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What Is Dog Boarding?

Sometimes, it usually happens that we must separate from our dogs, either because we have to make a trip or because of some emergency that does not allow us to stay with them for a certain period of time.

It is also possible that we are sick and do not have the condition to take care of them at that time.

What Is Dog Boarding

If you are going on a trip, the best option would be to take your dog with you, but certain places, such as some hotels, prohibit pets’ entry. Even in some cases, the dog could get sick during the trip.

Dogs demand a lot of attention and care, so we must be prepared and willing to stay with them and give them the necessary attention.

For this reason, one of the best alternatives may be to take them to dog shelters during that period of time so that they can be in the hands of people trained to take care of them.

Dog Boarding Definition

Dog boarding refers to the care veterinarians, and certain people give dogs in a special place for short periods.

These places are designed so that the canines can be happy and calm during the period of time that their owners cannot be with them, either because they have gone on a trip or for some specific errand.

Home Boarding and Hotels for Dogs

A home boarding for dogs is a place where its facilities are suitable for the care of these animals and where we can get the care and attention they need so that they are well and comfortable during the time that we will not be with them.

The main objective of these places is to care for and ensure the well-being of the puppies, offering confidence to their owners that their pets will be fine while they are not near them.

Traditional dog boarding provides basic care such as food, water, and some walks. In addition, they have individual crates for each puppy.

When we talk about hotels for dogs, we think of something more exclusive. By leaving our dogs in these places, we will be totally sure that they will be in good hands and have the best experiences during their stay. This type of place usually has a higher cost rate than dog boarding.

In recent years, the concept of dog boarding and canine hotels has changed a lot. Dogs are generally locked in crates, making them not feel as comfortable as at home.

We always seek the welfare of the puppies, and most of these places try to give these animals the best they can, but we must understand that not all of them offer the best services.

Difference between Home Boarding and Hotels for Dogs

There are dog boarding houses that have a more personalized service, creating more comfortable conditions for these animals where there is a big difference between the level of care and the services they can offer.

This system is more special since the main idea is to adapt to the animal’s needs. A home boarding for dogs offers the basic characteristics for the care of the animal, while a hotel provides a series of additional services and comforts but at a higher cost.

Remember that in general terms, a hotel should always be superior to a dog boarding house due to the high cost of its services.

  • Hotels for dogs offer large and individual spaces, unlike traditional facilities where we can often only find crates that are sometimes not comfortable for pets. However, keep in mind that many dog ​​boarding houses offer excellent services that are similar to dog hotels.
  • Recreational activities at puppy hotels are more diverse and help keep dogs more active, lively, and entertained. Some traditional dog boarding houses tend to provide these animals with toys and entertainment in a short time. Obviously, a hotel for dogs will have more elaborate activities so that these animals have greater physical and mental stimulation and do not get bored.
  • In hotels for dogs, you are allowed to take your pet along with some of its belongings, such as toys, clothes, and other things it needs. That will make the dog feel more comfortable in the place where it is going to stay for a certain period of time. On the other hand, some dog boarding houses do not have that privilege.

How to Select Dog Boarding?

  • It is very important to know the place where we are going to leave our furry friend. Viewing the facility is a top priority as that is where the dogs will be staying for some time.
  • Knowing the services that the dog boarding house offers and the characteristics that it presents can play a very important role when deciding if that is the right place for the dog or not.
  • It is advisable to ask a trusted veterinarian for advice on excellent dog boarding houses and thus prevent our pets from suffering any trauma due to a bad experience in the place where we have left them. This often happens in non-certified and reputable dog boarding.
  • Visiting several places is very convenient because that way, you can make comparisons between the services offered by the different dog boarding houses and choose the best one.
  • It is vitally important to see that the place is safe for the care of canines. We must make sure that the dog boarding house where we are going to leave our pets is safe, that is, where they cannot escape or be stolen.

What Requirements Do I Need to Leave My Pet in a Dog Boarding House?

The dog boarding house must request a series of requirements in order to accept the entry of a canine into its facilities. It is mandatory to show the vaccination card and check that the animal is dewormed.

In addition to that, it is necessary for the dog to be evaluated by a veterinarian to make sure that it is healthy and is not suffering from any disease.

When this type of requirement is not requested in any dog boarding, we must discard it immediately since it indicates that the place is not safe. Dogs could infect each other since there is no control over diseases.