Can I Leave My Cockapoo Home Alone? 

Can I Leave My Cockapoo Home Alone

There are many different types of pets that may be great companions. We may find a variety of pets in most houses, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, snakes, and so on. Canines are the most common and popular owing to their owners’ affection and loyalty. 

Dogs are wonderful pets with which we may spend a lot of time playing, laughing, and exercising. In fact, these dogs have been shown to give their owners several positive physical and emotional effects. When it comes to buying one, though, we can’t just pick any breed, particularly if it’s a mixed breed like a Cockapoo. 

Cockapoo dogs are medium-sized animals that can live longer than many common dogs. The appearance of these dogs depends fundamentally on the predominant genetics of their parents.

That means that there will be dogs of this type that have the characteristics of a Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel. However, the most dominant features of this canine are its medium size, long, drooping ears, and long, wavy coat.

Cockapoo dogs are known for their sweet personalities. They are extremely gregarious, intelligent, energetic, and affectionate. They are always in need of company and attention.

Because of their sweetness and balanced personality, they are popular as therapy and support canines. These are animals that have strong bonds with their loved ones, including other dogs or pets as well as people. 

For that reason, these canines do not tolerate loneliness, mainly if they belong to a family whose members are almost never at home. 

What is Separation Anxiety?

When most dog breeds, especially mixed breeds, are left alone or separated from their owners for long periods, they develop separation anxiety.

Some Cockapoo dogs can get scared simply by losing eye contact with their loved ones; however, this is entirely dependent on the Cockapoo’s personality. In fact, its parents’ temperament will have a huge effect. 

It is critical that we understand some of the factors that contribute to separation anxiety in canines. Some of them have to do with the dog being left alone for extended hours at home (or elsewhere).

Anxiety may be induced in a Cockapoo by traumatic incidents and experiences. Another prevalent cause is a change in family routine, which has an impact on these dogs’ mental conditions. 

Can a Cockapoo Really Be Left Home Alone?

A Cockapoo can be left alone for short periods; however, this is based on its age. If the Cockapoo is still a pup, it could be left alone for a few hours without issue. Because Cockapoo pups are not yet trained, they should not be left alone for lengthy periods of time. 

When a young Cockapoo is first brought into the house, it should not be left alone at all. It is acclimating to its new family and house at this time. Cockapoo dogs that have been properly taught and are a bit older may be left alone for extended periods of time, but this is based on their nature and temperament. 

If your Cockapoo is an older puppy, adult, or senior, you may leave them alone with less stress unless they have separation anxiety. Cockapoo dogs that are older should not be left alone for lengthy periods of time since they may have health concerns that require attention.

Whether or not a Cockapoo can be left alone at home depends on a number of factors, and you have to keep in mind that each dog is different, regardless of its breed. 

If you live with several members of your family, you can leave your canine with one of them while you go to work. In the same way, you can ask a neighbor to help you take care of your Cockapoo while you are away, although this option is not recommended if you work every day. 

What If I Leave My Cockapoo Alone for a Long Time?

As we have said, Cockapoo dogs are very affectionate and attached to members of their human families.

They could be left alone for a maximum of 4 to 5 hours, although that will depend on each canine and the training they have received. In most cases, these dogs will suffer from separation anxiety, and being left alone could lead to certain negative situations. 

Cockapoo Barking 

This type of pet has a distinct personality. Some Cockapoo puppies are calmer than others. If you leave your Cockapoo alone at home for a lengthy amount of time, it will most likely start barking loudly. This situation may irritate or disgust your neighbors, which might be a significant problem. 

Cockapoo Urine and Feces Accidents 

Animals, like humans, require potty breaks. Unfortunately, they are unable to urinate or defecate on their own while you are not around. This is a problem because if your Cockapoo has been putting off the desire to relieve itself for several hours, the sensation will worsen, and it will get anxious. 

Cockapoo Destructive Behavior 

The most common reason for this behavior in dogs is separation anxiety. Cockapoo dogs, as previously said, suffer from this problem, and when left home alone for extended periods of time, they may get unhappy or irritable. 

We must remember that these creatures are prone to boredom since they are energetic and require exercise at a moderate level. If you do not provide enjoyment in the form of training, games, walks, and other activities for your Cockapoo dog, it will become destructive by biting and ruining various things in your home. 

Training Processto Reduce Separation Anxiety 

Cockapoo Obedience Training 

Basic commands will help your Cockapoo acquire good behaviors in the long run. That means it will find it difficult to engage in undesired conduct outside of the limits you’ve set. 

These commands are essential in the process: 


Hold a treat in your hand to get your Cockapoo’s attention. Move it slowly over its head to make it sit automatically. Quickly say “yes” and reward it with the treat.  


Command your dog to sit and then say “stay” so that it does not move from its place. Take a step back and say “yes” and praise your dog if it has stayed in the same place. If not, say “no” in a firm tone of voice and repeat the process until it suits.  

Cockapoo Crate Training 

Place the crate for your Cockapoo in a convenient location in your home. Everyone in the family must use this space. Also, ensure that the location you select gives ideal conditions for your Cockapoo, such as not being too cold or hot. 

The purpose of the training is for your Cockapoo to become accustomed to being in the crate for short amounts of time before progressively extending the time. Fill the crate with items that will make your dog happy, such as its favorite toy, a bed or blanket, treats, and so on. 

After your dog has become accustomed to entering the crate, you may begin providing it with its favorite meals. This is crucial since all canines, regardless of breed, like eating.

As a consequence, if your dog eats in the crate, it will associate it with a pleasant experience and will want to frequent it. Keep the cage door open at all times to avoid losing your pet’s confidence. 

Close the door if your pet has become accustomed to eating in the crate. Open the door every time it stops eating so your dog may come out with complete confidence.