Do Chow Chow Dogs Shed? 

Do Chow Chow Dogs Shed

All dog breeds are different from each other, but they share certain common traits. Each one of them may require a certain type of attention and care, and that is due to the physical characteristics and personalities that they have.

One of the negative aspects that many dog ​​breeds present has to do with shedding. That can be a headache for the owners of these animals since they will find a lot of hair (depending on the breed) scattered throughout the house.

This situation will worsen if you or another family member suffers from allergies.

Chow Chows are dogs characterized precisely by thick and abundant double-layered fur. They have so much hair that they look like teddy bears, and their mane makes them look like lions.

Due to the large amount of hair that a Chow Chow has, it is normal for many people, especially those who are thinking of acquiring a dog of this breed, to wonder if it sheds.

Do Chow Chow Dogs Shed?

You’ll be disappointed if you’re hoping we’ll tell you that Chow Chows don’t shed. As we have already said, these dogs have a double-layered coat that is rough, thick, abundant, and long.

While these canines come in two coat types (smooth and rough), the rough one is usually the most common.

Chow Chows shed this fur seasonally, that is, they do it all year round, but the most intense shedding periods appear in spring and autumn. Keep in mind that these dogs are known as one of the shedders among all breeds.

Just because the rough coat sheds year-round doesn’t mean the smooth one doesn’t. We can say that both coat types shed every season but just remember that it is not very common to see a smooth coat in Chow Chows.

Chow Chows are seasonal shedders due to the following:

  • They will try to replace their winter fur in the spring. In this way, they will be prepared to better face the summer.
  • Chow Chows shed their summer fur in the fall to prepare for winter.

As you can imagine, the winter coat is usually thicker and more abundant and will serve as an excellent protector against the cold. The summer coat is the opposite; it will be slimmer and will keep the canine cooler on hot days.

How to Prevent Our Chow Chow from Shedding Too Much?

You won’t be able to stop your Chow Chow from entirely shedding. However, you can prevent it from shedding too much through the following options:


As a general rule, we should brush any dog’s coat, especially those that tend to shed frequently. The coat of a non-shedding canine should only be brushed once a week, but those that frequently shed, like Chow Chows, need to be brushed daily.

Brushing your Chow Chow’s coat is important to keep it healthy and free of dead hair and debris. In fact, this action distributes natural oils throughout its fur, which help keep the skin healthy.

You can’t properly brush your Chow Chow’s coat if you don’t use the proper tools. Remember that Chow Chows have an inner and outer coat of hair, so you should use a different brush for each one.

For example, when you want to brush the undercoat of your Chow Chow, you should use a metal comb or a de-shedding brush, but when brushing its outer coat, a pin brush or slicker brush will be a better option.


Baths also help with the shedding problem as they also help remove all the debris and dead hair on the Chow Chow’s coat.

Keep in mind that frequent bathing can be detrimental to the health of their skin, not only because bathing will remove all the natural oils from your pet’s body, but it will also dry out their skin.

The baths of a Chow Chow should be frequent within the acceptable time range for this breed. Generally, it is advisable to bathe a Chow Chow once or twice every month and a half.

Bathing any other breed of dog can be simple, but it is more complicated to clean a Chow Chow not only because of its large size but also because of its abundant fur. Some recommendations for bathing are:

  • Use warm water.
  • Always apply dog ​​shampoo to your Chow Chow’s coat.
  • After bathing, you should wait for the coat to dry completely. You can also dry it with a towel or hairdryer.
  • Once your Chow Chow’s coat has dried, brush it gently to remove excess hair.


A dog’s diet also influences how often it sheds. For example, a Chow Chow that is not fed properly may have dry skin, making the coat shed more easily.

Chow Chows need a diet based on high-quality food rich in vitamins and minerals that help keep their coats healthy.

In fact, there are certain diets that contain foods with essential fatty acids to keep the skin and coat moist and healthy. Two of them are Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Make sure a veterinarian approves your Chow Chow’s diet. If this professional examines your Chow Chow, he will be able to help you plan a proper diet to keep its coat healthy and prevent its hair from falling out everywhere.

Should I Be Concerned If My Chow Chow Sheds More Than Normal?

As we have said, these dogs are intense shedders, but if you notice that they start to shed more hair than normal, you should be aware of certain symptoms that may indicate a severe health problem. Some of them are oily skin, skin sores, and bald patches.


We cannot completely prevent our Chow Chow from shedding, but we can avoid its fur spreading throughout the house as this could be very uncomfortable for everyone.

Grooming is very important to control the shedding of our canines, especially during intense shedding seasons such as spring and autumn.