcome another person or pet in the presence of your canine. It will start to growl, bark and even have a posture to attack.

What Is the Most Jealous Dog Breed

However, keep in mind that this problem can be fixed through proper training and education.

It is important to know that not all dog breeds are jealous. In fact, this trait is not exclusive to a particular breed, but some are certainly more prone to this type of behavior. For that reason, many people would like to know which dog breeds are the most jealous.

The Most Jealous Dog Breed

Several breeds of dogs are characterized by being more prone to this behavior, but the one that we consider the most jealous among all is the French Bulldog.

All owners of French Bulldogs affirm that these canines are the most jealous. It is common for them to act aggressively and hostile towards other people or animals trying to get close to their owners or loved ones. In fact, this behavior could become more intense if you hold your baby in your arms.

When a French Bulldog sees you with another person or animal, it will think that you do not love it, which is why it will throw a tantrum as a desperate measure to get your attention. These are excellent companion dogs due to their loyalty and fidelity.

If you have a French Bulldog, you need to ensure that it is well trained. It is important to socialize this dog with the people and animals you frequently interact with so that it learns to get along with them.

In the same way, you have to provide it with a lot of entertainment since boredom is also one of the triggers of jealousy in this breed.

What Does a French Bulldog Do When It’s Jealous?

Generally, the French Bulldog and other dog breeds tend to bark at the person or animal that approaches you aggressively. Your pet will be hostile towards anyone who interacts with you. If your French Bulldog has aggressive tendencies, it may even try to bite your guests.

In addition to any signs of aggression, a French Bulldog may whimper excessively or make other annoying noises when he’s jealous.

How to Help a Jealous French Bulldog?

It can be frustrating to have a jealous dog as it will affect not only you but also the people and animals interacting with you. For that reason, it is essential that you know the best ways to control a dog’s jealousy regardless of its breed.


It is important to make your dog get along with the people who always visit your house. If you don’t provide proper socialization training, your pet may take on any person or animal you interact with.

On some occasions and depending on the breed, it could show aggressive behavior through growling, barking, and even biting.

Exercises and Games

As we have said above, boredom is one of the causes of jealousy in these animals. You must provide it with a series of exercises and physical and mental games to keep it entertained. That will not only make it happy and fit, but you will also show it that you love it by spending time with it.


Many behaviors can be fixed through training, and this one is no exception. If you are going to train your dog to control its jealousy, it is a good idea to consider what is causing this behavior.

For example, if your dog is jealous because you have brought a new dog home, then you should use that pet during training.

Top 10 of the Most Jealous Dog Breeds

Based on our research, we consider the following 10 dog breeds to be the most jealous:

#Dog Breed
1French Bulldog
2Boston Terrier
3Australian Shepherd
4Labrador Retriever
5Golden Retriever
6American Pit Bull Terrier
8Cocker Spaniel
9German Short-Haired Pointer
10Border Collie
10 Most Jealous Dog Breeds Table

We have already indicated throughout the article that the French Bulldog is the most jealous canine you can find. However, in the table above, you can see other breeds characterized by frequently showing this behavior.

  • Boston Terrier: These canines always focus on getting your attention through any method, and they bark a lot to make us pay attention only to them.
  • Australian Shepherd: These beautiful dogs are naturally protective and will be very jealous and want to protect us when they see us interacting with other people and animals.
  • Labrador Retriever: This is one of the most famous dogs. It loves interacting with humans, especially with its owners. This breed is very protective and will not want anyone to come near you.
  • Golden Retriever: Although this beautiful dog with golden fur is very friendly with people, it will still feel jealous when its owners are talking to other people or giving affection to other animals.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier: Many people know these dogs to be somewhat hostile, especially with other animals. Therefore, an American Pit Bull Terrier will not hesitate to attack another animal close to you.
  • Dachshund: Small dogs like the Dachshund are prone to becoming jealous and tend to express this behavior through biting, excessive barking, and irritating whining.
  • Cocker Spaniel: This is one of the most affectionate dogs that exist since it likes to show love to its loved ones through many actions. If it doesn’t get enough attention, it will quickly get jealous when you are interacting with someone else.
  • German Short-Haired Pointer: These dogs are overly protective and will not hesitate to bark or intimidate any strange person or animal approaching their owners. They tend to develop destructive behaviors when their loved ones ignore them.
  • Border Collie: The Border Collie is one of the most intelligent and hardworking dogs. It tends to act quickly when it feels the presence of a stranger or animal, especially if they approach its owners.