How Do Chow Chows Show Affection?

Most families love to have pets. Many of them acquire cats, snakes, birds, and rodents, but the most common are usually dogs. These animals are considered man’s best friends because of the loyalty and love they offer to their owners and members of their human families. 

There is a great variety of dog breeds, and each one of them presents different characteristics in terms of their physical appearance, abilities, personality, and behavior.

Many people adore animals of this type for the physical and emotional benefits they provide. One of the best-known species for various positive and negative aspects is the Chow Chow. 

Chow Chows are dogs known mainly for two things: physical appearance and personality. First of all, it is a dog with an adorable appearance. That’s because its fur is fluffy, making it look like a teddy bear. This animal has a plump face, erect ears, facial wrinkles, and reddish or black hair. 

On the other hand, although the Chow Chow may seem a tender, enthusiastic and friendly dog ​​to everyone, the reality is that it can become distant and even aggressive, especially with strangers and other animals. Also, they are intelligent, outgoing, and friendly canines with their loved ones. 

How Do Chow Chows Show Affection? 

We have already mentioned that this breed of dog is distant and can become aggressive on many occasions depending on the context. It is for that reason that many people wonder if Chow Chows are affectionate. 

It is true that Chow Chows are not very expressive or affectionate like other dog breeds, but that does not mean that they cannot be. These animals are noble and dignified who can feel a lot of love for their owners and members of their human families. They are not usually as affectionate towards other animals, children, and strangers. 

Not all Chow Chows will present the same level of affection as others since that will depend on many factors. Dogs, in general, tend to have a personality and temperament similar to that of human beings.

That is why some canines are usually affectionate and friendly while others are more distant and independent, as is the case with Chow Chows. 

We cannot treat Chow Chows similarly to other dog breeds as it has peculiar personality. Therefore, it isn’t easy to think that this canine can be affectionate. 

Some Chow Chows could be very affectionate, and that will depend on different factors such as their lifestyle, the love given by their human family, the respect for their territory, etc. 

How Does a Chow Chow Show You Affection? 

Chow Chows that are usually affectionate tend to do certain specific things to prove it: 

Chow Chows Stare into Your Eyes 

It is proven that one of the ways in which the Chow Chow shows you affection is by staring into your eyes. When dogs do this, a chemical called oxytocin is released to help establish stronger bonds between the animal and its owner. 

Chow Chows Show Empathy 

An animal of this type will give you affection and love when it notices that you are sad or feel bad. Most dogs, including Chow Chows, show empathy for any emotional problems you may have. 

Chow Chows Lick You 

Chow Chows tend to lick when they want to show you affection and love. However, you have to bear in mind that these dogs can have a high level of drooling, so you will have to endure it to receive the affection of your pet. It should be noted that not all Chow Chows show this behavior. 

Chow Chows Sniff You a Lot 

Most dogs use sniffing to say hello. However, Chow Chows’ sniffing can signify affection and love towards their owners. This fact shows that they are interested in you and want to spend time with you. It should be noted that these animals like to spend time alone, so it is a behavior that only some Chow Chows will have. 

Chow Chows Follow You 

No dog loves to be alone and less for a long time. Although Chow Chows are distant, they will still need the company of their loved ones from time to time. When you notice that your canine begins to follow you, it is because it wants to be close to you and spend time with you. 

Chow Chows Lean on You 

This type of behavior is very rare in Chow Chows. If your canine leans on you, it means that it has a lot of confidence in you and loves you very much. It may be the strongest display of affection a Chow Chow can show. 

Why Can a Chow Chow Be Affectionate? 

The main reason for this to happen is loyalty to their owners and members of their human family.  

Unlike Chow Chows, not all dog breeds show the same level of loyalty to their human family. However, it takes a long time for your Chow Chow to fully trust those around it. 

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