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Are Dogs Really Just Very Happy All the Time?

There is a belief that dogs are always happy. It is normal to think that an animal of this type is pleased when we see it run, jump and play. However, these are not reasons enough to say that canines are happy all the time.

Dogs are very similar to humans in many aspects, including the emotional part. These animals can feel happiness but also fear, anxiety, stress, etc. Therefore, it is unrealistic to think that these creatures will be happy 24 hours a day.

Are Dogs Really Just Very Happy All the Time

Despite what we have said, these animals are usually happier than humans, and it is important to understand why this happens.

Why Do People Think That Dogs Are Always Happy?

The main reason is ignorance. As we have already said, it is normal to think that these animals are happy 24 hours a day since they do not have as many worries as we can have at work or in our relationships with other people.

Unfortunately, many people, especially those with little experience with pets, have no idea what dogs can feel. These animals can suffer a lot emotionally if they are not treated with the love they deserve.

So why do people think that these animals will be happy all day? The answer is very simple: the behavior that these dogs show every day.

Dogs are animals designed to live in packs. A long time ago, canines stayed by the side of their littermates all the time, and that is why dogs need our company and attention all the time.

Your dog considers you part of its pack, which is why it is always by your side. It will want to do anything with you, whether it be playing games, exercising, running, or even sleeping on the couch.

Your pet will always want to make you happy by following every order you give it. Perhaps this desire to please people is what makes many think that these animals remain so happy all the time.

Generally, a pack is made up of subordinate dogs that follow their leader (alpha). In this case, your dog will see you as the leader of the pack, so as a subordinate, it will do whatever it takes to make you and the other members of the family happy.

Although a dog is always happy trying to please its owner, this could vary depending on various situations. It is essential to understand that a happy dog ​​is one that lives with a family that treats it well and gives it the attention it deserves.

Suppose the canine is constantly worried about being abandoned or is always bored because its owner does not provide enough physical or mental stimulation. In that case, it will not be happy.

The happiness of a dog depends on two things:

  • The quality of life that its family gives it
  • The place where it lives

Why Are Dogs Happier Than Humans?

We have said that dogs are not happy all the time, but that does not mean that people are happier than them. After all, these animals do not have to worry about going to work to support their family or dealing with the social pressure many people face daily.

The reasons why dogs are almost always happy are:

They Don’t Care About the Past or the Future

People are constantly regretting things that happened in the past or thinking about what they will do in the future. Dogs don’t do this.

Dogs love to live in the present and be happy with their owners and members of their human family despite the difficulties.

They don’t waste their energy thinking about things that have already happened or that haven’t happened yet. They prefer to have fun day by day without worrying about the rest.

They Can Entertain Themselves with Anything

Unlike humans, dogs do not need any specific activity to entertain themselves. While it is true that canines also have preferences, any exercise or game will make them have a good time and be happy.

These animals will love to play with their toys, exercise, walk with their owners in the park, train, etc.

They Don’t Complain about the Food in Their Bowls

It’s no secret to anyone that dogs love to eat, and sometimes their stomachs seem bottomless.

Many people are very picky about the food they eat. When they eat something they don’t like, they will be unhappy. This is not a problem in dogs. These animals will eat anything their owners place in their bowls.

Obviously, canines also have favorite foods, but this will not be a reason to reject the next food their owners serve them.


Dogs are animals that spend more time happily than human beings. They enjoy life to the fullest, and although they will not be happy 24 hours a day, only an illness or stressful situation could make their day bitter.