What Do Chow Chows Hunt?

What Do Chow Chows Hunt

The Chow Chow originated in the 11th century in China and is considered one of the oldest in the world. What characterizes this animal are its distinctive and recognizable blue tongue and its beautiful thick and heavy fur. 

These canines have quite a bit of strength and agility. For this reason, many years ago, people acquired a pet of this type to go hunting other species of animals. 

Is My Chow Chows a Hunter?

Yes, since originally, these animals practiced hunting other species. During the hunting time, the owners of this dog were in charge of taking their Chow Chows around the forest so that their canines could hunt or catch something. 

Hunting dogs are those canines used to assist or help humans when hunting other animals. These are generally divided into three main categories: 

In the case of Chow Chows, they are considered Retriever-type canines. That is, they are the type of dog that has the ability to search and bring without harming fallen prey that hunters have not been able to pick up after having inflicted damage on them. 

Chow Chows were known to attack predators such as wolves and leopards. This type of breed was valued for its strength, speed, and ability to point and smell in the field. That is why the owners of this dog made sure to carry them all the time when they went hunting. 

What Kinds of Animals Does My Chow Chow Hunt?

As we have mentioned before, this breed hunts two specific predators: leopards and wolves. However, there are other species of animals that Chow Chows can hunt if they are trained for it, such as: 

  • Cats. 
  • Squirrels. 
  • Common mice. 
  • Field mice. 
  • Ducks. 
  • Rabbits. 
  • Geese. 
  • Foxes. 
  • Sparrows. 
  • Lizards (sometimes). 
  • Possums. 
  • Weasels. 
  • Marmots. 

That is the list of animals that the Chow Chows are willing to hunt alone or with their owner. 

How Can I Train My Chow Chow Dog for Hunting?

The first thing to keep in mind is that these animals need to be domesticated, socialized with other people and animals, and specifically trained in this activity. 

We do not recommend that you train your Chow Chows if it is not trained enough to control itself in its environment. Dogs must know how to live and hunt together and attend to the hunter’s call when it needs it. 

All dogs that hunt close to the hunter must know how to follow the basic commands of their owner. The most common thing a Chow Chow must learn is to know how to go, sit, lie down, and walk alongside the guide when ordered. 

How Do I Know That My Chow Chow Dog is Intended to Hunt Animals?

Hunting is an instinct that a canine of this type acquires from birth. There are dog breeds that were born to hunt other species, but there are also other breeds that, despite not being intended for hunting, have the instinct to chase and catch animals. 

What Determines That My Chow Chow Can Become a Hunter?

Lack of Control in Certain Situations 

Dogs with a hunting instinct tend to disobey their masters when they perceive possible prey within reach. A Chow Chows smell, sight, and hearing are always on constant alert and act accordingly. 

Lack of Control with Small Animals 

When a dog is a good hunter, it does not let any prey pass without attempting a chase. Usually, if a canine is destined to be a hunter, it will freak out and lose control if it instantly sees rodents, birds, or all kinds of small, moving animals. 

Sense of Smell 

This sense is considered the most important and valuable for a dog trained to be a hunter. Canines that have developed the hunting instinct are attentive to recognizing their whole environment. 

The smell is the sense that guides each of their movements, and they use it compulsively. Canines are capable of tracking any element, plant, or animal with their snout stuck to the ground. 

Retriever Instinct 

It is considered the most important instinct for a canine when hunting. Dogs that enjoy hunting with their masters do the activity as teamwork. 

These canines just wait for the order to go out in search of their prey and bring it into their owner’s hands.