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Can a Dog Break Its Nose?

Like humans, dogs can also injure some parts of their bodies for different reasons.

One of the most fragile parts of a canine’s body is its nose. For any person or animal, the nose is essential because it would not be possible to breathe or smell without it. This organ is extremely vital for dogs as they can use their sense of smell to detect many scents. 

Can a Dog Break Its Nose

In fact, many professionals, especially police officers, use these animals to detect narcotic substances or specific points of a crime scene.

The nose is such a delicate organ that any dog owner fears his pet could break it. Although it is not common for this to happen, you must be prepared for this situation since you must act immediately and take your pet to the veterinarian. A broken nose is not a funny thing.

Can a Dog Break Its Nose on Its Own?

Of course! It won’t do it intentionally. Some factors can influence this, and we will explain them later. Just as a person can injure his leg while playing soccer or running, a dog can break its nose when it hits a wall.

Sometimes we don’t know how our dogs break their noses since we are not with them 24 hours a day. Keep in mind that while you work, your dog is left alone in the house playing and could accidentally get injured.

Also, remember that these animals often bite body parts when they feel anxious, stressed, or bored. This behavior could also cause them to break their nose.

This problem is not something you should solve yourself. The best thing you can do is take your pet to the vet to check the severity of the problem and take action accordingly. In some cases, it may require surgery.

Reasons Why a Dog Can Break Its Nose

As we have said, a dog does not intentionally break its nose. Several factors and situations can cause injury to this organ. Some of the most common reasons are:

The Dog Bites a Part of Its Body

This is one of the most common reasons why dogs break their noses. When a dog tries to bite some part of its body, it might accidentally hurt its nose.

We can see this behavior in many breeds of dogs, caused by a state of anxiety and stress due to a certain situation.

Remember that these animals can also feel these states of physical and emotional stress, especially when they are left alone at home for many hours.

Dogs also bite parts of their bodies when they are bored. Keep in mind that these animals are designed to spend a lot of time outside exercising, playing, or doing any other physical activity.

When you don’t provide your pet with enough physical or mental stimulation, it will become bored and develop inappropriate behaviors. Biting itself is one of them.

This behavior is more common in dogs that live in kennels or shelters since other animals of this type surround them. Their habits will not be the same as they would be if they lived with people.

It Could Hit a Wall

Dogs need a lot of daily exercise, and running around is one of their favorite activities. An animal of this type does not tend to collide with walls, but keep in mind that if you live in a small house and your dog is large, then the chances are greater.

It could be dangerous if your dog bumps into the wall as it will hurt its nose and head. If the blow is powerful, the consequences could be worrying. The most advisable thing would be to take the pet immediately to the veterinarian without hesitation.

A blind dog is more likely to run into a wall. Although these animals can use their instincts to detect what is around them without needing to see, the lack of vision would still cause them to crash into walls or objects. That is even more common in dogs that are aging.

The Canine Is Deaf

Deafness is another reason dogs break their noses. Canines with this disability are often confused, and frustration could gradually lead them to develop aggressive behavior.

When a dog has all these emotions, it might look for ways to de-stress itself. Because of this, many canines end up biting parts of their body.

A hearing-impaired dog should be given enough physical and mental stimulation during the day to have a happy life, and all its worries about not being able to hear will disappear.

It Fights with Other Dogs

Dog fights are very common among stray dogs, which is why it is normal to see an injured or scarred canine wandering the street.

It is also possible for a domestic dog to have an injury to its nose from a fight with other dogs in the neighborhood. Remember that not all breeds get along and that some are more aggressive than others.

If your pet tends to have a friendly and calm personality, it could be the target of other aggressive canines.

Regardless of whether your dog is aggressive or not, it’s important to keep it away from other canines that it doesn’t usually spend time with, as a fight could occur between them.

How Can We Know If Our Dogs Have a Broken Nose?

There are many signs that let us know if a dog has a broken nose:

  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Black eye and other facial injuries
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Snoring
  • Hematoma

How to Prevent My Dog ​​from Breaking Its Nose?

You don’t want your dog to suffer from the pain of a broken nose. It is essential to know your dog’s behavior so that you can take the correct preventive measures.

Some recommendations to prevent your dog from breaking its nose are:

  • If you have a large dog and live in a small house, try to organize the furniture well so that your pet has enough space and is less likely to collide.
  • Do not allow your pet to be with other unknown dogs to avoid fights between them.
  • Keep your canine entertained at all times, either with games or exercises.
  • If your dog likes to run, be sure to take it out in the backyard or take it for a walk to satisfy its needs.