Chow Chow vs German Shepherd What’s The Difference 

The majority of individuals maintain pets in their homes simply to have a constant companion. Many of them would accept any animal as a pet, including dogs, cats, birds, snakes, and so on. 

Canines are the most common and adopted pets. The key characteristics of these creatures are that they are obedient and devoted to their owners and members of their human families. Dogs come in a variety of breeds all around the world. The Chow Chow and the German Shepherd are two of them. 

Because not all dogs are alike, it is critical that we understand every feature of these two breeds. Others are notable for their physical look and size, while others stand out for their personality and behavior. 

Chow Chows have two unique personalities: their appearance and their behavior. First and foremost, it is a dog with a gorgeous appearance. Its fluffy fur, which gives it a teddy bear appearance, is the reason for this.

The fur of this species is reddish or black, and it has a flat face, large ears, facial wrinkles, and a reddish or black coat. It appears to be a gentle, lively, and friendly dog to everyone, but it can be distant and even hostile with strangers and other animals. 

The German Shepherd is a dog known for its fidelity to its loved ones, especially its owners. They are characterized by being hardworking canines as they have the skills to perform different types of activities.

It is for that reason that many people use them as police dogs, herding dogs, etc. They are one of the breeds with the greatest courage and bravery without resorting to aggressiveness. They are very easy to train, primarily through positive reinforcement. 

Chow Chow vs German Shepherd Comparison Table 

 Chow Chow German Shepherd 
Origin Country China Germany 
Size Medium Large 
Height 46 cm – 56 cm 55 cm – 65 cm 
Weight 20 kg –  32 kg 22 kg –  40 kg 
Lifespan 8 – 12 years 9 – 13 years 
Energy Level Medium High 
Coat Types Double Coat Double Coat 
Coat Texture Rough and Straight Straight 
Coat Color Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Cinnamon Silver, Red, Tan, Black  
Hypoallergenic No No 
Grooming High Moderate 
Temperament Loyal, Aloof, Intelligent, Independent, Quiet, Detached, Protective Alert, Watchful, Obedient, Courageous, Intelligent, Curious, Confident, Loyal 
Shedding Level High High 
Health Problems Ectropion, Hip Dysplasia Allergies, Heart Disease, Cancer, Blindness, Hip Dysplasia, Bloat, Digestive Problems, Cataracts, Diabetes, Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), Elbow Dysplasia, Hemophilia A, Hemophilia B, Retinal Dysplasia, etc 

Chow Chow vs German Shepherd History 

 Some historians believe the Chow Chow, which has been around for 2,000 years in northern China, was established approximately 3,000 years ago in Arctic Asia. The dog was a square-built creature that resembled a lion and did not look precisely like the modern-day Chow Chow.

During the Han dynasty, these dogs were utilized as temple guardians. These canines would have come to China via Mongolia as nomads’ possessions. They appeared to have been utilized as combat dogs. The breed was given the name man kou, which means “barbarian dog.” 

The Chow Chow was utilized as a guard and gun dog when the Lama monasteries in Mongolia and Tibet were being erected. Like the Pekingese and Tibetan Spaniel, the Chow Chow was a canine companion in the Chinese imperial court. 

During the early years of the nineteenth century, the Chow Chow began to be exhibited in other countries, such as England, where it did not stand out; in fact, it was on display as the “wild dog of China” at London Zoo in the 1820s.

While specimens continued to tour the globe, Queen Victoria decided to buy one, and the breed became well-known in the United Kingdom as a result. 

The German Shepherd developed in Germany in the late 1800s, as its name suggests. It was created by breeding the most intelligent, responsive, and obedient indigenous shepherd dogs in Germany.

This species was in charge of herding sheep and guarding flocks against predators. They were not treated as pets or friends but rather as agricultural servants. 

They were ideal sheep herders because of their intelligence, agility, power, and strong sense of smell. Farmers provided food, security, and housing to German Shepherds, despite the fact that they were considered primarily laborers rather than household pets. 

By the outbreak of World War I, the German Shepherd had gained widespread popularity in Germany and had quickly expanded to other areas of the globe. People adored German Shepherds because of their brave and loyal nature. 

German Shepherds were welcomed as guard dogs and sight dogs for the blind due to the canine’s reputation for being courageous and trainable.

The German Shepherd was an ideal police dog because of its keen sense of smell and brave demeanor. Their tolerance and attentiveness to what is happening around them earned them the position of leader of the blind. 

Chow Chow vs German Shepherd Physical Characteristics 

The Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog that ranges in size from 51 to 56 cm for males and 46 to 51 cm for females. Males weigh about 25 and 32 kilograms, while females weigh between 20 and 27 kilograms. 

The Chow Chow is a post-like square animal with straight legs. Because of its straight legs, it walks at a stiff pace. It has erect ears, a big head, and a curled-up tail that dangles behind it. The distinctive characteristic is, of course, the blue/black tongue. The Chow Chow’s wrinkles give it a scowling expression. For its size, the Chow Chow is a large, strong dog. 

The outer coat of this dog is rough, dense, and dense without being unduly lengthy; however, the interior coat is soft. The following colors are available to the Chow Chow: Black, blue, cinnamon, red, and cream. 

In the case of a German Shepherd, it is a large-sized canine that can measure between 60 cm and 65 cm in males while females are between 55 cm and 60 cm. This breed’s male weighs between 30 kg and 40 kg while the female between 22 kg and 32 kg. 

The German Shepherd’s large body and wide head are two of its most distinguishing physical attributes. The dog’s ears are medium in size, upright, and pointed, giving it a wolflike appearance.

The black eyes, situated obliquely on the head, exude assurance and confidence. It should also be mentioned that it has strong teeth that enable it to make a forceful and hard scissor bite. 

The German Shepherd has a double coat made up of a thick undercoat and a dense outer layer, which is slightly wavy or straight. Its fur is moderate in length and sheds all year. Its color is usually tan and black, or red and black. Black, white, liver, and blue are other uncommon color variants. 

Chow Chow vs German Shepherd Personality and Behavior 

Chow Chow dogs are not suitable for everyone. Although these dogs are calm, friendly, and sympathetic to their humans, especially their owners and family members, they can be tough to care for and teach. This kind of dog is reserved and, depending on the situation, can become violent. 

True, Chow Chows aren’t as expressive or affectionate as other dog breeds, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. These pets are noble and dignified creatures capable of feeling intense affection for their owners and human family members. They don’t love other animals, children, or strangers as much as they love humans. 

Because a variety of circumstances determine a Chow Chow’s level of affection, not all of them will exhibit the same level of love. Dogs, normally, have temperaments and personalities that are similar to people. As a consequence, certain dogs, such as Chow Chows, are affectionate and welcoming, while others, such as Chow Chows, are aloof and stubborn. 

It is, however, solvable if you properly train your Chow Chow. Early socialization and obedience training are critical for educating the dog and ensuring that it gets along with youngsters, strangers, and other animals. 

The German Shepherd has a calm, assertive, and trustworthy personality. These dogs have a strong defense sense and bravery, which is why they are one of the most popular guards and protection breeds. 

The German Shepherd is fiercely loyal and protective of its home and family while remaining cautious and distant among outsiders. Despite its tendency to be wary of outsiders, the German Shepherd is not a violent dog by nature. 

Because no dog’s personality is determined solely by its genes, the socialization of a German Shepherd puppy is essential to prevent future difficulties.

The German Shepherd is a dog that is simple to train and responds well to any training method. It, on the other hand, reaches its maximum potential when trained with the positive reinforcement method. 

Chow Chow vs German Shepherd Life Expectancy 

The Chow Chow has a life expectancy that can vary between 8 and 12 years. In the case of a German Shepherd, it can live between 9 and 13 years. It should be noted that the time that either of these two canines can live will depend on food, care, and quality of life in general.