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How to Give Your Dog a Pill?

Pills are essential as they help us with any health problems we have. Obviously, it is vital only to take medications prescribed by the doctor since otherwise, we could have some complications.

The same goes for dogs. However, remember that just as humans might have difficulty swallowing some pills, canines will too. For that reason, many people wonder how to give their pets pills the right way.

How to Give Your Dog a Pill

This can be challenging for any owner, as giving a dog medication is not as easy as it seems. Even so, it is important that you learn how to give your pet pills to help it with its health problem. In fact, many medications in pill form are great for fighting ticks, fleas, or heartworms.

Smart Ways to Give Your Dog Pills

There are several ways to give your dog pills properly. You have to hide the medicine’s smell so your pet will consume it without suspecting it.

The best techniques for giving your dog pills are:

Hide the Pill in Your Dog’s Food

Some pills may have an unpleasant odor for dogs, so if you try to give one to your pet, it will not want to consume it. The best way to mask the scent of medicine is to put the pill in your dog’s food.

However, the food must have a strong aroma to hide the pill’s smell; otherwise, the canine will not want to eat the food, much less the medication.

An excellent way to accomplish this is to add cheese or tuna to its daily meals for as long as you should give your pet the pill. These foods often have a foul-smelling aroma that will hide that of a pill.

Use Gel Caps

This is an effective method of getting your dog to consume the pills prescribed by the vet. Purchase enough gel caps to cover the total number of pills you must give your dog during the treatment.

Put a pill in the gel cap and then hide it in your pet’s food. The objective of these capsules is:

  • Reduce the smell of the pill so that your dog does not hesitate to eat its food
  • The capsule is also tasteless, so dogs will never know they are ingesting it

Provide Physical and Mental Entertainment

Physically and mentally stimulating your dog can be a great option to get it to swallow the pill if the above methods have not worked.

You can provide several exercises daily, but the best are walks to the park. After a long walk, it will get hungry and eat anything you give it, regardless of its scent. You can take advantage of that moment to hide the pill in its food.

In fact, keep in mind that after several minutes of exercise, the canine’s sense of smell will be overloaded, so it is very likely that it will not detect the smell of the pill.

Use Delicious Snacks and the Fun to Give Your Dog the Pill

Too much mental stimulation and fun can often lower your dog’s guard, meaning it might not realize you’re giving it a pill.

Before giving your pet the pill, play several games with it. The “Catch” game is one of the most recommended as it is excellent for keeping the canine active and entertained. You can use food during the game to excite your dog even more.

Use delicious snacks like hot dogs, croquettes, or some fruit. During the game, throw 2-3 pieces of food without the pill. Be sure to put the medicine in the next snack you throw.

It will be confident enough that this piece will be the same as the previous ones, so it will eat it without hesitation.

This is an effective method that will help you give your pet pills in an easy and fun way.

Recommendations When Giving Pills to Your Dog

Follow the Instructions of the Veterinarian to the Letter

A veterinarian is a professional who has studied everything related to the health and care of animals. Therefore, you should always follow the recommendations of this professional, especially about medications.

If your dog has a health problem, the vet will prescribe the best medications for you to give your pet. Obviously, he will also tell you the best way to give your furry friend the pills.

Be Patient

If your dog is sick and needs daily medications, treatment can be complicated and challenging, especially if you are an inexperienced owner.

It is important that you have a lot of patience throughout the process because it is possible that in the first attempts, you will not be successful giving the pills to your pet.

However, if you apply the methods mentioned throughout this article, rest assured that everything will be more accessible.

If you lose your temper, your dog will pick up on it through your body language and become nervous.

Create a Daily Routine for Giving Its Medicine

You need to get your pet used to taking its medicine daily, and to do that, you must add the pill daily to its food or use the methods mentioned above.

Create a daily routine for your dog so that you always feed it at the exact times each day, as well as exercise it for a certain amount of time.

Always Treat It with Love

You should never physically or verbally punish your pet for not taking its pill, as it is normal for your dog to not want to take it, just like a child. Remember that the sense of smell of these animals is more developed than that of people, so the aroma of these medicines could be unpleasant for them.

Instead of punishing it, ensure you always treat it with love, so it has more confidence in you and does not hesitate to take the pill. You can use treats, games, or physical activities to encourage it.