Do Chow Chows Like to Cuddle?

The Chow Chow is perhaps the oldest of the Chinese dog breeds. Its origin dates back thousands of years. 

The Chow Chow dog is a medium-sized animal with a height that ranges between 40 cm and 50 cm and a weight between 24 kg and 34 kg. It is a square-built canine with straight legs. 

It has erect ears, a broad skull, and a tail curled over its back. The main characteristic of a Chow Chow is, of course, its blue-black tongue. Facial wrinkles (which are usually hidden by its hair) make this canine look frowning. 

It is considered a strong and robust dog for its size, and despite its frown, it has a very adorable and tender appearance in the eyes of other people. 

Chow Chows are not usually friendly and outgoing dogs. They tend to be distant from strangers and can be aggressive towards other dogs. These animals like to be alone, but sometimes they seek the affection of their owners. 

Do Chow Chows Like to Cuddle? 

Normally, these dogs do not like being around other people and animals, much less being hugged. 

They are independent canines and don’t really like to be disturbed. If you are looking for a dog that wants to sit on your lap and thus hug it, you should consider acquiring a different breed because usually, this type of dog does not show affection to people. 

In the event that your Chow Chow wants to hug you, it will do so when it feels like it and not when you want. Don’t let your feelings get hurt by this. It is simply in this breed’s nature to be this way and have a somewhat distant attitude towards people. 

These dogs are also somewhat reserved when it comes to giving affection. They behave with dignity and do not consider “hugging” to be something they should do at all times and with any individual. 

We could even say that if your Chow Chow hugs you, you are really lucky since we rarely see this type of affection coming from this breed. 

What Does It Mean for My Chow Chow Dog to Hug Me? 

If your Chow Chow hugs you, it is a good sign. Typically, these dogs do not like to cuddle too much, as they prefer to have their personal space. When this animal hugs its owner, it is because it really wants and feels the need to be pampered by him. 

The fact that you hug this dog is an important detail. For these canines, accepting a hug is not normal because it implies that they feel somewhat suffocated. 

In addition, this animal has a huge amount of hair, so being hugged by its human for a long time turns out to be suffocating for it. Now, if it lets you cuddle it without any problem, it is because it trusts you. 

The same is true if your pet allows you to stroke its head, which is a sign of submission, or lies down, wanting you to scratch its belly. At this point, your Chow Chow is vulnerable, but it will not care because it fully trusts that you would never hurt it. 

Even if your Chow Chow pet approaches you and stays by your side when you are sad, that means that it understands that you are not well at that moment and will show you all its support. 

Being by your side is this canine’s greatest display of affection. Of course, when you acquire a dog of this type, you must know what to expect. You can’t just wish your Chow Chow would run up to you and hug you because it won’t. 

As we have mentioned before, these animals lack the desire to socialize with the individuals around them. Therefore, you should let it be the one who approaches you and asks for pampering or simply hugging you. 

Is It Normal That My Chow Chow Does Not Want to Be Cuddle? 

It is totally normal. This animal is not as affectionate and sentimental as the other dog breeds. It is a canine with a serious personality, but that does not mean that it does not want love from its owner. 

If you have a Chow Chow at home, you can hug it as many times as you want. However, this dog does not like to do this frequently. We even dare to say that most dogs do not like to be hugged because they feel trapped or suffocated in some way in the arms of their owner. 

As we have said before, allow your Chow Chow to be the one to come up to you and show you affection, whether through licking, cuddling, or simply by being by your side. 

Usually, these animals allow themselves to be hugged or hugged by their humans when they feel comfortable with them. 

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