How Long Do Chow Chow Dogs Live? 

Most families around the world have a pet regardless of the species and breed. These animals become important in the lives of these people since they are considered companions. On many occasions, people tend to love their pets more than a person. 

As a pet, the dog is one of the most popular animal species. They are wonderful pets who provide us with company, affection, and loyalty. When a person has a pet like this, his or her physical and mental health usually improves dramatically.

Because having a four-legged pet allows us to engage in physical activities with it for the majority of the day, our emotional state will improve. 

The Chow Chow is a well-known dog breed with both positive and bad characteristics. It’s a dog that has a lovely appearance. That is due to its puffy fur, which gives it a teddy bear appearance.  

This species has a reddish or black coat, a plump face, big ears, facial wrinkles, and reddish or black fur. In addition, while Chow Chows appear to be a sweet, enthusiastic, and friendly dog to everyone, they can turn distant and even violent when approached by strangers or other animals. They are bright, social, and affectionate dogs when it comes to their family. 

When you acquire a puppy or an adult Chow Chow, it becomes an essential member of your family. That is why we believe it is critical for dog owners to understand the life expectancy of their breed. Many people are anxious about the answer to this issue because owning a Chow Chow is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

How Long Do Chow Chow Dogs Live? 

We all understand that such Chow Chow canines cannot stay with us indefinitely, so it’s critical that we grasp the dangers of old age and the typical Chow Chow life expectancy. 

The average life expectancy of a Chow Chow varies between 8 and 12 years. It should be noted that said time will depend on certain factors such as diet, physical activity, mental stimulation, genetics, and quality of life in general. 

How Could I Increase a Chow Chow’s Life Expectancy? 

Chow Chow High-Quality Diet 

Your puppy’s health is directly influenced by the food they eat. As a result, it’s critical to select high-quality food that matches your Chow’s nutritional requirements.

Choose a dry or wet dog food that contains at least 25-28 percent animal protein, as this will better suit your pet’s physiological needs than veggie protein, for example. 

Learn how to read product labels to ensure that the dog food you buy is healthful and nutrient-dense, and stay away from diets that include additional preservatives or sweets. 

After consulting with a veterinarian or an animal nutritionist, don’t be afraid to utilize dietary supplements to help your dog satisfy specific demands. Remember that your Chow Chow’s nutritional requirements will alter with time, based on their weight, age, and overall health. 

Chow Chow Training and Exercise 

A Chow’s lifespan might be influenced indirectly by appropriate dog training. It’s because a well-behaved dog will return when called, reducing the risk of an accident. Teach your canine to respond to you and walk to heel as a top priority. 

Don’t forget to socialize with your dog as well. Because the Chow Chow is not a naturally gregarious dog breed, it’s critical to socialize your puppy with other dogs, animals, and humans as soon as possible to avoid fights or violent behavior. 

Furthermore, because this is a large dog breed, training a Chow Chow helps them to grow up securely and safely in their environment while also allowing you to maintain them under control all the time. 

It should also be mentioned that all canines must be able to exercise on a regular basis. Even though Chow Chows aren’t particularly athletic, they nonetheless require daily leg stretching, especially during a lengthy walk.

That also aids in weight loss, which is especially important given Chow Chow’s propensity towards obesity. Play with your dog on a regular basis to make exercising enjoyable. 

Chow Chow Visits to the Vet 

Veterinary examinations are required on a regular basis to keep your Chow in good health. Remember to have your dog’s yearly immunization booster shots, as well as deworming procedures to stop intestinal worms from multiplying, and antiparasitic medicines to keep parasites like fleas and ticks at bay. 

That is critical because parasites can transmit dangerous diseases like leishmaniasis. When your dog reaches the senior dog age range, don’t be afraid to request a yearly health test from your veterinarian to keep everything under control. 

Diseases That Can Affect the Chow Chow 

There are certain diseases that could negatively influence the life expectancy of a pet, in this case, a Chow Chow. Some of them are: 

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia 
  • Pulmonic Stenosis 
  • Atopic Dermatitis (AD) 
  • Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) 
  • Entropion