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How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly?

Many times, dogs decide the ideal time to poop. The problem is that these animals could take a long time to relieve themselves, making their owners lose patience. This is a common thing when they are potty training their pets.

When you take your dog out to defecate in the garden or backyard, it could start sniffing all the areas taking a long time. However, this is very frustrating for you, so you will need to get your pet to poop quickly.

How to Make a Dog Poop Quickly

The fact that your dog takes a long time to poop will affect not only you but also its daily schedule.

It is not so common for these animals to take time to relieve themselves, so if you notice this behavior very often in your pet, then you should make sure that it does not have any health problems.

What Can I Do to Make My Dog Poop Quickly?

If your dog tends to take a long time to poop when you take it to the backyard or garden, the following tips will help speed up this process:

Provide a Good Diet for Your Pet

Food is essential for any dog. These animals need a diet based on protein and adequate amounts of fiber which are crucial for their bodies.

A poor diet could cause constipation in dogs and other problems such as vomiting, upset stomach, etc. Keep in mind that constipation is one of the reasons why these animals are slow to poop on some occasions.

If you want to prevent constipation in your pet, make sure you feed it a balanced diet with high-quality, high-protein foods.

Massage Your Dog’s Belly

A good way to help your dog poop faster is by gently massaging its belly. It is scientifically proven that constipated canines feel relief when their owners massage their bellies with a bit of pressure.

Massages in that area help normalize the canine’s bowel movements, helping it to defecate more quickly and easily.

Keep in mind that these animals could have peristalsis. It is the process in which contractions and relaxations of the muscles that line the intestinal tract occur, promoting the movement of liquids and solids in the body.

The best way to massage your dog’s belly is:

  • Circularly rub its belly in a clockwise direction
  • After a few seconds or minutes, massage it counterclockwise
  • Carry out this process for approximately 5 minutes, alternating the movements

Note: If you notice that your dog is in pain when massaging its belly, stop immediately and take it to the vet to find out what is going on.

Exercise Your Dog Every Day

Exercise is an excellent way to keep your intestines in good working order. Obviously, a daily exercise routine will help your dog prevent or reduce constipation; therefore, it will not have problems with defecating.

The best exercise to physically stimulate your dog and improve its digestive process is to take it for a walk in the park. These animals love to go for walks with their owners daily, so you will have no problem providing enough physical stimulation. A long walk will make your pet poop quickly.

After walking your dog, the first thing you have to do when you return home is to take it to its bathroom immediately to relieve itself.

It will most likely defecate quickly, so we recommend rewarding it with treats and praise after that. That will not only be a reward for defecating in its bathroom but also for its good behavior during the long walk.

Rub an Ice Cube around Your Dog’s Anus

This is one of the easiest and most effective methods to help your pet poop quickly. All you have to do is hold an ice cube and rub it around its anus.

This method may not work on the first try. In case that happens, insert the ice cube inside its anus. In this way, the canine will urinate and defecate immediately after discharging the ice, eliminating all the waste inside.

Stimulate Your Furry Friend by Spraying Water on Its Butt

This method is similar to the previous one, but this time, you will use cold or warm water instead of ice cubes. Warm water will generally help reduce constipation in dogs and stimulate bowel movements.

Fill a bottle with warm or cold water, or use a hose to spray your dog’s anus. Make sure to do it carefully and without exerting too much pressure to avoid hurting your pet.

It may not react positively to cold water initially, but it will feel relieved when you have helped it with its bowel problem.

Avoid spraying it with extremely cold or hot water, as this can harm it. Try to carry out this method indoors or specifically in its bathroom to keep it away from places where it tends to get dirty.

Use the Previous Method But Manually

We can also stimulate a dog’s anus manually using soft wipes. This method may seem challenging to some owners as they have to keep their pets calm while gently rubbing and massaging their anuses with a wipe. However, it is not as difficult as you think.

Remember that mothers lick their puppies’ bottoms to revitalize the fecal secretion since dogs at that age cannot defecate on their own.

The anus area is very sensitive, but if you gently rub it with a wipe, it will feel extremely relaxed and will remind its mother’s licking. This stimulation will cause your pet to poop regularly throughout the day.

Be sure to wear clean disposable gloves to hold the area around the anus while you use your other hand to rub it with the wipe. In fact, you can use a lubricant to avoid hurting and irritating your dog’s bottom.


It can become very frustrating for people to wait a long time for their pets to defecate. That’s why we recommend the following:

  • Keep patience
  • Never punish your dog
  • Ask a vet for help
  • Use the methods explained in this article as many times as necessary.