Should Chow Chow Be Shaved?

Having and caring for a pet is not as simple as it seems. There are many aspects and factors that we must take into account when living with a dog, cat, bird, snake, rodent, etc. Each one presents different characteristics and care needs that will be covered depending on the family to which it belongs. 

Dogs are the most common pets in many homes. There are a lot of breeds that have distinctive characteristics that allow them to be differentiated from each other. For example, some have a particular physical appearance, while others are distinguished mainly by their temperament, personality, behavior, or abilities.  

Taking care of a dog is not only about feeding and providing exercise but also taking into account grooming. That is very important in most breeds, especially those with a fluffy coat, such as a Chow Chow. 

Chow Chows are dogs with adorable appearances. That’s because its fur is fluffy, making it look like a teddy bear. This animal has a plump face, erect ears, facial wrinkles, and reddish or black hair. Its coat can be long or short and is usually abundant and dense. 

Due to the coat of this dog, many owners wonder if this animal should be shaved. We will see it next. 

Should Chow Chow Be Shaved? 

Grooming a Chow Chow is very important mainly for its coat. We have to make sure to keep this canine’s coat fluffy, clean, and beautiful. However, this type of care is not only important to maintain an adorable physical appearance but also to avoid problems in the body of our Chow Chow. 

This dog’s coat should be brushed every 2 days during the week to prevent it from getting dirty and tangled. During the times of molting, we will have to do it daily. 

It is important to note that many people consider that trimming or shaving the coat of a canine (any breed) is part of its grooming, and that is true. However, it is not recommended to do it in certain dogs, and one of them is the Chow Chow.  

We should not shave the coat of a Chow Chow as its hair protects it from extreme weather conditions by isolating either heat or cold. That way, it can prevent its skin from being affected by the sun, for example. That type of fur has a special function: to regulate the animal’s body temperature depending on the climate at that time. 

The best we can do is brush our canine’s fur to allow air to flow through it to keep it cool. 

Why Shouldn’t I Shave My Chow Chow Dog? 

The hair of a Chow Chow canine is essential since its primary function is to protect the canine’s skin and thus prevent the sun’s rays from burning its body. Also, the fur is meant to cover your Chow Chow from the cold. 

Many people think that thick fur will overheat your canine much more during walks in the sun. However, if you shave your Chow Chow, it will overheat much more during hot weather. For them, avoid taking walks with your dog during times of the day with intense sun. 

Hair fulfills various metabolic, sensitive, thermoregulatory, and protective functions that keep your pet healthy. These are: 

  • It protects from heat. In other words, it slows down the process of absorbing heat in your pet’s skin. 
  • It protects much of the cold that the dog may feel. 
  • The fur allows the filtration of ultraviolet rays (UV). 
  • It protects your dog from mosquito bites and flies. The fur prevents these insects from landing on the animal’s skin. 
  • When it rains, the animal’s fur protects its skin from the water. 
  • It keeps your pet’s natural fats balanced. 
  • It prevents the canine from suffering from dermatitis and skin infections. 

When is It Necessary to Shave a Chow Chow? 

Chow Chows’ shaving is not recommended as their hair offers many benefits and also makes them look beautiful and tender. The most advisable thing is to trim the hair, not to shave. 

Now, shaving a Chow Chow may be necessary only for medical reasons, be it due to a skin condition, injuries, or infections in certain parts of its body. Whatever the case, the most advisable thing is to do it under the recommendation of the veterinarian. 

How to Trim the Fur of a Chow Chow?  

These dogs have a double coat of fur, so we must trim their hair carefully. 

Trim the long outer hairs on its back and chest for cosmetic reasons. You should do that while combing it, making sure that each hair is straight and balanced. You can then proceed to trim the fur on its hips and thighs. 

Now you have to trim the fur of its legs. Use a short blade and carefully spread its toes to cut the excess hair between them. You should do the same with the hairs on its pads but make sure you do it carefully. 

It is also advisable to trim the fur that is on its butt. We have to do that to keep our Chow Chow clean and hygienic. Use the scissors close to its skin to trim carefully. You should do the same with the fur on its tail. 


If you have a Chow Chow, don’t shave it. This recommendation is not only to maintain its characteristic appearance but also to protect it from extreme climates (hot or cold). 

If you want just to cut its fur a little bit, take a pair of scissors and very carefully begin to trim the amount of hair you want. 

Shower your dog with warm water before shaving it. Then Comb it to expel all those loose hairs attached to its body, and thus the cut will be easier to make. You can start by shaving its face, then its legs, and finally its body. However, you can simply shave the parts you want. Comb it again and blow-dry. 

Remember not to shave their fur too much since these dogs do not have a double coat of hair that protects them against the cold and much less against burns that the sun can cause.