Can Beagles Be Left Alone?

Pets belong to a special part of many people’s lives. They provide all kinds of emotional benefits regardless of whether it is a dog, cat, rodent, bird, snake, etc. Each of these animals has distinctive characteristics that allow them to adapt to certain families better. 

Any animal that is part of our family is unique to us, so it is essential to provide it with the best care and attention. Dogs are the most common pets in the world due to their incredible characteristics. One of the best-known breeds on the entire planet is the Beagle. 

When it comes to acquiring a dog, in this case, a Beagle, we cannot get carried away just by its cute appearance. We have to take into account other important aspects such as personality and behavior since that is what will allow us to know if the canine can adapt to our lifestyle. 

Beagles are cheerful dogs that like to spend time with their owners and members of their human family, including children. They adore receiving affection and attention from their loved ones. In addition, it is essential to note that they are very active and energetic canines that need to exercise every day. 

Like other dog breeds, Beagles suffer from separation anxiety, so they cannot be left alone for long. That is why they must be purchased by families who have an active lifestyle and enough time to dedicate it to their pets. 

Separation Anxiety in Beagles 

We have first to know the meaning of this term. Separation anxiety is a behavioral problem suffered by some dogs’ breeds when they are left alone at home or separated from their owners for long periods. In fact, some canines become anxious simply by losing eye contact with their loved ones. 

Beagles are canines that suffer from this disorder. That’s because they are loyal and friendly dogs to their owners and members of their human family. That is why this breed will get nervous and anxious if left home alone. That mainly happens because it goes a long time without receiving love from loved ones. 

Some symptoms that allow us to identify if our Beagle suffers from separation anxiety are: 

  • Grunts. 
  • Barking. 
  • Howls. 
  • Whining. 
  • Drooling. 
  • Destructive behavior (Chewing). 
  • Escape attempts. 

Can a Beagle Really Be Left Home Alone? 

Many dog ​​breeds, including Beagles, can stay home alone as long as they receive proper training. Otherwise, they will suffer from anxiety and nervousness and will develop destructive behaviors. 

This situation occurs for two reasons. We have already mentioned the first one, and it has to do with these canines’ affectionate personalities. They need constant attention from their loved ones. The second one is boredom.

Beagles are active, energetic, and curious dogs that love to run, play, and train every day. For that reason, if we keep this pet at home for long periods, it will develop destructive behaviors. 

How Long Can Our Beagle Be Left Home Alone? 

It is one of the most frequent questions that the owners of these dogs ask themselves. The amount of time a Beagle can be home alone will depend on its age and training. An adult of this breed can stay only between 4 and 6 hours a day. In the case of Beagle puppies, they can only be alone for more than 2 hours a day. 

It is important to note that depending on the training you have given your pet, it will be able to stay home all day while you work full time. However, that will depend on the personality of each Beagle since not all are the same.  

Consequences If I Leave My Beagle Alone at Home without Prior Training 

As owners of a dog, regardless of their breed, we have to know they are animals that are very similar to human beings especially from an emotional point of view. Like our children, we have to provide a good quality of life for our canines. 

Beagles make good family dogs that get along well with members of their human family. They love spending time with them, whether it’s playing, training, or exercising. However, if they have not received training to be alone at home, then they may become stressed and develop destructive behaviors. That’s because these dogs, as we’ve said earlier, suffer from separation anxiety. 

At these times, the Beagle begins to experience certain inappropriate behaviors due to its distress and concern. We have already said that the most common of them is the destructive one.

However, the canine could also generate sounds through barking, howling, or growling. Panting is also a symptom of anxiety when they are home alone. On certain occasions, the Beagle may urinate or defecate in the house. 

Training to Reduce Beagle Separation Anxiety 

We have mentioned in previous points the average duration that our Beagle can stay home alone. If we properly train our pet, it can be alone for long periods, equivalent to a full-time job. 

One of the most effective ways to gradually accustom our Beagle to being alone in our absence is through the method of immediately exiting and entering the door. 

This method consists of a series of steps that involve certain variations and a single constant which is “walking out the door.” This process should be done several times a day so that your Beagle gradually gets used to it. 

The first step is to go out the door, walk 1 or 2 meters and go back inside. You must increase the difficulty as it progresses. For example, now you can walk out the door and go to your car. At that moment, open the vehicle door, close it, and go back into the house. Now you must do the same, but this time you have to get in the car. 

The next step is to drive around the block for a few minutes and then go back to the house. Each day you can increase the time of absence so that your dog gets used to being alone longer. This training will let your pet know that you will be coming home soon.